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  1. Not sure he is going anywhere soon if this is accurate. https://keepup.com.au/news/kisnorbo-troyes-peupion-premier-league-toure-adelaide-aussies-abroad-australian-football-news-kerr/
  2. If only https://www.willetspointqueens.com/ https://www.nycfc.com/news/related-sterling-equities-and-nycfc-present-first-look-at-new-renderings-to-comm
  3. Not sure he was crying for being subbed, more the realization of lifelong goal. Bloke needs to be recognised as the greatest of all time.
  4. What would be interesting to have votes and minutes played comparison.
  5. Disagree with this. You can't selectively look at his results and and add caveats to support your opinion.
  6. Disagree, we've got over the hump and now we are back. All players are contributing and playing as a unit.
  7. I said a while back 48 points will win the League and I'm pretty confident that will be.
  8. Nabbout will turn his season around in the next 45.
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