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  1. It's 2-3 now with 20+ minutes to go. I think we knew several matches ago that our wastefulness in front of goal could very well cost us, but the premiership is not over yet. If Adelaide win it, and further win the ACL place then they bloody well deserve it and we don't.
  2. We're members of the AFC and so we would have input to decisions that it makes. IMO aggregating the two seasons is a sound and fair decision. It's up to us now to 1) make sure that we do get the points necessary to qualify for the ACL and 2) whether it's the ACL or the Cup that we end up in to do a lot better than we did last time. If we do collapse on the run in and it's the Cup then we ought to win that. We've got to take AFC competitions seriously from now on.
  3. I'm surprised and disappointed that MV "fans" are allowed. What this means is that other than those individuals who have been identified (and we haven't heard much for a while on that now) the rest of them suffer nothing resulting from their misbehaviour in general.
  4. But it does this time look like a very fair decision - adding the two seasons together.
  5. All jokes aside, it just illustrates, once again, the parlous state of the administration of football in this country.
  6. Apparently so. And so Metro decide that buses will replace trains between South Yarra and Moorabbin (Frankston line) this same weekend. Congratulations to all the highly-paid suits who make these decisions. Well done chaps!
  7. Now shown on club website. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/fixtures/melbourne-city-fc-v-melbourne-victory-fc-a-league-men-05-04-2023/2febuv7xin4x5rw5h7k2f8idw Nothing yet about who can attend or arrangements on ticketing etc.
  8. 3 matches in 8 days for City. A bit tough.
  9. Not shown on the fixtures on club website. Nor is it mentioned in the "latest news."
  10. Played for Kosovo against Andorra last night but taken off at half-time.
  11. As per here: https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/melbourne-city-clinging-on-to-the-possibility-of-keeping-aiden-oneill-despite-his-european-dream/news-story/531453cb1d6d41023b5b67f566289dd6 Surely we can find a way to keep him either as a marquee or a designated player?
  12. Good result. Had some issues to deal with yesterday and couldn't watch, but we certainly looked good in the highlights. So often in the past we've looked like a team that shouldn't really be there, but not from what I've seen of last night. All three goals are good to watch. If Arnold keeps us going like this with the young players coming through the future looks exciting. 20,000 attendance a bit disappointing. I wish we played more often at AAMI. I was surprised to read that there was no VAR.
  13. I read somewhere that he's signed for Troyes provided that they remain in Ligue 1.
  14. One of our Gang mutters every time "That's just not good enough for a professional footballer." He is particularly critical of Berisha, who he says doesn't get his head over the ball.
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