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  2. St Pauli is playing a 4-3-1-2 system so basically with 4 midfielders so that will help Metcalf get a game. Trouble is he has three strong players in front of him in the pecking order including Irvine who has two goals already in 4 games and a young midfielder who has already got 3 goals. Btw Irvine played with the captain's armband last week after the captain who plays LB didn't play so sort of confirms St Pauli has a soft spot for Australians. I'm sure Metcalf will get more game time as the season progresses especially if they have an injury in midfield
  3. But please, someone exciting, whoever it is. Someone who's fit and will get on the pitch from Day 1.
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  5. Can't say I'm full of optimism. We're seriously undermanned and under recruited. On previous form VdV won't appear or at best will play a meaningless cameo off the bench. We'll look slow, disjointed and predictable. And we'll get knocked out of the cup.
  6. Yes that’s what I mean, we have slots available but I’m worried that we might have spend too much on the current squad already. Designated players are restricted to upper limits as well and CFG has strict budget for our marquee spending, hence we use it as an accounting exercise rather than a getting proper marquee players. I’m expecting that either Leckie or VDV will be a designated player. Leckie might have been on a back pay deal.
  7. would not call VDV a Eredivisie reject, he was really good the past 2 seasons in holland and the fans of his club were upset that he left Got to remember the new designated player rule which was brought in, we currently have both slots free and will use them both on most likely a defender and a midfielder
  8. It’s not like you can flick a switch with existing player contracts in place but I’m more concerned with head in the sand approach. The league will be stronger again this season. We have a coach who’s breaks down rather than build, the club should not live in past when the lot was won in a weaker competition. Last season disjointed ending and the two matches against amateur teams show that there is serious work to be done.
  9. And we are probably about to do the same...
  10. I remain sceptic on many quality additions despite having squad spots available. I fear that we might have committed a fair bit of the salary cap on resigning Berenguer, Reis and existing deals of our forward 3 and Curtis Good. Assuming that the money from Pucci has gone to VdV and the departure wages of Cola, Metcalf and Griffiths would not free up much space at all as these would have partly been outside the cap with youth and loyalty concessions.
  11. @Tommykins You should have received an email from the club with a redemption code on 10th August.
  12. We always sign key players at the end of the pre-season, it takes them half the season to become match-fit and integrate into the team
  13. They had to rebuild of course after learning it the hard way.
  14. Yeah we've certainly been a bit underwhelming so far in the signings department. I would like to think we have some more on the way which will hopefully add something to the squad. Typical City fashion keeping wraps on negotiations etc...
  15. Sydney have made some really strong signings, while we've only signed a mid-table Eredivisie reject and a youth player.......
  16. There are some great Youtube videos of their stadium marches and of their active support. It's also the only stadium in Germany with a full-time kindergarten. It offers match-time child care and a supervised support area for minors, as well as a special stadium section for seniors. It's also inhabiting a parallel universe where they removed somer corporate viewing to increase the size of their disabled viewing area.
  17. Ok so you have been watching their games this season? Good point about their squad practically being at Bundesliga 1 level. The march to the stadium sounds rather entertaining 🤣
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