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  2. And let's add for posterity how many games you think that should be?
  3. This post should be pinned for future hilarity. I completely disagree, the 3 of Nabbout Maclaren and Leckie just need a few more games. They are all high quality and will work out how to combine. I would be really worried if PK didn't start all 3.
  4. If PK puts out the same forward line he's a fool. Leckie and Maclaren just do not have the skills set required.
  5. Depends how big his pockets are, hope JMAC isn’t getting too comfortable in those CB pockets.
  6. Yesterday
  7. Their centre back is another man mountain with speed and nous. This will be a test for PK and his team.
  8. predicting 2-1 win. I am not saying there isn't room for improvement on the game against WU, but i feel the team will respond with a fast start and a much better performance all round. This is the game we need before the derby. I don't like that we have a long lay off before the game against the Tards (10 days) as our momentum will drop. Having said that though, Atkinson and pucciarelli and Griffo should be back to fitness. We do also need to get Leckie off the mark. hopefully once he gets a taste for scoring and running at players again he will add more to the game.
  9. We were mediocre last season with 2 wins then 4 losses in a row. Then things turned around. In terms of the crowd, just way too many things happening atm to get a decent crowd. But that is across the board not just us
  10. Predicting a 1-0 win in front of 4,000 people. Exactly 9 years to the day since the last time that happened. 😉
  11. I have a feeling we're going to get a paddlin'
  12. Atkinson replaces Galloway, Pucciarelli replaces Berenguer Thats our best 11, it's all available. Play it
  13. It's unlikely that Glory will strike twice in a row at AAMI.
  14. That's too blindingly obvious to happen. I reckon PK will start with the same line-up as before.
  15. Well, hopefully this goes better then Saturday. Can we please have Atkinson starting with the Italian and Frenchy plus Leckie to the bench? Thanks
  16. We have become predictable with not much tactical variation? That in combinatie with a lack of form of some players and just not scoring early. Regarding the subs, did you think PK responded to the game in front of home or just executed the planned subs?
  17. Last week
  18. After the weekend I'm moving towards a more concerned opinion. There is something off. Can't exactly pin point it but there is definitely something that just doesn't feel right. Having said that I it isn't panick stations either. I'm fairly satisfied with personal although Glover looked a little insure, but overall I feel all players are below the desired level. Structurally we seem fine although so far Leckie doesn't fit exactly how I envisaged. Across the middle I thinking thats maybe was root cause. Not that the 3 of Berenguer O'neill and Metcalfe have been poor but none have excelled and collectively they haven't dominated. I'm really keen to see our response on Wednesday both on the pitch and from the bench, its now we need to start seeing exactly what kind of team we will be this season. Not worried but a little concerned.
  19. Agree, but we were missing our number 10. Remember, last season Nabbout was the key player that balanced the team, our performances when he was absent early in the season were pretty ordinary. Let's see how we go when he's playing 90 minutes. I do think PK needs an experienced deputy and Buckingham is missed. Re,member, he won the W-League when Jess Fishlock was his assistant
  20. I'm still highly critical of JMAC and I will remain so if you vanish for multiple games in a row whilst being the highest paid player in the squad and possible the whole league. Last night we needed experience up front, players to can stay calm and carry the team. He was the opposite, he didn't even bother controlling balls anymore and turned to rushed shooting from random angles. Due to the underpar field/technical play combined with a consitent poor touch we almost play with 10 men when we are dominating possesion. There is a reason our system also works without a genuine number 9 - Manchester City is the perfect example in the last 2 seasons. When you have the ball as much as we do, every forward player including the 2 fronting midfielders need to be able to participate in a high level field and rotational play. I know people will say 'oh he played against a big defender'' or ''he didn't get the right service'' - but really those are excuses for a player of his pay grade and stature as he does goes get his chances every week. The reality at the moment is that our only JMAC weapon is hoping that he will walk against a cross or tap in??? He can be real danger on the counter but that is not our style and teams are going to sit deep and let us come, we don't seem to have an alternative strategy either. Now this is my own opinion and might sound harsh, give it to me and please debate! I know fans like him being from Melbourne and scoring goals when things go our way or when the opposition is not switched on in strategy. We have had plenty of games like last season but never 3 on the trot, I don't recall him being so poor in recent seasons.
  21. As it turns out, two key players departed last season - Adrian Luna and Craig Noone. I also think we're seeing the loss of the influence Des Buckingham had.
  22. Leckie ain't going on bench. The team looked unhappy and not confident coming out of tunnel. Obviously we are going through post winning depression. Title defending is much harder work.
  23. Just unlucky They had 2 chances, luckily, one involved a handball. Its telling though that both their chances ended up in the net
  24. I was just about to add the same comment. To that I'd add Lacroix going down in a one on one challenge with Macca in the first half as a tactical move, which the ref fell for, the 'serious injury' when barely touched in the box just before half time, which broke the momentum of our attacking at the time, and a couple of really dangerous tackles in the second half which went largely unpunished when a yellow at least was warranted. This to add to Diamanti's "antics" and numerous other poor decisions. We still didn't play well, but this didn't help.
  25. Although it is no excuse for our poor performance, the refereeing last night was attrocious. Worthy of noting are the two yellow cards from Diamanti dives, where there was zero contact.
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