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  1. It is what replaced the ALM grand final Sydney decision, this will be the last year of it unless they announce they want to continue it.
  2. https://x.com/scout_aussie/status/1810464593254429042 Well this off season sucks.
  3. Lets be real here, Vidmar had the job the day he was made interim.
  4. Youngsters who I think will get gametime next season are Caputo (I think he might be the staring No 9) , Mazzeo, Politidis, Trewin, Lopane, Schreiber and Necovski. I think we have to remember last season was a transitional season after we lost the likes of Glover, Bos, O'Neill, Tilio (for a bit) I have noticed both city fans and non city fans seem to be saying that city never give opportunity to youth which is BS, we had a strange season and I expect things to get back to normal.
  5. from what i have gathered the club want to bring the age range down again to what is was when we were winning trophies consistently
  6. Got 2 months until the Australia Cup RO32 and another 4 months until the ALM, plenty of time for the club to recruit.
  7. I don't mind this, clearly Beach and Niuewenhuizen aren't ready and there the other options available aren't better than Young, keeps the squad together as well.
  8. https://x.com/ForeverMelbCity/status/1798530521150185908
  9. I mean I don't really mind personally, if you need a backup defender and there is no Australian options available and no one in the academy who is ready yet, what choice does a team have? Personally would prefer an experienced defender like Nuno who can come on and close a game off or if Souprayen or Trewin pick up a knock.
  10. Yep assuming all 3 are staying and will get at least 1 year extensions each.
  11. Heard that Cola is going overseas, Mazzeo did his knee I believe playing for the NPL and had surgery a few months back so probably won't be able to train for a while. Think the winger options will be Leckie (although I think we will see him in midfield more), Nabbout, Mazzeo and probably one more, both Natel & Boyle have been rumored. Interesting to note the club have not done a departure post for Tilio so maybe the club is in negotiations to extend his loan?
  12. Tbh i don't know about that, I think a lot of people think CFG are more hands on than they actually are. Petrillo seems to be very influential with how the club is run and seems like CFG have a lot of trust in him. Apparently all incomings need to be approved by Brian Marwood but apart from that the club have free reign.
  13. i would have liked that too, if we brought in a manager with a proven track record I would have more patience with them but if Vidmar doesn't start firing right away 99% of the fanbase will be asking him to resign.
  14. Petrillo said he wanted "Stability" 🙄
  15. not at all I am just stating the facts that the ACL (before next season) has never been a competition to enter for prize money and just makes clubs loose more money than they already do in the ALM, unless they make the semi final which is a hard task. Luckily next season with the increased prize money clubs should start making a profit playing in the competition and it will become an alternative to player sales.
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