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  1. It quite similar conceptually to the original Melbourne Heart badge.
  2. I have eight years of membership and have been going to games from the very start - attended far more frequently early on - as well as having been to games overseas and watching our national team. I can confidently say the was easily the most boring game I have attended. It was probably close to our worst performance as well. It was so horribly bad that I experienced a sort of schadenfreude. Seeing thousands of people stream out of the stadium long before the final whistle went was hilarious. This club is a joke. Munn needs to be sacked. That man’s fine stewardship has seen us only make negligible inroads at best in regard to attendance and performance. It’s been nine years and we have outstanding resources now. There cannot be anymore excuses. Do it now or risk being made even more irrelevant by a third Melbourne side.
  3. Jimmy pulled his finger out a couple years ago and has been kicking goals. But pls help. Centerlink website said I have to call them to find out what a person’s partner’s earning limit is and I really cbf dealing with that.
  4. Landed a sweet job that pays $1300 a fortnight working two days a week. Will this fuck my de facto’s youth allowance (she earns around 550~ a fortnight before centerlink) while she studies?
  5. So, how about that free speech on University campuses?
  6. Jimmy

    I wonder...

    I wonder if there’s anything Donald Glover can’t do.
  7. I have no idea who ripped the flare. I didn’t see them and I have no idea of their age, but I’m assuming it was a young male teenager. That kid has now (deservedly) copped his whack. I’m sure he’s also facing bans and police action. I can’t imagine he’s in a good headspace and I’d hope the fanbase can start to ease up on him a bit.
  8. You right wing zealots all need to check your privilege.
  9. Sack Eddie. Let a new president clean out whatever and whoever needs to be cleaned out and start the rebuild.
  10. This is a great move from the FFA. I’m equally surprised and excited. The problem now though, is that they’ll have to undo their media campaign that has created the public perception that flares are dangerous and evil. The active support is really the league’s best asset. The more they do to encourage it and let it be all that it can, the better and more robust the league will be. Keep up the good work.
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