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  1. Nabbout looked well out of sorts for Australia and he seems to have come home with a niggle. Bench chance at best I’m thinking. Hopefully Puchirelli makes the bench. Any news on Rostyn? Given his history, if there are any questions I guess he’s on the bench too. Pumped for the game though!
  2. Old mate Brandan’s tap in then shirt off celebration in front of the faithful (to bury the Tards in the cup semi) was a pretty good moment.
  3. 1. That I support the rabble that is the Gold Coast Suns 2. That I am exposed to media that accurately reports what the club does.
  4. I see Souttar did his ACL in that game. Terrible news for him, bad news for us.
  5. I agree with the problem. Frankly we lack quality. No one in particular’s fault. Certainly not the players or the coach. Whether those two are good enough to be a solution or not I don’t know. Arnold is clearly aware he needs a fit and firing Arzani, it’s why he keeps picking him regardless of form. Id like to see (and expect to) opportunities for Atkinson and Metcalfe, a couple of young blokes who might have decent careers.
  6. Saudi lad should get a yellow for simulation And did I reckon it’s time for Andy. Swap for Mabil.
  7. Need to direct more play down Boyles wing for mine. Mabil’s struggling with his man but Boyle looks dangerous.
  8. Big game tonight. Fingers crossed.
  9. I’m not impressed by Arzani’s management of himself. His attitude seems to have been most of the problem. Its still not too late to turn it around (having Arnold in his corner has helped) but the clock is ticking.
  10. I don’t give Hellas much chance in this. Nothing against them. It’s Dan’s lockdown. As semi pros they wouldn’t have been able to train, let alone play and will be very rusty as a result. They’ll be doing well to get within 3 goals I reckon.
  11. Seems to be more draconian. Love the bit about “designated people”. Who first came up with this concept? Following in the footsteps of his mentors.
  12. Private equity typically only invest for the short to medium term and tend to have high internal rate of return hurdles. I have to say I’m surprised they would do this. The A League has lurched from one challenge to the next since it started with lots of false dawns. Hopefully this cash injection will “take the game to the next level” but I’ll hold off buying the champagne myself.
  13. I think you missed a few things @NewConvert. Mr Garotti sounds like he’s in a great deal of trouble: 1. There seems to be about 100k in double counting grants. 2.there is the case of awarding tenders to mates (70k). 3. There is employing people on the government payroll because they are mates. Not my ideas, Mr Garotti agreed this with counsel. Earlier days included people employed by the government/taxpayer (as electoral officers) doing political (factional) work people employed by the taxpayer not turning up at all and a few other things they may be able to weasel out of like vast sums on stamps spent on nefarious purposes and unauthorised access of the electoral roll. Obviously the blatant breach of alp rules and complete absence of ethics in all the branch stacking shenanigans is embarrassing for the ALP themselves, though not illegal.
  14. Actually they are the only ones with any brains. Theyll all be unemployed if they stick with Bill Morrison In other news anyone else watching IBAC with interest? Going to be quite a few charges out of this the way it’s going.
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