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  1. If that's true it is rather disappointing. I guess if he does line-up for another A-League club his best is likely behind him now...
  2. I didn't realise how sparse our "home end" was until I watched the highlights...😔
  3. What is this dogs breakfast?
  4. If we were to completely fk this season and miss finals that would be the first time since becoming "City" Not looking forward to the next 3 weeks...
  5. Currently on a 7 game cold patch since he last scored. Just the one assist is all he has contributed over this span. As you have mentioned he's certainly not inspiring the team with his lack of on field contribution... This whole season has just been a recipe for disaster!
  6. Antonis should be starting from now on! He's got great vision and his passing ability is perhaps one of the best in the team. Talbot is such an uninspiring RB who either is afraid to make a forward pass/too conservative with his passing or doesn't have the football smarts in knowing what to do going forward as a defender. Chilean bloke looks very mediocre from last night's game. He turned over the ball on at least 2 occasions just from poor passing. Huge downgrade on Aziz at present. Jmac hasn't scored since before Christmas. To say he's in poor form would he a massive understatement and how he hasn't been benched because of it is a real head scratcher...
  7. Probably at least more intensity, however we could hardly string 3 passes together and really didn't create many goal scoring opportunities. Very frustrating game!!
  8. Fuck Talbot and Souprayen give me the shits. They just won't even make any attempt to pass the ball forwards. Flogs
  9. This league really is a circus! Still a long way off from really earning the "professional" tag..
  10. And then you woke up and realised it was all a dream.. 😴
  11. If we get pumped by victory this comment may be correct. Let's see if we can show something against the visitors before we throw in the towel...
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