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  1. What a signing he would have been though, if it did happen I feel major salary cap questions would be asked
  2. Exactly this, Also Curtis Good has not been playing due to taking a while to recover from Covid
  3. If the club is sticking with the tradition of signing free agents then I reckon its Yuki Kobayashi https://www.transfermarkt.com/yuki-kobayashi/profil/spieler/145996 Most notable club being Heerenveen in the Netherlands
  4. Hopefully it is no one of that list, cause none of them look great tbh, hopefully either a loan or we have paid a transfer fee
  5. Tilio was not great at all this game, Metcalfe will be missed though. Preferred line up would be : Glover Jenkinson, Nuno Reis, Griffiths, Jamo O'Neill, Berenguer, Pucciarelli? Nabbout, Cola, Bos If Good was fit then I would say play Griffiths in defensive midfield, O'Neill in the 8 role Berenguer in the advanced 8 role and then Pucciarelli as a false 9
  6. I am guessing Bos, Hall, Jenkinson, Galloway? or maybe Galloway, Hall, Stokes, Jenkinson?
  7. The rule in the ACl now is you can register as many visa players as you want but only 3+1 will be on the pitch, realistically we would have Pucci, Nuno and Jenkinson on the pitch. I cant see us signing another first team player purely due to cap space
  8. There is a good chance it will be a wage split, I reckon he will play at right back tbh but then can be used as a defensive midfielder or centre back if we are really slim on numbers in those particular areas
  9. I reckon he was due in for a start against adelaide or mariners but I assume he had covid and thats why he did not play, hopefully we see him soon because he could be class
  10. I really hope Good is back by the next game, whenever that is
  11. Am I not meant to speculate about transfers I want the club to make in the "Transfer Talk, Rumours and Speculation" thread? Am I missing something here? 😂
  12. I reckon we bring in a right back tbh, we still have a +1 spot for the ACL and the full back positions need depth with the way we play
  13. AFC Champions League draw will be on the 17th of January at 5pm AEST for all interested... which I hope is everyone 😂
  14. The A-league transfer window officially opened today so hopefully we see some new signings to freshen up the squad fairly soon!
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