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  1. Tbh, we (the same 5-10) probably are the nuffs 😁
  2. The forum use is pretty heavily correlated to the time since Yarraside disbanded. YS used the forum quite heavily, but none of the other active groups did or do.
  3. The above posters' views on PK seem to be a bit more favourable than my own. In my view PK is a tactically inept hack whose main coaching "quality" is being a hardass and berating players for being 3cm out of position. His tactical ineptness is most obvious when one of his teams is being absolutely outplayed. In such situations he appears unable to notice the tactical issue (blaming individual errors and lack of work rate) which results in him not making substitutes, or making like-for-like substitutes (such that you are relying on a moment of individual brilliance to get something from the game) or making subs so late thst the player has no time to make an impact. A prime example of this is the GF against WU were it was obvious that things were not working and certain subs needed to be made. But he dragged his feet in making any unforced subs, eben though it was obvious Tillio needed to come on. He also seems to detest young talented players.
  4. Not surprised he is going, but surprised he is going to Troyes.
  5. Yes, but I think this directive hss come from CFG, as opposed to the league. CFG really do dislike any sort of negative attention and try to limit/reduce reputational risks (see Novillo being moved on after the rumours/allegations of DV).
  6. I feel like the decision to replay the gane with a 1 nil lead was probably chosen to avoid any questions surrounding any hint of favouritism towards City from the league (given how deep CFG's ties go these days with the board and its investors).
  7. Surely Ross the Boss has got 5 or 6 long range rockets that are better than Tillio's goal. It might be different conversation if it didn't take a deflection. Edit: And RtB's goals were not hit and hope unlike Cahill's.
  8. Just to clarify the position so far as your comment pertains to Yarraside. 1. Yarraside was not of the view it held leverage over the club. It may not have been apparent to the FRG, but Yarraside had a good working relationship with Scott Munn. 2. Yarraside was of the view that the atmosphere created by active support generally across all teams was vital to the success of the league. 3. Yarraside's non-negotiable independence was borne from the ethos that the passion of active support should be built by the fans and in no way manufactured by the club and that once you cease being fully independent you start having to make compromises for interests that an independent group would not need to make. As for other groups that came after Yarraside, I cannot comment.
  9. Not the right sub to make, but Tillio has been reasonably quiet.
  10. The issue is, he is capable of producing some really good football. He is just too timid and goes missing when games get tough.
  11. He didn't contest that clearance after the Leckie opportunity where he went wide of the keeper.
  12. We have more points than both of the other two pub teams located in this state combined.
  13. Back in the Heart days, thats all we had, well that and the Craig Foster Cup..
  14. I kind of think Bos shoukd target a move that would see him being converted to a winger. His attacking style is generally to dribble through tight areas and quick one, two passes. In my opinion this style isn't really how you would have a full back play (generally would be expecting crosses from them so that they are still in reasonable position to get back). Not to mention that whilst Bos can defend, and does do so very well at times, he can still do some inexcusable stuff. TL:DR, kids got too much talent to be stuck at LB.
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