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  1. He's been immense for the past 9-12 months!! Probably one of the best wingers we've had at the club and a consistently good socceroo!
  2. How much more success do you expect another coach to bring? It seems you have a real personal issue with PK and despite the success we have had you still will never be pleased
  3. Good move and he has copped plenty of flak considering the success we've had under him. Some people are just hard to please...
  4. And that is exactly where we currently find ourselves. Outright top. Also all the visas have basically directly contributed to a goal or a goal assist so far...
  5. Well deserved bump... He may not have the glitzy stats eg. Goals/Assists... However he has had a really good start to the season so far and has been highly rated on the forum. Do people think the refs have been taking notice? Is he likely to be in current contention for the Johnny Warren at this point in time?
  6. Yeah after today you are right. He's involved in nearly all their scoring opportunities...
  7. I feel like they won't get too far with their inability to score. Surely they can't pull off a Western United type fluke season... Mariners a dark horse for me
  8. Nah we should be 6-0 #sackpaddy
  9. Should/could/would. We got a crucial away win. Be happy!
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