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  1. Look I get it that we haven't been great in pre season and that the end of last season was disappointing but I'm genuinely optimistic we will improve this season. Looking at WU specifically it wasn't that long ago that we had never lost to them. They got in a couple great A League level players, a Keeper a CB and a striker and they become the best in the League. The club and the football department are not idiots, although some on here would disagree but for me we have strengthened this year and therefore will be better. And playing off in the granny and winning the League last season we effectively don't need huge improvement to become the best again. Yes we've got issues, GK, Visa players injured (or worse not good) and a coach that seems one dimensional but if you dig into the other 11 teams IMO we are great space. Obviously the first game will be a good indication of where we are at.
  2. I emailed membership early in September querying when membership packs will be dispatched. I was informed they be sent out this month, (September), they were just finalising barcodes with stadium. Whether they come or not before the first game as always is a nervous wait.
  3. Nothing can rustle the jimmies more than a forum vote, and if that vote is connected to the colours we are on a winner, can't wait.
  4. Okay ive been pretty staunch with PK, but after last nights shitshow with our best players available and we put out that. He needs to be replaced. Won't happen before Christmas.
  5. Absolutely. Being named in a matchday squad confirms he is ready to play. That is he has earned the confidence of being considered. Now his objective is to dislodge the starting player/s depending on position structure etc. That can be via injury poor individual form or collective issue. He then needs to be faultless when given a sniff, if thats 10 minutes or less doesn't matter. If he's good enough its up to him. Only bonafide high level player will walk into a side and start. And as good as we know Metcalfe was last 2 seasons he is not that level.
  6. I get that, and if, we ever do move and play home games at Casey then everyone need to decide what that actually means for them. But i can't see us doing that.
  7. This. If you want to go out and watch them go. If not don't go. Wherever the game is played or whatever day or time it will disadvantage someone, but seriously what's the big deal. Me personally enjoy going to a new venue, and being our own facility I'm surprised there is so much negativity about it. Anyway each to their own and im pretty much going unless someone changes from my end.
  8. From my understanding, all members will get a free subscription in the new season. Just make sure you cancel your existing subscription. But nothing has been confirmed yet.
  9. I'd say we Already have. Talbot basically replaced Jenkinson. He like Galloway can play either side of fullback and with Jamieson and Bos, IMO we have decent options. I think we still need another keeper and a central ball playing midfielder.
  10. Not sure whats more annoying, the camera work, can't even follow the ball, or the bobbly pitch. And please nobody mention the magic of the cup.
  11. Renewed today, spoke to Ryan and he "mentioned" to look out for 2 new arrivals in next few weeks.
  12. Hey mate need the code, Cheers.
  13. I seriously hope not.
  14. Kind off agree. I was convinced they were going to replace or even bring in but now with this new bloke they look like sticking with Glover. For me this would be a mistake.
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