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  2. Thanks. But FMD Rado's easily satisfied when everyone else who watched thought it was dire. I hate this pre-season excuse.
  3. https://keepup.com.au/videos/id/press-conference-rado-vidosic/6337489898112/
  4. Seems these 2 teams are competing for who gets relegated first...hopeless teams at this stage of the season.
  5. He was in China, but has been in London for months now.
  6. Standard Liege vs. Westerlo 0-0. O'Neill on the bench for Standard, no minutes. Bos 81 minutes and a yellow, taken off after 81.
  7. @Tommykins Do you know whether he was actually in China? It's bloody difficult to get money into and out of China.
  8. Entirely don't know, but I imagine Munn has a very good working knowledge of the CFG model and some of the things it's done very well and was seen as a rising star of the group, so I imagine it was just a matter of making sure every t was crossed and every i was dotted on the way out so both parties were satisfied.
  9. Do you know what the problem getting out of CFG was?
  10. Chief Football Officer - I would be very surprised if Munn was not a massive advocate for Ange in the process, but it's hard to tell if he would have had any capacity to work on that role (though reading between the lines, Munn had an absolutely torrid time trying to get out of the CFG, I imagine they really wanted to keep him and saw him as hugely valuable, quite different to how he was seen by a lot of people on this forum!) https://theathletic.com/4884888/2023/09/21/scott-munn-tottenham-football-officer/
  11. Could never understand why they signed him in the first place. He'll end up with a career like Bouzanis, who is back with Sutton United.
  12. Interesting that Munn is there as well. Forget what position, but senior.
  13. Interesting comment from Daniel Lévy on why he appointed Ange Postecoglou at Spurs "who understood our DNA, would play attacking football, that would give young players a chance, believe in the academy, would build a relationship with the fans and understand the resources that we have and don’t have as a club and be part of a team." Sounds exactly what we want from our coach, club and players
  14. Middlesbrough are last and Glover does not appear to be getting any minutes.
  15. Yesterday
  16. Full match, a goal and an assist for Conor Metcalfe for St. Pauli on 17th September in the 2 Bundesliga.
  17. Tell me folks, do we get any post-match interviews with Rado after ACL and FFA Cup matches? I haven't seen one, or did I miss something?
  18. I decided to give it one more go and have bought my ticket. Being eligible for concession it's only $15. Unless you're fussy about precisely where you sit, having used your membership number to log-on it's cheaper to get a seat in "General Reserved" than it is in City Blue, and you can move from the seat that Ticketek offers you to any of the four "General Reserved" bays, and also buy other tickets (concession/adult/junior) as a bloc at the same time if you want to. Very few seats have been sold when I bought mine yesterday evening, so you can get a decent seat.
  19. I know I'm just an old man shouting at the clouds, but I think, and always will, that we should play in our Foundation colours. The only concession I would make, under protest, would be to replace the white with City blue, pretty much like Crystal Palace wore last season but of course lighter blue. Changing the colours and/or design every season is just ripping money off supporters, and I'm surprised people fall for it. Back under my rock now.
  20. So I've been doing a bit of a deep dive on our leaked ALM kits this season and it's only now that I left the son with his grandparents that I can actually sit down and type something up. I think the general concensus is that they're...underwhelming. I'd love to know how these decisions are made; do Puma present the club with the shirt and that's it or do they give us some options? In my opinion, it's not hard to find vastly better options from within the Puma stable of clubs which makes me assume that the club gets basically no input. Home: There are six teams (that I can find) wearing a version of the template we have: Braga in Portugal, Heidenheim in Germany, Parma in Italy, Inverness in Scotland, Fleetwood Town in England and Apollon Limassol in Cyprus. As you can see in all of those kits, the printed design of diamonds/squares covers the entire length of the shirt and contrasts with the plain sleeves. In Fleetwood Town's kit the sleeves are even a different colour. Of those examples, all but Braga have a round neck. For me, the things in our design that ruin it are the fact that the sublimated white squares stop at around the armpits. This means there's no contrast with the sleeves which just makes it look a bit dull and uninteresting. The V neck doesn't do it for me either, seeing the round necks on the other kits makes me wonder why go with a V? Just because last season's kit had a round neck? So what should our kit look like? Probably Heidenheim's kit with two shades of blue (I know having a dark blue would be risky but it wouldn't be navy, just dark enough to contrast with city blue), city blue sleeves and a round, white neck. Away: There are three teams rocking the gradient sash template this season: Palermo in Italy, Al Hilal in Saudi Arabia and Ibiza in Spain. So ours is not much different to the template here, it's just in red while the rest are in blue. I think the Palermo one looks nice and goes well with their usual colour palette. The problem with ours is the light red just looks orange and the V neck looks out of place again. It just makes it all too angular for me... Options? Well what's wrong with a striped kit? Here are a few that I think would work: PSV (with red and white stripes obvs) Cracovia Sporting de Gijon Maritimo Lancaster City (red not blue) Rio Ave (red not green) Third: Well we haven't seen a third kit yet and this post has taken me an hour already so I'll make this quick. I'm over black/charcoal. Maybe you guys can have a trawl here and see what you'd like. https://www.footballkitarchive.com/puma-2023-24-kits/
  21. FWIW i dont even necessarily think we need to change our style of play per se, not in the entirety. But we need to have another string to our bow to throw in every five minutes or so, so that we're not so bloody predictable. Its way too easy to defend when you know what the opposition are going to do every single time.
  22. I understood that Galloway has been injured. I agree that the injuries to Leckie and Nabbout don't help, but I think it's much deeper than that. The club needs to change it's attitude and style of play as @bt50 says. It's not pre-season as far as I am concerned - we're playing ACL football. What the club should aspire to and what I pay my membership for for 13 seasons. People keep referring to Warren Joyce and "Joyce-ball;" what we see now is "Rado-ball." To see Good and whoever it was in our half passing the ball backwards and forwards (literally) to each other over about 5 yards, and five forwards standing like traffic cones further upfield in our first ACL match on home soil - unbelievable. This game is won by scoring goals, not possession, and spectators go to be entertained, not bored shitless. Yes I'm pissed off and so I think are a lot of others - not one of our 8 gang members have committed to Sunday's FFA Cup semi-final so far.
  23. Love to see either of them back at city or another a league club
  24. As always we don’t know what influence there is on the recruitment. Perhaps we have just recruited wrong (early impression). Some players appear too light / not ready. We haven’t addressed the aging backline and we keep ignoring that we aren’t up to ACL standards in the CF spots. Rado’s style is perhaps a little lazy with giving players more freedom and some players struggle with that. He’s also seems to have a personal issue with Galloway, I can figure out why he’s not getting any minutes. Injuries don’t help and Natel is an unknown.
  25. Last week
  26. Valon Berisha has left Reims and is without a club now. Thomas Lam is back at PEC Zwolle and playing in the Eredivisie. Richard van der Venne is with FC St. Gallen in the Swiss Super League and has been on the bench for all 6 matches, with a total of just 41 minutes on the field. I wonder whether they all left here because they were sick of Rado-ball?
  27. I think that's the way I'm leaning at the moment. Decent yogurt instead of the Woolworth's generic brand for a few more weeks. Perhaps the elephant-in-the-room question is "Have Rado-ball" and "Kisnorbo-sub" finally broken my sprit after 13 years?
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