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  1. IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITS…… TIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIME!!!!! Also surely we can get Adagio for Strings by tiesto to play pre game?
  2. Dare say Geelong will probably sell 2-3k whilst City will have 11-15k
  3. Hard game, hard nipples, but we’re in the granny baby
  4. 1-1 HT… Tards up 2-1 agg. Ripper game tbf
  5. Still warm enough to rock up in a tight tee looking jacked as fuck for the cameras
  6. Predicting Adelaide will beat CCM 2-0. Game starts now for who’s interested
  7. Yeah but Adelaide love to annoy us. Mariners aren’t as strong
  8. Ideally Mariners, Adelaide is sketchy as
  9. Question, is it now 3 designated/ marquee players that aren’t counted towards the cap? Not sure how many can be Aussie/ International either.
  10. There was less toxicity on this forum when Heart finished bottom 2 back-to-back. Never change fellas!
  11. Nickname him God like Fowler was to Liverpool. Make a statue of him. Give him the keys to the city.
  12. The most melbourne heart way to win, but you love it
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