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  1. https://kick360.com.au/richard-van-der-venne-who-is-melbourne-citys-new-playmaker/ Good article I found all about VDV and his stats compared to Metcalfe's
  2. We will have 2-3 visa slots free next season (Depending on Pucciarelli staying or not) and realistically we are only going to use one Starting XI position on a visa which would be metcalfe's replacement, so the other 1-2 I dont mind, we dont even have a backup 9 atm
  3. https://www.transfermarkt.com/ryan-edmondson/profil/spieler/559806 Could be a stretch but this player just recently started following Melbourne City on Instagram 6'2 21 Year Old England Youth International, if the player is signing no idea if its a loan from leeds or a permanent deal but could be a handy backup to Maclaren
  4. Sutton only on a 1 year deal so him being a third choice is not out of the question, glover could also be leaving but not sure where he would go tbh
  5. Raphael is till the end of 22/23 season https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/city-re-sign-young-gun-raphael-borges-rodrigues
  6. any idea when or just expect sometime in the next couple weeks?
  7. we are a club who constantly want to be competing and winning trophies and we will only start an academy player if we believe they are ready (metcalfe as an example) I don't see any box to box midfielders who are ready for starting XI yet
  8. Luongo had a few injury issues but was really good this season for Wednesday, only con is his injury history tbh but the same questions were asked about Curtis Good and the only time he has been out since he returned was with covid, 29 aswell so he would be the perfect age
  9. Apparently a representative of an EPL club was at the grand final to watch Tilio I am not a huge fan of using a visa spot on a goalkeeper when someone like Paul Izzo will be available as a free agent, Even though he still has a year left on his contract I can assume we will be seeing a "Melbourne City and Manuel Pucciarelli agree on mutual termination" article in the next month, I also think the club should go for out of contract Massimo Luongo as a Metcalfe replacement.
  10. yea rumour has it Cola is off to Perth, might pave way for Max Caputo to come into the side
  11. cmon guys PK has won us 2 premierships and 1 GF in 2 seasons, yes the ACL did not go as planned but we have only ever had 1 ACL campaign if we consistently struggle in the ACL and even the league is when questions should be asked. Next season we hopefully will be bringing in a new goalkeeper and a metcalfe replacement and as long as we are getting trophies i am happy
  12. I have seen on Twitter that we are interested in James Delianov of Adelaide United next season as a Glover replacement, he was in our academy and was pretty decent for Adelaide before he got injured, only 22 as well
  13. I believe Sail has an aussie passport so I dont think he would count as a visa + his contract isn't up till 2023, Piscopo is someone I would love city to sign as he is a free agent in a couple months but where would he fit in the side?
  14. who else were we meant to bring on though? People asking why endoh or pucci were not brought on and the reason was they cannot play the role metcalfe or gomulka play and valadon was the best suited option. Pucci 100% was a waste of money by the club but endoh has been brought in purely to have more depth going into the ACL.
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