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  1. Middlesbrough are last and Glover does not appear to be getting any minutes.
  2. Surprised that he is playing. If they had to cut through the muscles then that would still be pretty sore and perhaps susceptible to tearing again.
  3. Very true. I remember watching him play and coach. Left an indelible mark in Australian sport and culture (and yes he did go to the arts).
  4. Yes - I had Mombaerts but I wonder what would have happened if the Hearts owners had the will and cash to give JvS a better playing squad.
  5. Out of curiosity as a city fan which Melb City coach has excited you the most: JvS, Aloisi, Valkanis, Joyce, Mombaerts, Kisnorbo or Vidosic? And in the same vein, which A-League coach would you admire?
  6. Does it feel like we have a rather weak defence with no depth?
  7. Well to be fair, weekdays have never been good for Melbournians to go to sports. Usually there is training, school, work, etc. I know that in years gone by the AFL has tried mid-winter Thursday matches and once even tried Monday matches with poor results. The AFL keeps the Thusrday round for the beginning of the season. No Monday night matches. This is not teh case in NSW.
  8. I agree that Australian clubs do lose either young upcoming players such as Bos, those looking for a better pay check or one additional year. Hence we are at a disadvantage compared to the oil leagues. However there are 47 countries in the Asian Football Confederation and I would say that the A-League is in the top 15 but not in the top 5.
  9. One reason I wouldn't make it as a politician is that I would always cut back on the circuses as in the roman adage of bread and circuses.
  10. Didn't see you comment when Sussan Ley (or was it Michaelia Cash) was dishing out the sports grants...
  11. There won't be that much of an increase, if any. That is like comparing a bog standard AFL round with the bottom two teams playing vs the AFL finals series. What it should translate to is an increase in sponsorship but watching the administrators over the last 10 years, it will be wasted.
  12. That is why I came to the conclusion that economics is the withered intellectual branch. They are effectively in comparison with the sciences stuck in the middle ages. BTW I have never seen an economist deal with the economics of crime be it corruption or drug selling.
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