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  2. We're fucked mate I'm telling ya. Adelaide are going to run us down
  3. It's 2-3 now with 20+ minutes to go. I think we knew several matches ago that our wastefulness in front of goal could very well cost us, but the premiership is not over yet. If Adelaide win it, and further win the ACL place then they bloody well deserve it and we don't.
  4. Settle down mate. It's 1-1 and another half to play. Cmon Wanderers!
  5. Am I wrong or was this a home game and we should get in with our membership passes?
  6. Victory's post said Ticketek will provide information if you can't attend. That either means (A) Fuck you, (B) Fuck you or (C) Here are credits but fuck you.
  7. We have had this scheduling class happen before; it's so avoidable with only a moment's planning
  8. I just want a refund because I can't make it now
  9. We're members of the AFC and so we would have input to decisions that it makes. IMO aggregating the two seasons is a sound and fair decision. It's up to us now to 1) make sure that we do get the points necessary to qualify for the ACL and 2) whether it's the ACL or the Cup that we end up in to do a lot better than we did last time. If we do collapse on the run in and it's the Cup then we ought to win that. We've got to take AFC competitions seriously from now on.
  10. I'm surprised and disappointed that MV "fans" are allowed. What this means is that other than those individuals who have been identified (and we haven't heard much for a while on that now) the rest of them suffer nothing resulting from their misbehaviour in general.
  11. Yesterday
  12. This comment aged well given the antics at the Melb derby.
  13. Fiji should be the next expansion side as it has the population to support a side.
  14. Hi. The title says it all but the show will go on somewhere in about 56 days. Do you think we could/should host it? I reckon it would be well supported. Stig
  15. I can now see why the Sydney fans call Melbourne the "Tards" really is a city run by way too many mentally handicapped folks...
  16. Of course we get completely jibbed with this change of season for the ACL. We completely miss one whole season of Asian Champions League that we'll never get back! 🙄
  17. But it does this time look like a very fair decision - adding the two seasons together.
  18. All jokes aside, it just illustrates, once again, the parlous state of the administration of football in this country.
  19. All members can attend. Everyone with a ticket from the last match can attend and will be contacted. Even supporters of the filth can attend. There's more info just been published.
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