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  1. Second half will tell us where we’re at
  2. I’ll take Joel Matip. Free agent end of season, wrong side of 30, centre back and currently nursing an ACL injury he suffered this year.
  3. Time to pull a Heart-esque derby win
  4. This bloke is in the list of cult-heroes. Fight me
  5. Klopps a free agent come seasons end…
  6. Not sure where to put this, but I wonder if CFG look at the packed north end on a derby, then pan across to see our abysmal home end, and think “how can we match that?” Does not look great on the telly that’s for sure
  7. Couldn’t watch the game, kept an eye on the score. The Heart live on baby!
  8. Bloke loves giving spot kicks away. Check his Sportsbet
  9. Hopefully they fuck Natel off and sign a gun visa striker
  10. 10 years without the wooden spoon. Hope they sell us
  11. Surely he brings on Nabbout and Caputo for macca and mazzeo. Both have had shockers
  12. That 2012-2017ish era was peak aleague
  13. If Optus ever gets the rights the game will explode. Trust me
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