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  1. in a nut shell, the injuries, player & coaching changes et al have lead to a very inconsistent and incohesive line up week in week out. give current line up (particularly with Arslan to come back) an uninterrupted two months together and we would have a solid grounding and style between the group
  2. thought the Lam departure was later, happy to be wrong here. in terms of the other two, my point is that having young players come through takes time to get them into shape consistency wise. take a look at Talbot; he's has essentially been the player to replace Atkinson. blokes played over 40 aleague games for us (which doesnt even include cup or champions league games) and yet the guy is so inconsistent. throw in the fact young players come cheap when they sign, you cant just throw money at the situation when Bos or Atkinson leave since their low wage helps offset the bigger wages we spend elsewhere in a salary cap and frankly, Talbot is by far the best young defender we have seen come through recently outside of Atkinson and Bos. in a way, i kinda see a perfect storm again, not trying to give a free pass to the recruitment team or players; just dont think we can put this down to one simple solution.
  3. starting with the keeping spot, others have covered it well. Young has always been signed as a short term option where there was probably not much better on offer (particularly from a domestic signing perspective). on top of that we lost Bos (21) and Lam (30) last season and Atkinson (24) in December 2021. replacing quality (particularly youngsters in the form of Bos and Atkinson) from the youth academy is never easy. even signing them from another team's youth academy is no guarantee either - just look at Talbot (22). he is so inconsistent. plus the likes of Bos and Atkinson would have been cheap from a salary cap perspective, so it's not like our club can just throw money at it. Lam is a rather frustrating one for me since he left so late into the post season. no issues with his reasons for leaving, just the timing. our club has tended to find some absolute gems (ie Arslan, Sahki) when they have the chance to do their due diligence. finding a like for like player with such a short turn around for ACL duties (where we had to sign within the registration deadline) was always going to be risky - hence the signing of Souprayen. i'm not trying to justify how poor we've been; rather there's probably been a few mitigating events.
  4. had a 7.30 booking for dinner last night so got to watch that lovely first half before going; stellar stellar choice for sure fuck me our midfield is shit. while it doesnt help to have your best player out suspended and have had our next best leave mid season for personal reasons, any good team can cover. they have depth. we dont. any individual defending Lopane can join Lopane and get the fuck out. guy is fucking shit. for all the shit Lachie Wales coped, this guy is 10 times worse. why the fuck was he signed? their second was essentially walked into the goal. FMD - how can the players be this apathetic?? two goals from outside the box doesnt help (sometimes opponents just lucky with a well taken shot) but still, where is the pressure?? season is well and truly over. i just hope we can get / keep a fully fit and firing front third for the rest of the season. will be great to see us finally play with some intent, some way of putting our opponents under constant pressure week in week out.
  5. agreed. can see a number of factors at play, including something like an out of the blue cancer diagnosis. and in a number of situations, a mutual termination works out the best. Sahki gets to move closer to home and be with his family, we get to sign a replacement more easily given the transfer window. as sad as it all is, just wish him the best. i doubt he has done this with any malice what so ever. why would he sign otherwise only to get a small (if any at all) payout two weeks later?
  6. agreed. our wide attacking players are not what they were last few years (hard to plan for when the three we started the season with in Leckie, Nabbout and Jakolis have been injury prone), while our midfield three hasnt settled. plus the loss of Lam and Van Der Venne when they did leave meant the club was scrambling to replace them.
  7. the difference for me between good managers and great managers is their ability to get the best out of their players irrespective of style. good managers tend to be stubborn and struggle to change things up - even when it's in the best interest of the squad. the other thing to remember is that one of our great advantages in the aleague is our scouting network. that includes our ability to bring the best young Aussie talent through as our youth academy should be a massive draw card for all young Aussie hopefuls. so while players may have bad games or poor stretches of form, the manager needs to be able to work with the players they are given. of course, the club shoudlnt just blindly sign players without thinking of the strengths, weaknesses and philosophy of it's coaching staff either. it'd be like asking a classically trained violinist to choreograph a 3 min dance performance for a rap video clip.
  8. remember, that was after Foxtel lost the rights to the EPL. I'm sure that Rupert was happy investing locally as they were getting oodles of eyeballs for the EPL and it added nicely to its portfolio.
  9. Always thought the league benefited from Foxtel the most when our broadcast was coupled with the EPL. Unfortunately the current administration are more interested in making a short buck than solid long term business decisions The sooner we join Optus the better
  10. wouldnt be surprised if he simply wanted to try a new challenge. same here; one's one hell of a signing. my understanding is that he's on a two year deal. hope that we sign him him longer soon.
  11. my understanding is that the APL does. the Glory had been set to be sold mid November but the purchasing party failed to meet presale conditions. could be wrong though
  12. Stefan Colakovski just scored a peach of an individual goal for Perth against the Mariners. Such a shame he got frozen out / limited opportunity with us. I'm sure he'd be in for a good shout this season if we'd kept him
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