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  1. We're fucked mate I'm telling ya. Adelaide are going to run us down
  2. I just want a refund because I can't make it now
  3. Who cares, I'd rather they same 5-10 posters then a bunch of nuffs
  4. We can never have a season where we just win the league outright easily can we? Always has to be more difficult then it needs to be
  5. Just eek out one more boys. However you can do it
  6. Maclaren needs to sit. He's clearly in pain. Why are we risking him out there. Fuck jamo off too. Surely we have a youth product that could come in and do the job for us instead An absolutely pathetic first half. All the play and no finishing. Need to pull our finger out here in the second half, the good thing is that their is heaps of time left.
  7. We're down a few troops tonight, just need to get a win. Doesn't matter if it's ugly or not
  8. The guy is in over his head. Doesn't help that he's a stubborn asshole and won't change his tactics (even if things are going sour)
  9. Why is he even playing if this is the case. Just let him rest and recover, you can clearly see its affecting his play.
  10. McLaren needs to sit for a week on the bench, play nabbout up front instead
  11. This is going to be a complete disaster and will lead to the collapse of multiple clubs
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