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  1. Ngbakoto has not been very good for Wanderers, Layouni would be a class signing as could be argued as an upgrade
  2. Rado said that we are close to selling a couple of young players
  3. I can't remember the exact source but I believe it was a New Zealand Paper who said it first
  4. Age is irrelevant when it comes to GK imo, Ugarkovic won't be as good as O'Neill but it would be hard to find a replacement as good as him with the salary cap.
  5. Apparently O'Neill will go to Troyes even with them being relegation bound. We likely are losing Tilio as well, he has said he wants to go to europe next season
  6. Would likely be sent out on loan I reckon
  7. Under Rado our defensive structure is awful, its great to have this free flowing style of football which gives the players freedom but not when it causes a leaky defence, reminds me of the JVS days
  8. The drop off started before Leckie and VDV got injured, even without them we still have a Nabbout, Maclaren, Tilio frontline which is still probably the best in the league on paper.
  9. Rado record is W-7 D-5 L-3, that is not good enough imo
  10. https://keepup.com.au/news/a-league-news-afc-champions-league-cup-spots-explained-who-plays-in-asia/
  11. I don't believe we have any free slots atm
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