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  1. Am I wrong or was this a home game and we should get in with our membership passes?
  2. Our last game was reminiscent of the game against wanderers. And what i mean by that is i cannot believe how often these professional players could not actually make proper contact with the ball when they shoot. To me it seemed evey shot was mishit or underhit.
  3. Why didn't Tilio drive up the wing there instead he takes his time
  4. We can't stop conceding. Its become very typical that we are so disorganised at the back.
  5. The guy is prone to mistakes. I'd rather an up and about Galloway but that's my opinion.
  6. Why is Jamo playing instead of Galloway
  7. Yeh I certainly don't want to have to win our games in hand to finish top. Hoping we wrap it up before that.
  8. There was some conjecture over feedback on our results and Rado but its interesting looking at the stats and trying to read into what they mean for our future. That's the fun thing about the forum. We can say what we think with no consequences besides anything but our own pride. I'm actually hanging out for us to buck our recent trend and have a tight win without conceding. Let's see what happens.
  9. That's my point. If we stick with this way of playing we don't have the players with skill level to do that. We can't get better with this much freedom. We need the balance to be a bit more defensively minded.
  10. We won't get much better at keeping the ball i don't think. Because as a whole the skill level is just not good enough.
  11. Interesting take. I don't think anything was said of the equivalent opposite to him being 'twice the manager PK is.' Which is rubbish in itself. Nothing was said about him being a bad manager. Just some opinions and observations, the observations being true. Since your post we conceded another two goals against Sydney. This is not a bash the result. Just looking at a pattern and whether it has any significance down the track for us. I hope not.
  12. The roids for their lovely side benefit
  13. In relation to your posts, in particular the derby....the msg from City Terrace was about ongoing problems for the last 4 years. Im wondering what your thoughts are with relation to that.
  14. Ok so that leaves us where exactly. I think we agree on many things.I kept the losses to victory out of it for that reason because PK didn't have the best results against them lay season. I agree we are better on the eye. Very similar to JVS. Scoring for fun. And, copping a bag full of goals as well. 9 goals in the last 4 games to be precise. I gave it some thought before positing and the best way I can sum what I'm saying is I would like to see a bit of both PK and Rados styles to take charge of this team. That its not all PK style is bad. Rados is good. That's what I'm getting at.
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