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  1. Roslyn Griffiths has finished up with Mumbai City. Not sure what he's going to do but would love to see him back in a coaching role
  2. 3 Leckie 2 Good 1 Souprayen Back from camping trip. Looks like no votes from the PG and BR games. Can someone who watched these games put in some votes for these two games so I can award some placings
  3. I know of one Full Back who I suspect could do that. Ritchie De Laet. Still playing for Royal Antwerp at age 35 in Belgium. Unfortunately currently out with a muscle. He could also play CF if you wanted to. Would be great to see him back even on loan for half the season
  4. Ok last round three to Antonis with 7 votes, 2 to Young with 6 votes and Talbot gets the one with 3 votes. Aziz leaves us with 9 and currently running fourth in the standings. It was both Antonis and Talbot's first points for the year, and Jamie Young has now moved to fifth in the standings. I'm away camping in the Grampians for the next two weeks but I'll try and keep this up to date, might just be a little late in sending responses. Thanks again for all the voting
  5. Hearing that we'll be playing all out attack with four wingers. It will be a 2 2 5 1 formation. Young Hall Good Jeggo Antonis Tilio Jakolis Arslan Natel Leckie Maclaren 😁
  6. And there's some decent LB and RB free agents on Transfermarkt if you want a Visa which we have available with Sakhi going. Karacic also listed as a free agent. I'd take him
  7. Don't forget to get your votes in for last round
  8. Looks like Schreiber is back fit as included in squad. As has Durakovic and Shillington. Hall looks like he'll play again as Souprayen has a groin issue. Might be good to give some of these kids a run for a change.
  9. Possibly Karacic, he hasn't got a home but that's not a like for like.
  10. Currently votes are as follows: Arslan 19 Sakhi 11 Jakolis 10 Behich 9 Souprayen, Good 6 Maclaren, Young 5 Ugarkovic 4 Galloway, Nabbout 3 Natel, Reis 1 What I make of these results so far is that it's the Visa's (Jakolis isn't but sort of is as a foreigner) who've carried us, compared to last season there was more input from the Australian players such as your Bos, Leckie, Nabbout, Maclaren, and Good were better
  11. Ok seeing we have a game tomorrow I have finalised last rounds voting. Nabbout is the three with 10 votes, Arslan gets the two with 7 and Ugarkovic the one with 4 votes. Hamza Sakhi exits the club currently running second for the season after obtaining 11 votes which shows he has had a pretty consistent season.
  12. And what happens when Jakolis back, probably same time as Leckie. Jakolis has arguably been our best winger this season. I feel we're sort of have too many wingers and deficient in young good defenders and in good midfielders. It's just the wingers have been the injured
  13. Not many votes polled for Round 27 which sees the three to Good with nine votes, two to Young with 5 votes and the one to Sakhi with 4 votes
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