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  1. i had the same problem, had to book bay 14 since 16 wasnt available, 15 was virtually full and my 6 yo nephew is coming to his second game this season (my sister in law would de-own me and my brother if we took my nephew into the heart of active). i thought the only important question was what time is the march?
  2. 4-1 on tv ....... fuck u dogs
  3. fucking Lachlie Wales .....
  4. geelong just scored, fucking bring it !!!!
  5. just got home and can't wipe the smile off the face !!!! thought we had more than enough chances to have buried them earlier, but it didnt matter if it was 2-1 or 6-0. a win is a win. back to back plates baby 😍
  6. well that is a great result for us. still disappointing if we dont take the league tomorrow. considering everything, frustrating we've dropped points at certain points
  7. WU up 1-0 after 10. Adelaide back level after 14 at 1-1. should WU get up, if we don't win tomorrow then that's a 3rd place finish. given where we stood before the Glory game, a 3rd place finish would be bitterly disappointing. dont know if i have ever cheered so hard for Adelaide Toper Stanley injured too - looks like a hammy.
  8. we've picked up 22 points from 12 games (6 wins fwiw) they have 13 points from 12 away games (4 wins). take that how you like
  9. given our goal difference, either a win or 2 draws gets us the plate. that said, it'd be so good to celebrate the lifting of the trophy pregame Monday. so fucking fire up cunts. oh and no Bruno for them ....
  10. given we are ahead on points, goal difference and play later tonight i just dont think it is as valuable as maybe 2 or 3 weeks ago.
  11. wasnt meaning (and dont want) to. is it just me or does any else not care if Newcastle win or draw - they just need to get a result?
  12. 1-1 thanks to a goal from Elsey. not over yet find it interesting that there are Ukrainian flags on the corner posts.
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