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  1. Fiji should be the next expansion side as it has the population to support a side.
  2. Hi. The title says it all but the show will go on somewhere in about 56 days. Do you think we could/should host it? I reckon it would be well supported. Stig
  3. Hi everyone Have Melbourne City qualified for the forthcoming ACL season? If so, when will the matches be played in Melbourne and who will our opponents be? cheers The Stig
  4. Re Poppa going to J2 Actually its from a parody account.
  5. It would be ideal if they both went to Troyes.
  6. After tonight's result I think Aloisi is also on the chopping block.
  7. After the loss to Brisbane is Poppa's job in danger? We all know how ruthless clubs can be. Just ask Aloisi...
  8. Merry Christmas to all from the Football Stig
  9. TheStig

    Tom Glover

    I note that FA have just handed down their interim restrictions arising out the derby debarcle. https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/football-news-2022-melbourne-victory-sanctions-for-derby-riot-vs-melbourne-city-no-tickets-allowed-to-be-sold-members-allowed-entry/news-story/6c0e2fe7f41e0f270c2c93d854f9506b One of these is I applaud FA's effort to try and protect the active supporters however Glover can throw further than that.
  10. I hope they replay the game at some point.
  11. If someone who is banned from the footbll turns up and gets into the ground, what punishment is there that can be handed down currently? The FFA is not a court. To be effective such sanctions as life bans need judicial backing and jail sentences as a deterrent. That can only be put in place by Government. Essentially at the end of the day this is a law and order matter.
  12. So much has been talked about the ramifications of the derby violence but the worst thing for me personally was the fact that I didn't get to see the derby played out. Every year I look forward to the christmas derby as it has traditionally been a great contest at a time when everyone is starting to wind down after a hard year. What is concerning is the discussion about Victory having to play all it's games behind closed doors which is not a solution in my books. It just punishes the innocent fans who want to see a competitive game. As a City supporter I want to be able to attend the next derby and as a member why shouldn't I be allowed to? I'm clearly not a Victory supporter therefore I represent no risk. However here's my comprehensive solution. 1. State Government to pass legislation providing for an automatic six month jail term (minimum) for any banned supporter who attends at an a-league match. If you are where you are not supposed to me then you should get a jail term. Same for smuggling flares. This must be rigourously policed by Victoria Police. 2. Victory games and crowds to proceed as normal. 3. For the next 3 years the active area of Victory to be made dry. 4. Derbies to proceeds as normal at AAMI but the only people allowed to attend to be full Melbourne City members. I think these measures would be effective at changing the culture.
  13. Which 4 clubs? Apart from the occasional flare our active support has been reasonably well behaved.
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