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  2. There was an element of sarcasm and dry humour in my post. Even now I think our supporters would not be happy if Aloisi got a coaching gig at our club.
  3. I would not say no to a return of Mombaerts with Paddy as assistant coach.
  4. I get what you're saying, but thats not really the point. We are supposed to have the might of CFG behind us and we don't even have someone that can out think Aloisi
  5. Probably time to bump this old thread up the rankings a bit. Im not saying we should but discuss...
  6. They're setup too well defensively, i doubt Aloisi actually does any of the coaching tbh.
  7. Yes. We clearly erred in booting John from our coaching job at Heart/City. Think of all the extra premierships we could have won if we had retained him. 😁
  8. Outcoached by aloisi. Fuck me. Problematic is an understatement to say the least
  9. Also was our active support protesting tonight? They seemed unusually quiet
  10. I'm still trying to understand how you could play the one team 4 times in the one season and do the same thing every time for the same result. Surely, if PK said anything to his team all week and before the game, wouldn't it be: 'whatever you do, just don't concede early'. Staggering that game went the same way.
  11. Just got home from the game. WU deserved to win. Luck was on their side but that is minor. The team did not show any ticker in the first half. JA analysed the one game plan and he instructed his players well. To me Leckie appeared injured or otherwise he is physically spent. Metcalfe was ball watching/flat footed and did not contribute much. Service to the forwards was appalling. And who thought that bombing the ball to Jmac who is about 1.7m next to Lecroix who towered over him was going to work. No plan B. No imagination. And that is down to PK. I hope that he gets an offer to coach in Europe so that the contract can be terminated and then for CFG to bring in a better coach. BTW my MOTM was Nuno Reis.
  12. Agreed. Did I want to win, of course! Am I upset now, not at all - I’m completely fine with it as it tells the story of this team, no more paper over the cracks. I’ve been a lot more emotional during other games. Bring on next season without PK!
  13. Today
  14. No hysterics required. Outplayed and outcoached. Tonight all our team's and coach's shortcomings were brutally exposed. We were never in it. As easy as you like for WU who deserved to win.
  15. Jenkinson was a big part of the dysfunctional forward play. However in fairness. Galloway has been injured.
  16. he ain't all that, lacroix bitch, hopeless going up against him
  17. No, we have a coach who’s worse than JA. Just worked on Mombearts legacy, stuck to the process, couldn’t even recruit properly by himself. We’ve not beaten any top opposition this season. This is deserved and I can live with it. This team isn’t a cohesive unit and the dressing room has been gone for a while. At least they are using the salary cap as it should!
  18. 0/4 against park the bus fc at home, embarrassing amazing what impact a half decent gk can have on a shit squad
  19. happy for him to go, to have the Aussie front 3 and look so shit for the majority of the season is horrible Italian visa situation has been handled shockingly part blame on cfg but dropping galloway for jenkinson wasn't the right move
  20. Congratulations Western United! Thank you showing us that you can win by taking tactics, salary cap and recruitment serious! PK out.
  21. Seriously. Losing to a coach as useful as JA Ask yourself the question. Was Melbourne City just going through the motions throughout the whole game.
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