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  1. Personally I would be going with Griff over gomulka, tillio on the wing and Leckie central. FB looked to under cooked against Adelaide n historically he has taken a few games to build any form. I would also go Bos over Jamo, but that is never gonna happen.
  2. I spoke to the club yesterday and they said all memberships pre-sale tickets fir seats on the wing are allocated to the east side of the stadium. I suspect this is fir the cameras and I also suspect first touch (and the other wing) will open up when the general public window opens.
  3. I like the current preferential voting system. But it really should be viewed as voting for the party you least want to get voted in (by giving the highest number) as opposed to voting for a party.
  4. malloy

    Tom Glover

    You best believe we will steal him back again.
  5. Haven't commentators credited Hayden Fox with their defensive strength?
  6. I would bank on DNB's info being incorrect as opposed to the club breaching a pretty basic requirement of the Corps Act. Either that or one of the four lives in Aus (which seems highly unlikely).
  7. Pretty confident that we wouod have one director who ordinarily resides in Australia (it is a Corps Act requirement), unless you are referring to CFG and not the "club".
  8. With WU winning, this means we play the sunday home game, correct?
  9. Jamo would need to take a massive haircut on his pay to stay on. Can't be paying him what he gets paid to be a rotation player. Jamo was solid last year, but has shown this season that he is just too much off the pace. And him being in the team is detrimental to Bos' development who tends to outperform him these days snyway. Imo the end of the finals campaign is a perfect time for him to hang up the boots (from everyone's perspective).
  10. Didn't someone mention their were rumours of Jamo retiring?
  11. Short corners are shit except in limited circumstances e.g. taking a quick corner because opposition hasn't gotten back yet after quick break or you are pulling some sneaky move like Rooney did against Chelsea in approx. 2007 or 2008, although the refs incorrectly made United retake the corner.
  12. Toxicity is equal to the amount by which expectation exceeds actual performance. Under Heart, there was no expectations...
  13. Absolutely crazy game. I expect them to win the toilet seat and like you, I wouldn't put it past us to throw away the plate on Monday too.
  14. Tilio is a winger, so wingers can adapt well to the CAM position others can't. Whikst I dont think he has done poorly there, he definitely hasn't excelled. I can't work out why Endoh isn't being played there. I understand Endoh isn't flashy, but as Luna proved, you don't need to be a flashy player to excel in the CAM role.
  15. How many times does Jamo have to keep fucking up before Bos wins back a starting spot after he was inexplicably dropped.
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