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  1. Watching over his highlights I feel he doesn't get the praise he should for his time with us. He had some ups and downs including injuries at times but looking back how he contributed to all our trophies and how when he was 'on' he was a huge part of many many wins we had. I'd say he was overall a successful addition to our team, which as we know in this league with foreign players isn't easy to get right. Wish him all the best, except against us if he goes to another team in Aus.
  2. Welcome back legend! Looking forward to the first derby
  3. Geez. I don't care what, that's just a negative approach no matter how you look at it especially from 3 seasons of finishing top.
  4. Are you able to post the entire comment he made in relation to that?
  5. The thing is jw, there is plenty going on right now in the world of aleague football. Now had the sport some coverage like afl then you would hear how Jamie MacLaren has jetted off on a holiday or how CCM is about so sell their youth prospect off to Bayer Munich. But seeing as there is next to no coverage during the season regular, its basically a ghost town when it comes to the off season.
  6. I guess the result in the final was completely out of his control by not playing. So in one way it was a bitter sweet ending.
  7. That's true. Whilst we had the likes of Tilio, Bos etc. we had no one coming through after them. Caputo saves a game for us and isn't to be seen after. Now we have no young players that have had some gametime going into next season. Regarding Rado I beleive that, normally, with a coach that has seen out the whole season, next season would be a big ask to finish top again. But because he's relatively fresh into the role i don't think he has the luxury to hide behind the post 'threpeat' honeymoon stage. First time hes building the squad and front the start of the season. If we're not pushing the top position he should be under some sort of scrutiny.
  8. As @neiosaid in a different topic, vdv should have been in that starting eleven. This is rado being rado i reckon. Now he's going to have to pay for his decisions it seems. Strange as well considering Berisha and perhaps Frenchy are possibly on their way out. Vdv is the pick of the bunch as well imo. Shortly have given him more game time for sure.
  9. Imo it's a case of the haves and have nots (even though it's a salary capped league). People use it as an excuse for their own clubs short comings and personal inferiorities.
  10. I don't know who these people are that would say it was better without active. Lucky, in some way, the Sydney fans at least sung or else it would be a completely dead atmosphere.
  11. Imo if Talbot didn't get to the ball first and clear it they wouldn't reverse the decision.
  12. Rumour that Jack Clisby is a done deal. God please don't make it true.
  13. Melbourne City are set to snatch Tunisian international Amor Layouni from the clutches of Western Sydney Wanderers, and lure the winger south for the 2023-2024 A-League Men season.
  14. $66 dollars I believe. $55 for concession.
  15. Agree. Talbot makes the odd error here and there but he's incredibly proactive in moving the ball forward. It was his run up the wing that resulted in our second or third goal on Saturday, can't remember which one.
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