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  2. Pierias back at RB would be good imho and would start before Talbot, both him and Politidis would have us back playing like we were with them providing the width on the wings, but maybe he wants to be a winger? Either Natel is very cheap wage wise, or it's just his agent spinning a yarn to gain interest.
  3. Let's just see what happens first. It is still my opinion that the problem lies deeper in the club than Vidmar.
  4. If we get bunted in the first round Vidmar out...😳
  5. I'm feeling depressed already...
  6. Yesterday
  7. I've never been more indifferent to a game of football in my life.
  8. Winner of Brisbane or Perth in RO32 how exciting
  9. True but Pierias is now 24 so needs to be playing full time. I don't think he'll accept a bench role here. My thoughts are he'll either go back to WU who've lost Risdon so could fill a role at FB there or be picked up by someone likeNewcastle where he'd pretty much be a guaranteed starter. He was pretty much coaxed to WSW from WU due to Rudan who was coach at WU and gave him the most minutes so with Rudan leaving I'd say that's the catalyst in him walking from WSW
  10. Last week
  11. When Pierias left you have to remember he had only been seen as a RB and we had Nat Atkinson in front of him. I'm very comfortable with the choice to give Atkinson starting minutes over Pierias. Young kids are impatient and want games now, unfortunately we can't appease them all, especially when we had another academy prospect who frankly just better in his position.
  12. Still interested in Natel as asking his team to release him from his contract which expires in December but other clubs looking https://x.com/ForeverMelbCity/status/1803201964425224623?t=-qiQHvQ0bYPSIMf8wTnNTg&s=19
  13. Then you look at it from Pierias' perspective. Why would you sign for Melbourne City and end up like Jordan Hall and Scott Galloway with a coach who seems reluctant to make even meaningful substitutions let alone team selections, and spend most of your time watching from the bench? Young footballers need to play to further their careers. I'm no doubt dumb but I can understand players leaving City because they are just fed up. Caputo had to struggle to get minutes even though JMac was out of sorts match after match. We steal Beach from Central Coast then sign Young for another season. We give Leckie and Nabbout two more seasons plus a one-year extension option when they couldn't get on the pitch and barely scored a goal between them last season.
  14. Yes decent player, think more upside with Mazzeo and Suleimani who btw has 4 goals in the last 3 NPL matches. But yeah versatile enough to use as both a winger and FB. Also pretty durable not like say Leckie who is probably not a shoe in to play the full number of games again
  15. Yes, unfortunate to be let go. Still think he's a decent player.
  16. Pierias been released by WSW, this is one I would absolutely take back. Still only 24 and has pace, if he is willing to do it perfect off the bench winger for 20-25 minutes with the option of RB if needed
  17. Right on. First place he checks is the hospitals...
  18. Ramos is off contract from Sevilla. Petrillo loves an old, injury prone visa CB.
  19. We have three visas available so I would get one in every line. So one CF or wing, one midfielder probs a good DM and final one a mid-late 20s CB. But depends on what Aussies available
  20. Well, I don't know. What were our two glaring weaknesses over the season? Inability to turn high possession rates and chances galore into goals, and sagging in the last few minutes? We threw the season away by ourselves in every competition.
  21. I'd be pretty shocked if we went after another Visa CB, unless they aren't planning on playing Trewin at CB...
  22. Agree. And we have only 2 visa players... I can't help it but IMO the squad and supporters need a lift.
  23. And one maybe two CBs since Reis, Good and Hall have gone leaves only Souprayen and Trewin and a very young Necovski.
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