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  1. Although it is no excuse for our poor performance, the refereeing last night was attrocious. Worthy of noting are the two yellow cards from Diamanti dives, where there was zero contact.
  2. I reckon Glover has gone backwards since then. He used to be reasonably solid, but would have a bad fuck up every now and then. Now he seems to be somewhat shaky all the time and the bad fuck ups seem to be increasing in frequency.
  3. Dunno if lineups are out yet, but I would go with same lineup as last week with the exception of Atkinson in for Nabbout.
  4. They are just GA tickets aren't they? I believe there is an away allocation, which the club will provide details to members.
  5. @belaguttman and @jw1739, do either of you know when regional Victoria will open up to Metropolitan Victoria under the roadmap? I can not find anything that clearly states what the rule is/will be.
  6. When PK goes to NYC, DB will come back to us.
  7. They should bring in another tier for people who have been a member every year.
  8. I think it was Curtis Good. Though he sorta did botch the header back to the keeper.
  9. The A-League facebook changed its name to A-League Men or something to that effect. Out of curiosity though, are women actually ineligible to play in the "Mens" A-league. It is my vague recollection that women aren't prevented from playing in mens competitions (possibly requires approval from FV) in the Vic setup, but not sure if the same rules apply to A-League. They definitely apply to the FFA cup though as Dobson has played in the competition. So if Women and Youth are capable of playing in the A-League, why is it being rebranded as "A-League - Mens".... Note,this comment is largely tongue in cheek other than to highlight some of the illogical thoughts when it comes to segregation of sports on the basis of sex.
  10. I think it is a little harsh to blame all people who have not been vaccinated as yet. There are many who were only eligible to be vaccinated from 1 September (and only able to book an appointment a few days prior to that). Once appointments were able to be made available slots were snapped up pretty quickly and the govt booking site kept crashing. There would definitely be many people who have not had the first vaccination that are booked in for the earliest appointment they could get.
  11. The ironic thing is, its not too disimilar to the Google Ads logo either.
  12. An ironic thing about the complaints about human rights (especially in relation to women) is that CFG are probably up there as having done the most for the Women's game in Australia than any other entity.
  13. At the time it also felt like we would never see a derby result like that ever again. It was truly unbelievable.
  14. Having seen a better picture of it, I like it too. The white sleaves on the home kit is what ruins it for me.
  15. Given that the GFC was a debt crisis and nearly every countries response was to increase debt and inflate assets, I would expect that it would be bigger than the GFC. In addition to that Australia was in a pretty good position prior to the GFC, this time not so much, so I would expect it would also hit Australia harder too. That being said I believe Australia's debt to GDP ratio is much better than most countries so we may have an advantage, however given our economic reliance on mining to drive our GDP our debt to GDP ratio could deteriorate quite quickly.
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