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  2. If that's true it is rather disappointing. I guess if he does line-up for another A-League club his best is likely behind him now...
  3. Going by transfermarkt he has been out on loan repeatedly never cementing a place anywhere.
  4. FTFY. Absolutely he's had plenty of time to implement a style of play. His appointment had all the signs of a panic appointment, when there was no need for it. Even if we had to fall back on Jamo as an interim coach while we looked for someone more experienced. Former captain should have been able to hold the squad together.
  5. He's the one who continue to play players like talbolt and ugarkovic. He's also been with the team long enough that he should've been able to implement some type of style with our play. We look way worse under him then we did with Rado The only thing he does is constantly call out the players in public even though he's the coach. The guy sucks and is not up to it. We should've gone for ufuk talay or someone else.
  6. I have it on pretty good authority that he's signed with Auckland fc next year on a big money deal. This is probably why he has been checked out for most of this season. R.i.p
  7. His parent club is actually CA Talleres in the Argentina Primera.
  8. Here https://www.teamform.com/en/league-ranking/world you will see that the Chilean Primera is rated lower than Ligue 2 in France but higher that the A-League. He ought to be competent at our level once he acclimatises.
  9. You could see in his first involvement hes not used to players running with such intensity. Different to any league hes played in. Will take him some time to adjust.
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  11. Hamza Sakhi has played the full 90 in Ajaccio's past three matches. One assist.
  12. With the current line up and injuries, it would take a very special coach. A half decent coach would have us where we are.
  13. Vidmar just clearly isn't up to it. A half decent coach would've had us firmly entrenched in the 6
  14. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.
  15. Well, I guess another question is "how long do you want?" It's coming up to the end of February and training started back in the latter half of July 2023. Of course there have indeed been disruptions but IMO they are the presenting problems; the deeper question is what are the underlying reasons or reason for something that isn't new this season, and indeed why all these player and coaching departures - it started before the Grand Final last season and was apparent in the very first competitive match of this season at Oakleigh.
  16. Roslyn Griffiths has finished up with Mumbai City. Not sure what he's going to do but would love to see him back in a coaching role
  17. Probably the worse kind of game to debut in tbh, Derby where the tempo was already quite high, should come better with more gametime.
  18. I agree, it's been a very difficult season with a stream of key player injuries, but we are functioning poorly in every position on the park, and the only time our bench even looks strong is when we have it stacked with players returning from injury who lack match fitness. I'm not sure that Aurelio understands our principles of play nor how to implement them and hasn't brought about an improvement in the cohesion of the playing group
  19. There are probably as many analyses of a match as there are spectators...but IMO what TalkingCity has published is less about analysis and reasons, but rather more about the image of the club and the impression that it is giving - the mood that seems to have pervaded the club since last season's Grand Final debacle.
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  21. Thought he was fine, don't think we have unearthed Alphonse Davies but also don't think we're back to having Iain Ramsay as LB. May as well play him now and see what level he is to see if he worth persisting with after the 6 months contract is up
  22. in a nut shell, the injuries, player & coaching changes et al have lead to a very inconsistent and incohesive line up week in week out. give current line up (particularly with Arslan to come back) an uninterrupted two months together and we would have a solid grounding and style between the group
  23. Our only hope is 8 defenders, Arslan and 2 attackers Long ball counter attack 30% possession Gk YOUNG Def TALBOT REIS GOOD SOUPRAY FERNANDEZ HALL POLITIDIS Mid ARSLAN Fwd LECKIE MacLAREN
  24. Thoughts on his debut? Obviously he’s underdone at present. My main take was he looked better going forward than defending. Looks like he’s a starter now with Galloway presumably out for a bit.
  25. I didn't realise how sparse our "home end" was until I watched the highlights...😔
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