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  1. Thanks. But FMD Rado's easily satisfied when everyone else who watched thought it was dire. I hate this pre-season excuse.
  2. Standard Liege vs. Westerlo 0-0. O'Neill on the bench for Standard, no minutes. Bos 81 minutes and a yellow, taken off after 81.
  3. @Tommykins Do you know whether he was actually in China? It's bloody difficult to get money into and out of China.
  4. Do you know what the problem getting out of CFG was?
  5. Could never understand why they signed him in the first place. He'll end up with a career like Bouzanis, who is back with Sutton United.
  6. Interesting that Munn is there as well. Forget what position, but senior.
  7. Full match, a goal and an assist for Conor Metcalfe for St. Pauli on 17th September in the 2 Bundesliga.
  8. Tell me folks, do we get any post-match interviews with Rado after ACL and FFA Cup matches? I haven't seen one, or did I miss something?
  9. I decided to give it one more go and have bought my ticket. Being eligible for concession it's only $15. Unless you're fussy about precisely where you sit, having used your membership number to log-on it's cheaper to get a seat in "General Reserved" than it is in City Blue, and you can move from the seat that Ticketek offers you to any of the four "General Reserved" bays, and also buy other tickets (concession/adult/junior) as a bloc at the same time if you want to. Very few seats have been sold when I bought mine yesterday evening, so you can get a decent seat.
  10. I know I'm just an old man shouting at the clouds, but I think, and always will, that we should play in our Foundation colours. The only concession I would make, under protest, would be to replace the white with City blue, pretty much like Crystal Palace wore last season but of course lighter blue. Changing the colours and/or design every season is just ripping money off supporters, and I'm surprised people fall for it. Back under my rock now.
  11. I understood that Galloway has been injured. I agree that the injuries to Leckie and Nabbout don't help, but I think it's much deeper than that. The club needs to change it's attitude and style of play as @bt50 says. It's not pre-season as far as I am concerned - we're playing ACL football. What the club should aspire to and what I pay my membership for for 13 seasons. People keep referring to Warren Joyce and "Joyce-ball;" what we see now is "Rado-ball." To see Good and whoever it was in our half passing the ball backwards and forwards (literally) to each other over about 5 yards, and five forwards standing like traffic cones further upfield in our first ACL match on home soil - unbelievable. This game is won by scoring goals, not possession, and spectators go to be entertained, not bored shitless. Yes I'm pissed off and so I think are a lot of others - not one of our 8 gang members have committed to Sunday's FFA Cup semi-final so far.
  12. Valon Berisha has left Reims and is without a club now. Thomas Lam is back at PEC Zwolle and playing in the Eredivisie. Richard van der Venne is with FC St. Gallen in the Swiss Super League and has been on the bench for all 6 matches, with a total of just 41 minutes on the field. I wonder whether they all left here because they were sick of Rado-ball?
  13. I think that's the way I'm leaning at the moment. Decent yogurt instead of the Woolworth's generic brand for a few more weeks. Perhaps the elephant-in-the-room question is "Have Rado-ball" and "Kisnorbo-sub" finally broken my sprit after 13 years?
  14. I'm holding off for a while until our gang makes a collective decision and we buy all in one purchase and sit together. I'm not sure that I can stand another showing of the same "quality" as yesterday. General Reserved rather than City Blue is cheaper, but they're still offering only rows A and B for 2 and 4 tickets respectively. Not interested in sitting there.
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