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    Wouldnt be the first time the Greeks have been bad with numbers and economics...
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    I've read some real bullshit on this forum, but this is very close to the most retarded thing I have ever read... Shelvey is a 25 year old Premier League midfielder playing at a massive club in Newcastle United where he is a key player and made the Championship team of the season last year. I know you're trolling (at least I fucken hope so because otherwise you are a deranged lunatic) but seriously stop posting this bullshit ffs
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    Well the jokes on you if you thought jvs was a good coach
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    Victoria: The Communist State. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/state-open-to-buying-more-private-businesses-to-save-jobs-says-daniel-andrews-20170704-gx47ci.html
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    Hold it upside down at the next derby?
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    Bans will now be issued to anyone who uses the term "City Blue" unironically.
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    that must go in bs watch. there is no way we are signing a 25 yr old from the EPL who is currently on over 3.5 million pounds. particularly a player that almost no one would know in australia. didnt newcastle just stump up 12 million pounds for him?
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    Not sure I should get on my bs high horse That is Karl Pilkington level poetry
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    LOL trust me he is one former player that we will not be welcoming back
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    Any word about samaras though?
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    With respect IMO you're making the same mistake as many other people do. You're taking a club, or a proposed club, in which you have a particular interest, and saying "here is our justification for inclusion in the A-League." IMO that's a recipe for potential disaster. Expansion of the league, in terms of clubs, number of matches played, etc. needs to be looked at as a whole, not as individual parts. FFA needs to have a vision of what the league should ultimately look like say in steps of 5,10, 20 years time, and then ensure that the steps taken are all designed to follow that timetable and ultimately achieve that final vision. FFA's problem is that it really struggles to quantify what its criteria, objectives and visions actually are. It's therefore impossible for clubs and proposed clubs to know whether they have any chance of inclusion in the league, and even if they do have a chance, what timetable they have to meet.
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    Looking forward to some away trips.......
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    Sure your'e not getting Shelvey mixed up with Iniesta, hes coming this season too. Iniesta was meant to sign in Jnauary but his work visa has held him up until this season. @jeffplz
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    Sorry guys. I call one guy a malaka and the whole Greek community comes out. Apparently I'm Greek too.
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    Had some shit food at some pub in London Left bad tripadvisor review To this day still get emails from tripadvisor about how popular my review is Tripadvisor famous Dont fuck with me
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    Spoke to City officials at the open training, he said expect some really good signings soon.
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    Arzani, Kamau and Tongyik chosen in 26-man squad, to be cut to 23 before AFC U-23 tournament in Burma later this month.
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    I think it already caused a crash on the ring road didn't it. Victoria's biggest driving problem is we are taught to pass a test not to drive.
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    While we're talking state government, I've been reading a fair bit about the new 40km/h when passing flashing emergency vehicles law in Victoria and I genuinely think people are gonna die as a result of it. There will almost certainly be drivers who don't know how to slow down from 100 to 40 safely and will likely slam on the brakes instead and as a result, there are gonna be instances where tailing semi-trailers simply won't be able to brake in time and are going to run straight over the top of the poor people in front. Did any thought go into this rule at all, or is it fine and I'm just lacking faith in the driving ability of Victorians/Melburnians?
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    How long is a piece of string? Whereas there is a range of defined colours grouped under the common name "sky blue", there is no such definition known as "city blue"; the latter is defined by the brand "City Football Group" and no-one else. In reality, Sydney and City could play in jerseys of identical colour, but as long as we call ours "City Blue" then it's OK. Suggest you start here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sky_blue.
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    Can't wait to see this on TWG later in the week
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    Now that they're state government employees, how long until a 'pay dispute' gets them a 200% pay rise?
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    Yes Melbourne City is City Blue not Red and White , time to be a genuine franchise
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    Well, as far as I'm concerned I will be staggered if City are not in an all-City-Blue strip from now on. IMO there's no other interpretation of what “FFA received a submission from Melbourne City and after two seasons of operating with a hybrid brand the change has been approved. The City Football Group has shown they are serious about their long term commitment to the Hyundai A-League and this will allow Melbourne City to grow in line with the global brand strategy of the City Football Group." and "...it is now appropriate to allow for the full integration of the City Football Group’s playing strip colours. As part of the decision, Sydney FC will retain exclusivity of its ‘Sky Blue’ brand as Melbourne City adopts the ‘City Blue’ colours....” means.
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    Scott Munn went to Wales to watch city, when he came back he brought us back, Shelvey the bald CM. He's our favourite baldy, he blinds his opponents, when they look at his head, they go get their specs! Thats enough poetry for me.
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    Not a whole heap, definitely under 80
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    Just got an active membership! Pumped for the year=)
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    until the FFA gets off its arse and confirms one way or the other, people need to cool their jets TBH. given that the FFA normally release the A League fixture list early June but only did so late June this time around, I'd expect that we are going to see a fair lag with the season long guest announcement - particularly with the catfight going on between the FFA and the clubs. i'm not guaranteeing that the season long guest will stay, but the tv deal announcement in Dec 2016 did indicate a significant increase in the marquee fund. make what you want of it, but surely that is a strong indication the FFA wants / is very open to extending the guest season marquee for this season. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/sport/football/a-league/aleagues-new-tv-deal-to-secure-competitions-marquee-player-fund/news-story/dc202b8ae9972ec91db81ce3e1699933
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    @DFG_82 Saw this when looking for the guest marquee rule, it pretty much says that the FFA aprove City to use "City Blue" for the 2017/18 season but it doesnt say that they will actually use it. http://www.a-league.com.au/article/guest-player-spot-approved-for-201617-a-league-season/1lh4ejtsc6l7b1usdffahhs5j8
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    If his buddies in Canberra hadn't created the fair work act there would be more jobs and opportunities
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    Have they given any indication that they won't, though? I don't remember having seen anything from the FFA to say whether or not the rule would continue past last season. Wouldn't it be a more fair assumption that it would, if they haven't said anything about it?
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    of which who is better between Samaras and Honda membership wise for bringing in the local ex pats - will we get more Greeks or Japanese respectively?
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    Sounds promising. Was going to go this morning but just be stuffed. Many people turn up?
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    But Rose couldn't pass properly, in pressure situations too many turnovers due to either bad control or bad passing.
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    Lets no forget most Greeks have 2 heads.
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    Gamiero has signed at Brisbane roar
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    2 types of men in life. Those who lift and those that don't. Omega lifting
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    Ti les re malaka?