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  1. Latest rumour- Ronaldo is coming to Melbourne City Realistically we are the only A-league club that could afford him https://www.foxsports.com.au/football/a-league/compelling-proposition-aleague-bosses-submit-bid-for-ronaldo-to-join-aussie-club/news-story/20911da2133ae6bbc6bf0944eb9d7bbd
  2. After last night's loss they are gaining them away... https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/732153#comment-12842402 Quite a few games's allocations have sold out but you can still get some good games.
  3. I think Victory must be having financial problems. 2 of their players who played last night couldn't even afford last names!
  4. A system is needed like overseas where members need to indicate by a certain date whether they will be attending. That way unused seats can be sold to patrons who wish to go.
  5. One question this game was a sellout and I couldn't buy a ticket but there were lots of green seats on TV. Why so?
  6. I think we have this in the bag. We are 0-2 playing at home and they have lost their Captain to a red card. What could possibly go wrong? That aside I had to laugh at the earful Nani was giving Brilliante as he went off due to the red card.
  7. On days like today and with crowds now selling out a solid case can be made for having Victory derbies games at Marvel. On days like today and with crowds now selling out a solid case can be made for having Victory derby games at Marvel.
  8. The club should be promoting it. It would definitely attract members. There is one fly in the ointment though. To watch Paramount on your TV you really need a Smart TV or set top box. If I was the club I would also supply, free of charge, an Amazon Fire Stick Lite to full season members. I estimate that the wholesale cost would cost the club probably $20-$30 per stick but it can be used to stream Paramount. Much better than offering another scarf.
  9. The hot rumor is that A league club members will receive a complimentary Paramount Plus subscription with their membership this year. I have seen mention of this already on the Victory and Roar membership sites. I expect we will get the same. The Stig
  10. There was an element of sarcasm and dry humour in my post. Even now I think our supporters would not be happy if Aloisi got a coaching gig at our club.
  11. I would not say no to a return of Mombaerts with Paddy as assistant coach.
  12. Probably time to bump this old thread up the rankings a bit. Im not saying we should but discuss...
  13. Yes. We clearly erred in booting John from our coaching job at Heart/City. Think of all the extra premierships we could have won if we had retained him. 😁
  14. Hi I'm just on my way to the match but have not yet purchased a ticket. Are there any free tickets being handed on this occasion?
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