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  1. If PK puts out the same forward line he's a fool. Leckie and Maclaren just do not have the skills set required.
  2. That's too blindingly obvious to happen. I reckon PK will start with the same line-up as before.
  3. As it turns out, two key players departed last season - Adrian Luna and Craig Noone. I also think we're seeing the loss of the influence Des Buckingham had.
  4. Out-coached? You're 1-0 down and you bring on just two substitutes, the second one at the 75-minute mark? And you don't replace either Leckie or Maclaren? That's more than being out-coached, that's plain dumb.
  5. That's what the head coach is there for. He's got creative players in the squad, but chooses not to play them. Leckie, Maclaren and Nabbout in the same forward line was never going to work. Repeating the same thing every week isn't going to work either.
  6. On form neither Leckie nor Jmac should be starting. Should have Atkinson on the right, Tilio on the left and Nabbout in the middle.
  7. Not only that. It's all too hard, and with 1,400 infections and 10 deaths per day no-one is going to be rushing out to see what is, let's face it, a mediocre team so far this season.
  8. IMO we have to do two things. We have to be far more clinical in attack, and when we're in front we need to learn how to shut the game down. Both matches so far have demonstrated these weaknesses. If we don't do better tonight I can see us finishing with a 1-1 draw.
  9. You know lads that there's nothing worse than having to go to a shopping centre with your wife. I thought I'd done well this week avoiding that dreaded outing, but today I actually found something that's even worse. A Christmas Decoration Shop. We'd hardly got in the door when her eyes lit up like, well, a Christmas Tree, and at the rate that the items were going into the trolley I though we'd be bankrupted before the afternoon was over. I didn't realise that she had intended to save the entire Chinese trinket manufacturing industry in one afternoon. Finally we inched closer to the checkout and my sense of impending doom reached fever pitch. Then fortune at last swung my way - she needed to go to the toilet and ran out the door leaving me alone to face the bill that was coming. I had time to return half the items to the shelves and pay before she returned...and she didn't even notice what I'd done. And still doesn't. A bloke has to have a lucky break sometimes.
  10. I know that I'm a grumpy old man but I can't be bothered with all this shit just to get to see a home match of a club of which I have been a member continuously since day dot. When I bother to look at the coronavirus news it's full of people travelling interstate, going to family parties and reunions, weddings etc. - why it has to be so difficult to go to a match at AAMI Park is beyond me.
  11. We're going to have to be better in front of goal.
  12. TTIM: VicRoads sends me a licence renewal notice and includes a leaflet on organ and tissue donation. Are they trying to tell me something?
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