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  1. We are terribly slow. It feels like we are now a very old team and that are youthfulness has left us.We need to find some speed and cohesion because tonight showed we are nowhere near our lofty standards.
  2. Callum Talbot is fucking terrible, how Galloway isn't starting over him baffles me.
  3. They are running rings around us. They are way too quick for us. Our team looks disjointed and rusty as hell. Very disappointing so far. We'll be lucky to escape with a draw at this rate.
  4. I always liked Richie. Thought he was a little underrated by the fans whilst he was here tbh.
  5. All I see is two easy wins. They're professionally athletes, they should be able to manage.
  6. Sydney are going to put 5 past us, we can't defend for shit atm.
  7. Fingers crossed we draw melbourne Croatia today and have an easy run to the final.
  8. Souprayen looks old as fuck and should only be used in games where we are 5-0 up with 2-3 minutes remaining
  9. Does the club not have a right to defend themselves when accused of a wrong doing? I see nothing wrong with what petrillo said. Metrostars just a bunch of sore lovers. Cry harder bitches.
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