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  1. I want more than that I'm afraid. I think that we need to define some new directions for the country and a challenging vision for what we are going to be, and visible action rather than just rhetoric and then excuses. He has to walk the talk. Every government gets a honeymoon period. Can he control the factions in his party, and can he control parliament? Albanese has to avoid getting tripped up on minor "issues" and throwaway lines and then having to extricate himself. He needs to keep a cool head and focus on the big picture. We'll know fairly soon I think.
  2. Oh, of course, he could give us a good couple of seasons. The problem is the cap, isn't it. We have Bos, Jamo, Galloway and now Talbot.
  3. This is a subject that is hard to deal with on a Football Forum. IMO it's an issue being driven by the "gender equality" lobby rather than by common sense. In a country where men's football is a minority sport in the first place it doesn't seem to make business sense to integrate with management of women's football. But, if we don't do that, where is it going to go? Boys and girls, men and women, should be provided with the same opportunities to participate and achieve in any field of human endeavour. However, whether that should lead to exactly the same resources being put into it and the expectation of the same level of outcome is IMO a different matter. In our society we try to put our resources where they deliver the best outcome for the cost. We cut our coat according to the cloth. I have watched a number of really high-level women's matches, and they are great entertainment; a high level of skill, played at a slightly lower pace than the men's game, and with less physicality produces a great spectacle. Our own City team of Fishlock, Little and Co. were great to watch, but from what I've seen on video our current W-League team is just nowhere near that level. I don't have an answer, I don't have a solution. But I am certain that you don't make what's in the bottle edible just by changing the label.
  4. https://www.theguardian.com/media/2003/feb/25/broadcasting3 is probably what you were looking for?
  5. It's hard to remember what the old First Division looked like. IMO the problem now is staying there, because you've got seemingly a growing number of clubs that are prepared, and able, to spend a limitless amount of money to become "permanent" members of the now Premier League, leaving the rest to yo-yo up and down the remainder of the pyramid. Big issue to be address methinks. It's not Manchester City that's just won the EPL, it's actually the UAE.
  6. Anyway, Albanese seems to have had a sound first week, and I sincerely hope that he can grow into the statesman role and become a real leader for the country. I feel it's something we desperately need.
  7. I'm right with you, don't get me wrong on this. In some electorates, as much as 15% of the first preferences went, in total, to the various fringe party candidates. My question is whether they had any idea of what they were voting for? Who reads this stuff - honestly? Much of it is just a tirade against the measures that were used against a pathogen with unknown longer-term effects. As you say, where are the limits? Do they have the same policies for all the other diseases as well - measles, chicken pox, tuberculosis, HIV, poliomyelitis, monkeypox, malaria, etc. etc.? It's this sort of stuff that makes me object to having to give any sort of "vote" to any candidate that I don't want to see in parliament under any circumstances.
  8. https://ausfedparty.com.au/policy/covid-policy/
  9. This is a serious issue that must be addressed if the league and clubs are to grow. I am of the belief that, for an equivalent seat, it should never be cheaper for a non-member to attend a match than the cost for a member. All these special offers are a kick in the guts for the paid-up member. The simple way, I think, would be for reserved-seat members to be entitled to book their membership seats for a home "finals match" as part of their membership, i.e. that there should be no additional charge.
  10. Certainly agree with you here. It's important for the league that WU and City develop their own derby rivalry and this is a great opportunity it being a Grand Final and the first intra-city GF for the A-League (although not the NSL). Another one for the record books whichever way it goes. Because of COVID our Gang will gather for the first time this season albeit two members short.
  11. I don't really know why we're so concerned by how many people attend, but...the first David Villa match attracted 15,717 and Level 3 on the Eastern Side was opened late in the ticket sales for that match. The problem is always that there are (almost) always unsold seats dotted around the stadium even when a match is officially a sell-out, for various reasons - no-shows, unsold seats in ones and twos when people want to buy a larger group, and so on. It's also difficult to tell what's what on Ticketek because a bay that's shown as unavailable could mean one of two things - either it is sold out or it hasn't been released for sale yet.
  12. I think you mean L3 there. L2 is the corporate boxes on the West Side and the small seating area just above L1 on the East Side.
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