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  1. Well, hopefully this goes better then Saturday. Can we please have Atkinson starting with the Italian and Frenchy plus Leckie to the bench? Thanks
  2. Leckie has been very, very underwhelming. Don't know what to say outside of the fact that at the moment, we are not a very good football team
  3. Should flog these guys in all honesty, 2-3 goal win incoming
  4. Kick off time got moved back to 8 I'm pretty sure because of the rain
  5. If there was ever a time to see if he's any good, this would be the time.
  6. Only in jest of course but he bettter do something about the goalkeeping situation
  7. Always an excuse- say whatever you want but losing a two goal lead with what l, 20 minutes left in the game is unacceptable whatever way you want to think about it. Not the end of the world but let's call it for what it is.
  8. Spot on. So surprised we didn't take Atkinson, he's a genuine jet and should definitely at the very least, be on the bench for us.
  9. I'm hearing his jobs in jeopardy after tonight. Good riddance I say. Who do we reckon would be a good coach for this team? Maybe can get jvs back for a third time?
  10. He's always been average Had one good game against Perth and not done much else. Needs to sit on the bench after his performance tonight
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