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  1. Yeah we've certainly been a bit underwhelming so far in the signings department. I would like to think we have some more on the way which will hopefully add something to the squad. Typical City fashion keeping wraps on negotiations etc...
  2. Ok so you have been watching their games this season? Good point about their squad practically being at Bundesliga 1 level. The march to the stadium sounds rather entertaining 🤣
  3. Yeah it's not exactly instilling much confidence and nor can you make much of an impact with less than 10 minutes. I believe in 4 games so far he has been subbed on twice for a total of 18 minutes... Not exactly lighting the world on fire but probably better than sitting on the bench and getting 0 minutes
  4. You raise some good points there, particularly when you consider the squad of St Pauli. According to Wikipedia they have a squad of 34 players and 9 of them are midfielders. Match day squad is typically 18-20 players. Guess he is about where we could expect him to be given the competition. Hopefully he can work more minutes from here...
  5. Yeah but he's lucky if he's coming on for 10mins. Do you consider that progress?
  6. Western United knocked out by Sydney United!! Quite the cupset especially considering Sydney hasn't gone past the round of 16 before...
  7. Think they lost their job a couple years ago.
  8. Absolutely sick of that homeless mob!! If they were to beat us and win the cup I will lose my shit
  9. The winner of the Aus cups qualifies for the group stage of the AFC Cup and not the ACL... You would have to win the AFC Cup to then qualify for the following ACL or win the league to qualify for ACL group stage
  10. Surely we can have them not participate in the "Australia Cup" given they are obviously not Australian. Playing in the league should suffice for now...
  11. Yeah on current showing there is certainly plenty to improve on. I am still optimistic although currently not feeling hugely confident at the moment.
  12. Looked like a fairly scrappy match last night. We didn't look overly impressive and I will take a scrappy 1-0 win into the round of 16. Really need to start seeing the new recruits feature in the next round! Cmon Cciiittttyyyyyyy!
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