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  1. He's at that stage that if he goes overseas he needs to go to a club which will start him. I think that rules out top 4 leagues and probably the championship. I would think continental Europe instead of SPFL or English leagues, also think a bit too small for Germany. Probs best is Ligue 2, La liga 2 or Serie B side, or Portugal. He's still a bit lacking in the final ball which if he can correct then he'll be ready for a higher league
  2. Surprised they've included Jmac, Nabbout, and Flo considering carrying injuries according to Rado's last presser. Hopefully come good
  3. Canberra and Auckland make sense. Darwin makes no sense, not one team has proposed to enter the NSD, that alone suggests not enough interest. At least Tasmania has one entry in the NSD. Trouble with Tassie is they have pretty much two population centres one North the other South and it's a fair drive between both. I would be more inclined to see Adelaide with another team, they have their entries for the NSD, or try again with a second Qld team, five entries for NSD
  4. I get the vibes that our fan base if compared to AFL is more like the Melbourne, Geelong or Hawthorn fan base, a bit turn up to a game when it suits. We get a decent amount of support in the Finals. Whereas Victory is more Collingwood, Richmond, Carlton or Essendon a lot more turn up religiously, WU is Footscray lucky to have fans. I was at GA end last game and there was a lot of families from kids who were doing the half time walk for the Casey area clubs. That might be the start of a larger fan base in future.
  5. There was chanting? Didn't hear a thing on the Northern stand in GA. And couldn't see many people at the Southern stand. GA was pretty well attended but I think a lot of families there from the South Eastern clubs who did the walk at half-time.
  6. Yeah you'd think they'll give Maclaren a break. Options would be Raphael, Nabbout or VDV if his hamstring is better upfront or maybe Berisha.
  7. Bench was Berenguer who Rado said is still suffering the effects of his hamstring, Galloway, Reis who had a headknock from last week, Hall, Hogan who is a NPL forward but I don't think is a start up and Period who is a NPL midfielder. Flo and Scotty came on then Reis. Hall's a defender so there's only the two kids.
  8. Not as simple as that. Firstly, Berenguer stays he will be on the loyalty player in the salary cap meaning part of his salary is outside the cap as played over 4 years with us. Berisha is only on loan so may be called back or sold by Reims. Also we don't know if Berenguer is applying for citizenship. If he does he no longer is a Visa. As such there's good reasons to hang onto him for another year
  9. Curtis Good back, so will he partner Lam or Reis? Or will Reis go back to RB or will they give it back to Talbot? I'd prefer to see Talbot Lam Good Bos but I can see the attraction in letting Bos off the leash and Reis playing more defensive
  10. I would think St Pauli would be a decent fit. They've got two Australians in Metcalf and their captain Irvine. And a new manager who is obviously giving Metcalf a run so bullish on Australian players. Championship sides he could do worse than Hull City who have Elder playing for them a full back and also a new manager in Rosenior, who was also a Prem League full back in his day. They could take him under their wing.
  11. CFG management have made it clear in their comments that they're looking at internal appointments rather than external. It appears very likely that Super Dario is being groomed to take over after Rado finishes up. Whilst that sounds nepotistic it's more that they want to retain the same playing style and culture whilst a coach not within their system will want to bring in his own ideas
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