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  1. he is not coming here it was a fake rumour
  2. I am pretty sure that originated from a fake "in the know" account on twitter
  3. I reckon Des is the favourite if not him then Sergio Lobera who was at Mumbai when they won the double and is now at the Chinese CFG club so that could be an option
  4. Could we get a new thread to do with new manager talk? we can talk about personal picks and just all rumours which come out about it?
  5. Rado Vidosic men's record wasn't great for the 11 games he managed Brisbane roar but after that he has had success with the city women's team with 1 premiership and 2 Grand Final wins, obviously the key word is "Interim" the rumour going around is Des Buckingham will take over either this season or at the start of next season
  6. He has not won a thing yet under Mumbai, PK at least came in with trophies from the youth and womens sides
  7. I don't think we should go for Des, he is not ready yet imo, Papas would be good, otherwise we should look overseas
  8. O'Neill is a natural DM so he will probably go back into that position with VDV and Berisha as the 2 8s Also on Lam, he looks extremely calm and composed which is very nice to have at the back, with him being 28 I definitely think he will be the starting right centre back for the next 3 years if all goes well
  9. maybe next season, but that's only if Leckie or Maclaren leave which I cant see happening
  10. He also just returned from a small knock so maybe just giving him 1 more week
  11. I believe you can still go to the active events its just run by them yea its a little crap that we did not get that extra reward for the premiers plate but hopefully it pushes us further to get top 2
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