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  1. Consecutive years playing Asian football too. Well done! Deserve everyone's congratulations. And Victory likely to finish third and also be in Asia. Wake up City.
  2. Political and gender correctness restricted my post...
  3. TTIM...The continual moaning by female sportspeople that they are not adequately remunerated. Babes, don't you know that it's nothing to do with your actual talent at all? It's about the money that sponsors, promoters, the media, advertisers, agents and agencies, governments, and all the other sport hangers-on are going to make out of you that determines what you are worth, and nothing to do with you at all. And you don't have to do it if you don't like it... TTIM...drivers in Melbourne who pull up at the lights in the centre lane when there's no right-turn lane, and then when the lights go green turn on their right-turn indicator.... Wankers.
  4. Here's an update. Part thereof. I've been advised that an email went out to all members last July inviting nominations to the FRG. Does any member on here remember such an email better still have a copy of it? I don't recall it myself but that doesn't mean that I didn't receive it. One point that strikes me is that members don't necessarily renew or take out a membership as early as July when the season doesn't start until October, and not a great deal is known about the squad at that time. Please post on here if you have anything to add, or PM me if you don't want to post publicly. Thank you. jw
  5. It's also pissing me off to learn today that athletes get fast-tracked to citizenship so that they can represent Australia at sport, whereas other perfectly respectable applicants for a visa (not citizenship), such as someone who has married an Australian citizen, have to wait years. Double standards.
  6. So we have another $50b to throw at "defence" (against a thought bubble threat) and at the same time we increase the charges for our own young people who try to better themselves through further education?
  7. Somehow we have to sort out the conflicts between our League season and international commitments.
  8. IMO the voting overall is a pretty accurate reflection of a disappointing season.
  9. That's telling data. We don't really deserve to play "finals" and IMO it would be better long-term to not qualify this season. It might, just might, send a message to the club that it did not get it right this season. A bit of a wake-up call.
  10. I largely agree. I watch only EPL highlights, and only some, mainly because of the family connection and loyalty to Arsenal, and because I play EPL Fantasy, and occasionally highlights of matches involving clubs that I've taken an interest in as the years roll on - such as SV Hamburg. I don't watch the A-League streamed matches, and watch only the highlights of City matches. I don't know, but I suspect that quite a few of A-League regulars probably have a recent overseas heritage, and therefore have an in-built loyalty to their home-town or adopted club in another country - much as I do - and especially those who came to Australia as adults. And I think that colours our vision a bit. Also I think the A-League suffers from most, if not all, matches being played in over-sized stadiums (as do many other overseas clubs of course, particularly those that have slipped down the pyramid) and this does not make for good viewing. And I would have to say that in terms of City (and CFG) the club just does not go out of its way to embrace fans and spectators, and neither does APL or the previous administration with a seemingly never-ending succession of missteps. It seems to me that we are held at arms-length. I, for one, have repeatedly suggested to the club things they could do to spark interest, but to no avail. The FRG is the classic current example. This is not confined to football. Doesn't matter how good the product is, if the marketing is not there then the product won't sell. I think all of these things contribute to an opinion that our football is not worthy of support or interest.
  11. Unless we appoint someone really decent then it'll just be different shit. It beggars believe that somewhere in the CFG monolith there isn't a decent coach who could come here and really make a difference and give the squad the lift that the club needs. Instead of relying on a phone call to someone you knew somewhere else....
  12. City vs. Perth 14 Apr 2024 3: Arslan; 2: Souprayen; 1: Young
  13. One of the weirdest matches I've ever seen. 5-0 up inside 30 minutes, and then it seemed like an eternity before we finally started to play with pace and purpose again. The ridiculous 5-minute delay for the VAR to make a decision didn't help - goodness, the A-League has to sort this shit out. Nothing is shown on the big screen and it's just guesswork for the spectators to know what is going on. Surely the League has got to introduce a cut-off time for a VAR decision? I also found it weird that the Women's team continued a lap of honour while the men's match was in progress. Not sure that that's appropriate. Jeggo, Jakolis and and Natel continue to frustrate me. Still making up my mind on voting - has to be Arslan for the hat-trick, and Young must feature because he saved us on a few occasions when our defence went into snooze mode. Can't make up my mind on who gets two votes yet.
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