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  1. Reis was pretty good, but his marking of Ivanovic cost us a goal.
  2. Fire the fuck up everyone! Title defence starts tonight. 3-0, Jmac double and a Tilio sealer. Can't wait for some AAMI Park chicken and chips!
  3. Not sure if it’s due to the protests, but the antivaxxers are definitely not helping. An antivax bloke who I work with was told he was a tier 1 close contact earlier this week and he’s refusing to get tested or isolate. So he could be positive just walking around in the community. Really bloody frustrating.
  4. Can you blame people for struggling to see that being realistic though? The goalposts have shifted time and time again throughout the past 18 months, and even then once we meet the national plan’s goal for re-opening, we don’t go back to normal. We aim to hit the targets and maybe we’ll hopefully potentially get the privilege of being allowed 30 people over on Christmas Day. Believe me, I understand the importance of vaccines, I wish everyone would just go and get vaccinated, but I also know that isn’t realistic, and when you spend months telling people that the vaccine is safe, then it isn’t, then it is but only for people over 60, and then over 50, and then suddenly everyone again, you’re going to get people who are scared, especially when you start forcing people to take it.
  5. This is the part that is absolutely killing me. I can’t go and visit my parents a couple of suburbs away or go to the pub, but it’ll be okay for anyone who wants to to come visit from Europe in a month’s time? What a load of utter shit. The vaccine mandate for authorised workers is terrible as well. Get vaccinated or you can’t feed your kids. I am pro-vaccine, I’m fully vaccinated and have been for months, pretty much the second I was eligible, but I absolutely understand why people are hesitant. Telling people they have to do something is just going to drive them into their positions much more deeply. The stick only works for so long, and after the longest lockdown on the planet, you’re going to need to bring out the carrot eventually.
  6. That sash is absolutely gorgeous. The away kit is amazing too. Shame about the sleeves on the home kit
  7. I’m still quite proud of it myself, glad it’s still having an impact haha
  8. This is kind of the big thing. Once we hit the 80% double vaxxed mark it will be hard to justify an ongoing state of emergency, and the vaccine passports will be pretty difficult to implement. We’re already seeing the ideas of vaccine passports struggling to get support in many countries overseas. I don’t think they will be able to last very long down here. Best advice is to go and get vaccinated if you haven’t already so you give yourself the best chance of protection you can, as not everyone is going to end up doing it.
  9. For me Jamo’s penalty in the Grand Final is my absolute favourite moment in the club’s history. For years we complained on here about the lack of leadership and balls from the club in the Heart days and the earlier days of City. To watch our captain march over, claim the ball and bury the pen with so much confidence and celebrate it with so much passion exemplified everything that the new City stands for. I remember just knowing in that moment that nobody was stopping us that night.
  10. Great to see my content getting some solid traction
  11. This isn’t an unpopular opinion, this is an unpopular fact. They even said after the curfew ended in 2020 that it had no health reasons, it simply made it easier for police to maintain compliance.
  12. Unfortunately the rise of the internet has led to the rise of dangerous misinformation. People once took doctors at their word because they were the experts, now people believe that 15 minutes on Google, a YouTube video and a whole lot of confirmation bias is equivalent to a medical degree and a lifetime of scientific research.
  13. As somebody in their mid-twenties, it is absolutely not just the boomers holding out. I’m fully vaccinated, but I know so many people my age who either “don’t trust it” or are “waiting for the Pfizer”. I think that if you’re young, healthy and have a stable income, lockdown makes a lot of young people feel very safe from the virus and happy to avoid facing the reality of it all. If we were to give some kind of plan of how we move out of restrictions and rejoin the rest of the world, it will probably give a lot of people the kick up the arse they need to actually go get it imo.
  14. Outside of signing for the Victory, I’d be extremely disappointed if any of our Championship team are ever booed under any circumstances tbh
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