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  1. Interesting comment from Arzani, that being sent out on loan does not mean that the club will assist in development: https://www.theage.com.au/sport/soccer/they-don-t-really-care-fallen-socceroos-star-s-words-of-warning-for-epl-bound-teen-20220924-p5bknx.html Of course we were always wondering whether he had the engine for 90 minutes and he does admit to making poor decisions which also come into play.
  2. Hawthorne is in Qld; Hawthorn is in Vic. Agreed. Although I don't know how it should be handled - if everyone is kept anonymous then speculation runs rampant and everyone gets the finger pointed at them - this is what happened with the Robert Hughes sexual abuse case and innocent actors/staff were suddenly being speculated on. At a minimum, the club and AFL need top move with haste to ensure that everyone gets a response.
  3. If Ange was coaching there would be no complacency.
  4. The unstated assumption is that he is willing to accept feedback from those he considers his underlings.
  5. Promotions by governments are nothing unusual. The angle here of course is that it reaches a demographic that can be difficult to reach and it says that the world is watching. Before you get all nationalistic on me, those who travel internationally experience either increased good will or a cool wind. At least we are not Russians that seem to have had a bad reputation for ages - long before the current spate of wars.
  6. It is getting that way. The new players have not had a run in the games we have played so we are all back to wondering whether we are seeing not one but two Pucciarelli's. The same issues noted last season are still there with the only solution to "try harder". So yeah. pretty boring.
  7. Thanks for that, although I strongly disagree that the GG is meant to be Australian democracy's failsafe. The GG is explicitly there to protect the interests of the sovereign, that is, Queen Lizzy II. The undermining of democracy, at least in Australia, is because not enough people join political parties and BTW volunteer organisations such as local sports clubs are also facing the same existential dilemma. Though experiment: imagine that 10% of the electorate joined the ALP, 10% joined the Liberal party and 10% join other political parties - do you honestly think that the same list of candidates would have been pre-selected if that was the case?
  8. Fairfax reported that it was for off season recreational drug use. Corey's lawyers countered by asking the report to be made public. Also that the Roar are under investigation by fraud detectives by claiming jobkeeper and not paying their juniors.
  9. corruption and process are two different things. Right now, the former PM cannot be charged with anything and has established a legal precedent thanks to Michael Porter. So the solution is to override the legal mechanism, preferably via a constitutional amendment thus preventing anyone from creating and using such a mechanism. Corruption and rorts should be part of a federal ICAC - at state level there are already laws in place (Victorian a very weak though). Jobs for the boys and self-interest are grey areas. As an example, the Liberal MP Dan Tehan has two Masters degrees in Foreign Affairs and Trade as well as having worked in the department of foreign affairs. If he was named ambassador to somewhere I would not be opposed because he has the background for it. Job for the boys? Yes. OTOH, Sophie Mirabella qualified for nothing and yet so many plum posts.
  10. @jw1739 After this week's events I am ready to change the constitution to prevent anything like this happening again.
  11. Yeah we have crossed the threshold where the public at large are saying let people die, the politicians are let the culling begin, and we have to see whether we draw the short straw. Eventually, the people in health care will say fuck it, they don't give a damn so why should I?
  12. I like that but basically, they should have a cap and up between two to four players outside the cap (depending on A-League finances). Then the clubs can do what they want - so if Perth want Sturridge because of name recognition then sure, if Sydney finds another Wankovic then fine. No need for approval from anyone else.
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