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  1. Who's got the goss on this mob? https://instagram.com/redwhitecorner?utm_medium=copy_link
  2. Pumped as fuck to sign up then forget about it by Xmas as is tradition
  3. It was and I muted myself cause I was pissing myself laughing. Put me straight back in my box
  4. Not talking too much out of school but Jamie told us off air that he noticed the Maltese flag with his face on it in the terrace. So he is clearly very engaged with the terrace even when playing I think the idea is to replace fat boy slim not SHT. SHT is ours and no player no matter how good can influence that
  5. I like it cause it's a band from Eastern Melbourne (the living end)
  6. You'll have to listen to the latest talking city ep to find out
  7. Given how passionate Jmac was about it I'm shocked he didn't get included in the new contract
  8. For me, having watched the game twice on telly so might have been different at the ground, Bratts red was down to Corica's coaching fuck ups. Playing a 4-4-2 it was clear within minutes we were dominating the middle. Caceras was, as always, ineffective at anything that isn't downhill skiing. Bratts has seemingly tried to over compensate and slow our momentum. He just lost his head doing it
  9. Ok rewatch done here are my conclusions 1. Cola run for first goal was actually unreal on second viewing 2. Corica fucked the midfield balance Bobo and ALF wasn't working and Bratts being overwhelmed caused him to over do a couple of tackles 3. Pen clear as day, Scottie J made it unsaveable power and precision 4. Probably should have scored the third way earlier 5. Midfield of Flo, Luna and O'Neill was perfectly balanced. Flo decided this was his one blinder in 5 games. I have a lot of criticisms of him but he loves a big game 6. Galloway goal was a peach, the absolute lack of threat from Sydney meant he was able to come forward all night so was a matter of time before he banged one in 7. Paddy K now has Y,W&A League grand final wins. I suspect this guy might actually be pretty good 8. We fucking did it!!!!
  10. Akka put in a performance so good I'm scared we lose him. Honourable mentions for Tillio, Galloway, Flo and Jammo
  11. I could cry, finally done it! Akka MOTM for me. No player put in a less that 8/10 performance. Can't believe we did it
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