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  1. Given Nabbouts return to form and Berisha/Talbot not setting the world alight….here’s me Glover Galloway-Good-Lam-Bos Leckie-O’Neil-VDV Tilio-Maclaren-Nabbout
  2. Since the plate is wrapped up, what’s our best lineup heading into the finals? Leckie and VDV surely come straight back into the 11. Managers migraine
  3. One hand on the plate gents!!!
  4. That’s a top club moment if that goal wins us the plate, what a player
  5. Would love to see him pop up with a couple more goals before he departs
  6. Put the premiers plate in the microwave, get the packets out
  7. Too many nervous blokes in this thread. Get some cunt about you lot, we’re taking over
  8. Bonjour Jeremy. If you take Aiden Oneal you’re banned from this forum Au revior
  9. I’ll take Mooy and Firmino. Nothing less
  10. How am I meant tell my future children that Maclaren was the greatest striker in A-League history but he couldn’t shoot to save his life?
  11. Irankunda has scored one of the goals of the season for AU
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