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  1. $6.7 million in debt. Nani ruptures ACL. D’Agostino just signed in Norway.
  2. Storm the pitch if we lose. Force another replay
  3. Watching Tards on the telly and seeing huge black tarps on both goal ends makes the league look awful…. 2017 (I think) all over again but worse
  4. Score the first and the floodgates open for a 5-0er
  5. Anyone have our accounts? Tards are in a horrendous way lmao
  6. So when do we play ACL again? Still confuses me as the Asian leagues aren’t always in line with us
  7. I reckon an Annual Purge Derby where anything is legal for the match. After that, usual regulations and rules.
  8. The camera man should’ve thrown the flare that hit him back into the crowd too. Pussy
  9. You’ve got to wonder whether the heads at the APL were smoking shard when making this decision… it’s getting worse by the day
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