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  1. Outside of signing for the Victory, I’d be extremely disappointed if any of our Championship team are ever booed under any circumstances tbh
  2. One of the most underrated players we’ve ever had. One of the club’s all time best, thanks for everything Nooney
  3. Definitely some that have featured in here before, but a Twitter thread full of some absolute banger football grounds around the world https://twitter.com/joaquimcampa/status/1411346406497992708?s=21
  4. After his goal in the first derby I was a bit worried about the Cola hype. I was nervous that we as fans would be so happy to have one of our own coming through the ranks we would be very forgiving of him, and for a while after the derby he looked a touch off and didn’t seem to be quite up to scratch. But the last few weeks of the season he stood up and showed he is genuinely a brilliant player. Incredibly impressed by him
  5. Huge day. The biggest day. Absolutely shitting myself, but also incredibly grateful that we all get to be there today. The plate winning night was truly something special, so tonight is almost a free hit imo. If we lose, it will obviously hurt but considering how compromised we’ve been these finals it will still be a great achievement. however, I truly hope we come out there and absolutely belt them. 8-0 win, Colacovski double hattrick inbound. Have fun today ladies and gents 🍻
  6. Florin and Luna have to start every single week when available. We look so much more dangerous when they’re both on and working together.
  7. What specifically does the club need to do to make you feel more like it’s a club rather than a product? This is a genuine question not a dig btw
  8. Yeah it was a shit game, but fuck me this is an overreaction and a half. Yeah Covid restrictions are a pain, but I’d much rather go to live football with restrictions than not go at all. I also think quite a few people remember the Heart days through very VERY rose tinted glasses. I remember sitting through the longest winless streak in A-League history and never once did I say “This is fun!” If you really hate the club so much because of how “soulless” it feels, feel free to jump ship to a club that has existed for 2 years, has no home ground, employs a predator as a coach and Berisha as a forward, I’m sure that will be nice Yeah the game was shit. Yeah we played like crap. But the sky isn’t fucking falling in so let’s stop being chicken littles alright? /rant
  9. If you’re reading this and you’re the dumb cunt that threw the bottle, do us all a favour and just walk into the ocean Shit performance. Terrible defending at set pieces once again, toothless in front of goal. Souvlaki probably our best player, should never have been taken off.
  10. Going with 3-1 win for this one. Perth do a lot of scoring and not a lot of defending. Nothing better than a double header on a sunny afternoon
  11. I give Windy’s hamstring 48 hours
  12. Not to mention that the mutation findings are from studies that are yet to be peer reviewed. The fact that news outlets are reporting on this as though it is confirmed is a dangerous precedent.
  13. Without getting into conspiracy theories about whether or not the virus is real, I’m interested to hear people’s thoughts on the Covid app and the merits vs the dangers
  14. TTDIM: Tiger King. Possibly the best thing ever released on Netflix. Ridiculously stupid/brilliant
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