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  1. True but Pierias is now 24 so needs to be playing full time. I don't think he'll accept a bench role here. My thoughts are he'll either go back to WU who've lost Risdon so could fill a role at FB there or be picked up by someone likeNewcastle where he'd pretty much be a guaranteed starter. He was pretty much coaxed to WSW from WU due to Rudan who was coach at WU and gave him the most minutes so with Rudan leaving I'd say that's the catalyst in him walking from WSW
  2. Yes decent player, think more upside with Mazzeo and Suleimani who btw has 4 goals in the last 3 NPL matches. But yeah versatile enough to use as both a winger and FB. Also pretty durable not like say Leckie who is probably not a shoe in to play the full number of games again
  3. We have three visas available so I would get one in every line. So one CF or wing, one midfielder probs a good DM and final one a mid-late 20s CB. But depends on what Aussies available
  4. And one maybe two CBs since Reis, Good and Hall have gone leaves only Souprayen and Trewin and a very young Necovski.
  5. Forgot about Markel Susaeta too. Geez do these guys even scout
  6. Not to mention the two Pokemon Najjar and his upgrade Najjarine
  7. Had a read of this and that's really well presented and shows that there's a fair bit of transparency at Roar with Zac and Kaz now managing the club. Wish we had the same
  8. I note it says nothing about the number of members nor the tenure in the FRG. I would hope being democratic that the members of the FRG is periodically changed, ie tenure is for a fixed term and only allowed once and not allowed to repeat tenures
  9. Kearyn Bacchus also arrested and another two unamed at this stage. Ones meant to be 27 yo but there's a number of Macarthur players at that age including De Silva and Millar. Apparently to do with betting on Yellow cards being issued in matches.
  10. Yep it's Trewin. Good signing IMO
  11. I wonder if the long term plan with both Lecks and Nabbout is to groom them as coaches. I've never actually thought about both of them as coaches but when you think about it, they actually might fit the mould.
  12. That's why I said nothing to get excited about. It's not a list of who I'd want it's a list of availabilities. There's not much available at all really from Aussies available which you'd think is going to make us better side. I think it's getting younger Visas which will help us the most.
  13. Transfermarkt list of contract expiring Aussies goes for about five pages. So it's more about what we will need to fix up holes in our list. I think we should get a back up CF to Caputo in case he doesn't fire. Giannou, Blackwood, Petratos, or Cumming would be available if Maclaren going to Mohun. I think they'd all be reasonable capable or you run Lecks as the back up. A FB would be good. Smith, Davidson are available from os. Millar from Macarthur wouldn't be a bad bargain pick up. A CB or two would be good. Talk is we have signed Trewin. Delbridge again? Chapman? Ansell also available but he's spud like. Mids you have Nisbet, Brimmer, Caceres, Brattan, Piscopo, Ryan Williams, De Silva available. Nothing to really be excited about as you'd think most would re-sign. Wingers. Halloran is apparently on the outer at Adelaide. Ikonomidis, Mileusnic isn't terrible. Really depends who we keep and looks like we might be keeping a fair amount of our players for some stability this coming season
  14. Caputo, Lopane on the goal sheet in NPL2 yesterday
  15. Interestingly I was down in Fountain Gate on Sunday visiting the mother in law and saw a young Indian boy maybe 10 yo wearing a Melbourne City jersey whilst shopping with his family. They might actually be making some inroads into support in the south eastern suburbs. I play Churches Leagues and I know that Berwick Chuches has been doing a lot with City with the juniors especially
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