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  1. Should he step on the field, it will be his 141st aleague appearance for us - a club record. Curtis Good is not far behind, but still a phenomenal effort given 100 game players have never been that common for us. Great to know he's hanging around too. Biggest congrats to the man and his family.
  2. Would love to get the commentary from the ref how the Burgess tackle was a yellow in the first place 🤔 First half felt cagey. Hopefully the goal and man difference opens up the second half
  3. yeah, annoying since encroachment is so rarely called on penalties. my take is that generally encroachment very rarely has an impact since the vast majority of penalties are scored by the taker (either straight up or via rebound), put wide or saved (held by the keeper or turned around the post). hence, its rarely call since there's little to no impact on the result - Talbot on the other had had a very clear impact on what happened on where the ball ended up. so while its frustrating with the Talbot situation that its so rarely seen, i do also think we have to focus on what we can control; not lunging into poor tackles (Nuno Reis) or waiting until the shots taken (Talbot).
  4. complete agreement with you; the VAR on Friday night was evenly applied to both teams. we have no real leg to stand on complaining about any VAR decision outside of the VAR being trigger happy to review every little thing. and that's where your first point is bang on. the VAR is there for the absolutely clear and obvious error. while the right result came through on the Leckie goal, i do wonder how there could have been a clear and obvious error. both offside goals and the penalty retakes were clear as mud. unfortunately, the powers that be see this as an end in itself
  5. frustrated by the result but feel very fortunate that they had two goals chalked off by VAR. feel a little sorry for Talbot, but that VAR decision is 100% correct. one take away i had from last night is that a number of smurfs looked cooked at the 75-80 min mark. for me that puts us in good stead for Friday, particularly if we are back at full strength. fingers crossed it's nothing serious with O'Neil. with him back in (in place of VDV who i thought was really poor last night) and Lam for Nuno, i honestly believe we will give them a pasting.
  6. Great free kick from Berisha, lovely touch by Leckie. And VAR go eat a big bag of dicks. Right decision
  7. Given the bs with GF I'm not surprised Worrying about O'Neill, but we have great depth
  8. agreed would love to see youth coming through to. that said looks like we've lost O'Neill and Bereguer won't be around much longer. i could see Brillante (who's 30) doing a Rostyn Griffiths too - playing til his mid 30s as either a holding midfielder or as a centre back. Griffiths was largely undervalued for what he could do in that role.
  9. Brillante won two League titles and two GFs with Sydney. with us, Brillante won the brides maid treble. certainly not a shite player - more so he's in a shite team. Ikonimedis is not horrible either, he's won a league title with Perth and Australia cup with the tards. he's played 17 times for the Socceroos. again shite teams make any player look bad. and likewise, would take Brillante back at the right price.
  10. On a side topic, did anyone hear much previously about the All Stars vs Bayern Munich game prior to Bayern pulling out? The only thing I can find prior to the articles this week is speculation from late Feb. Another shit show by the APL all the same
  11. agreed. it's not like they dont know when we are playing, etc.
  12. let me be very clear and as per my previous post, I completely agree about the fans being dudded - I was never arguing otherwise. I am very extremely gutted about the GF being in Sydney. frankly, I see any home game as a lose lose. for which i understand that you speak about standing for "a" principle but which one are we talking about; (a) supporting your team through out the season (even though there are bad apples attached) / not throwing the baby out with the bathtub, or (b) saying fuck you to the club over it and burning the membership for the actions of one whose involved with the APL? i have complete respect for those who won't attend because of the GF decision out of principle. for me, no qualms over non attendance. of course, i would also expect that same principle would extend to the home and away games too. being upfront i have still attended the normal home and away games - through the principle and desire to support the players and staff (who as you say would have known little of the GF) and not because i agree out of what's happened out with the GF. as such, how can someone justify going week in week out during the season and then not support a home final? maybe i'm in the minority here, i just dont think someone should go during the season and not a home final due to the whole GF situation. its one or the other.
  13. given the smurfs won last night, by God i hope we pump these bogans by a tonne. the smurfs are all but guaranteed to finish 5th, which means a WSW loss this week (particularly if by a large margin) would see the WSW host the smurfs round one of the finals. ideally there would be no Sydney derby during finals, but at least means that a first week square off means the derby can't be during the GF (Townsends wet dream).
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