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  1. A Scout is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean, and reverent. so i would say yes.
  2. We wont get better at A League level, maybe back in day Smeltz or the orher unlikeable Berisha or Bruno before his broken ankle. If he could be that player some are looking for he be 20+ million in a top 5 League. He will become the greatest scorer in A League history.
  3. This is crazy talk. To suggest we "sacrifice" JMAC is complete nonsense. Based on what and replace him with who? The bloke is on target to break records.
  4. $75 per year. As opposed to $9 per month ($108 per year). But this was at the start of the season and as things are just going up who the fuck knows, and will probably be more by the time i hit submit.
  5. Interesting how people see the game differently. Our entire game is based on moving the ball and therefore moving the opposition until we have an overload and ultimately it being at the back post 5 yards out. Does it always work? No, but we still had 5 or 6 big chances. Adelaide IMO created almost none, first goal was a terrible error by Tilio losing his feet and the ball in the first minute, he never recovered for the rest of his match. Bos played an atrocious waste high ball across the box that at no level is acceptable, and to his credit he got over it and saved the game. The other goal came from a set piece that we should really do better. Other than that what did they offer. We played them off the park. Should we be more direct, probably not, we try and play through teams and IMO successfully. I genuinely feel last 3 draws are anomalies and the next 3 games will prove so.
  6. Nope, but Id doubt they would replay it, just asking for another 500 or so fools to engage in idiotic behaviour. (500 is based on both terraces).
  7. Just as Oneils goal will never be recorded, which is a real pity because it was a nice one.
  8. Same. He has surprised me massively.
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