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  1. And we are probably about to do the same...
  2. @Tommykins You should have received an email from the club with a redemption code on 10th August.
  3. It's tough being a forward if you don't get 20+ minutes. At 10 minutes or less you're more or less just plugging a hole to make sure the starting player doesn't get fatigued or injured. St. Pauli were 3-0 up by the time Conor came on on.
  4. Well done Manchester City...WTF? https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-08-15/manchester-city-sunscreen-melanoma-uk-charity/101332870 Presumably the same concern about "gel explosives" that means my toothpaste get impounded from my hand luggage at the airport. But seems very heavy-handed.
  5. Conor Metcalfe came on in the 81st minute for St. Pauli in the 2. Bundesliga yesterday. He's not getting much match time there.
  6. To paraphrase "Yes, Minister"... The four-stage approach to Melbourne City signings...In Stage One we say that we that we won a trophy last season so we are quite content with our existing players. In Stage Two we say that perhaps we could sign some new players but we can't find anyone we want to sign. In Stage Three we say that perhaps we could find players that we want to sign but none of them will sign for us. And in Stage Four we say that maybe there were players we wanted to sign and who wanted to sign for us...but it's too late now.
  7. Apparently we're after a Belgian for the women's team - Stella Artois.
  8. It certainly is a personal decision on whether to go or not, as it is for every other match. It's not just another pre-season match and IMO the Cup is a competition that we should take as seriously as the league, because if we win it it leads to an AFC competition, which I long to see us play in on our own ground in front of our own fans. So I think we should be promoting the match with all we've got, and that's another factor that influences my opinion. But as I say, each to his own.
  9. At least potential spectators know how to get to AAMI and what to expect when they are there. I'm probably stupid, but I know nothing about Casey Fields, whether there is transport from Dandenong Station, or how much parking is there, or indeed the facilities for spectators if I get there. The problem with this competition, and this match as well, is that it isn't marketed properly. And when you see the squad we fielded up in Newcastle I wonder whether we are even treating it with the respect it deserves. The Cup is still being treated as a pre-season competition by some clubs, and that in itself gives no incentive to fans to bother to go along. The match is a first for fans in the area and I'm sure there'll be a good turn-out from the locals. But that doesn't mean that the rest of us should be left out in the cold. There'd be a damned sight better turn-out if the rest of us were engaged as well. Pull your bloody socks up FFA and City.
  10. I read that this is intended to happen.https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/asahi-super-dry-becomes-official-beer-partner-of-melbourne-city-fc Only downside is that you'll still have to pay for it...
  11. And apparently we're chasing a guy called William Hill from Spurs to partner Asahi up front.
  12. Like I said - ideal PK bench fodder. Let's hope we can actually lift our sights for the first time for a few seasons and actually sign someone who's fit and a walk-in starting player.
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