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  1. He was in China, but has been in London for months now.
  2. He is actually the better coach of the two imo.
  3. He was a good player, but he did at times come across as if he wasn't taking it serious enough (e.g. few times he would try for nut megs playing out from full back where even if he pulled it off, he would run into trouble quickly).
  4. Did we receive an email with our code to buy tickets?
  5. Not so much our signings, but rather our squad management. We potentially shouod have moved Reis on this preseason.
  6. I thought it was the club for a second too haha
  7. Definitely the Christmas derby. This game has always felt special to me.
  8. Is it injury related? Or maybe a move to an English club is on the cards? their league tends to go long enough that players can't really do the annual league hop.
  9. Probably Andrew McKenzie... but the purchaser could just pretend its Aaron Mooy
  10. Matty said 18 come Tillio, VDV and AO...
  11. Combination of bandwagoning, but also that there is an emotional attachment to any Australian national team for the majority of the population. Very few of them will have an emotional attachment to any league team.
  12. I am not a fan of Bereneguer(sic), but I do hope he gets a positive reception at AAMI park (if he lines up against us) for what he has contributed to the club.
  13. Only so many times we can say "O'neill is the GOAT"
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