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  1. There was an element of sarcasm and dry humour in my post. Even now I think our supporters would not be happy if Aloisi got a coaching gig at our club.
  2. I would not say no to a return of Mombaerts with Paddy as assistant coach.
  3. Probably time to bump this old thread up the rankings a bit. Im not saying we should but discuss...
  4. Yes. We clearly erred in booting John from our coaching job at Heart/City. Think of all the extra premierships we could have won if we had retained him. 😁
  5. Hi I'm just on my way to the match but have not yet purchased a ticket. Are there any free tickets being handed on this occasion?
  6. Hi everyone There is a lot of talk about losses owners are making on their clubs and low attendances. I never see much discussion about W-league football finances though. I have noted the establishment of the league in recent seasons but it seems to me that there must be a huge amount of cross subsidisation going on between the mens and womens leagues. Where is W- league football at financially? Can it stand on its own two feet and if it is making losses why do the owners still finance it? Wouldn't it make more financial sense to divert those scarce resources to promote the men's game or pay for men's marquees? I know this sounds a bit ruthless but football is a business after all. Stig
  7. Do you have a link to this offer? Where did you hear about it?
  8. Also the only 2 Melbourne teams. Looking around for First Touch tickets but not seen on Ticketek. Are there any left?
  9. Tilio was epic today. The difference between the two teams.
  10. Western toppled Victory today. So we can potentially have an all Melbourne grand final just not the one we expected.
  11. It will be cold. Forecast is for 14 degrees.
  12. 2.05 pm? Good grief. Anyway this is the thread to discuss our make or break match to get into the gf. Extra important as it almost certainly means we would play Victory in our first derby gf.
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