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  1. Just got home from the game. WU deserved to win. Luck was on their side but that is minor. The team did not show any ticker in the first half. JA analysed the one game plan and he instructed his players well. To me Leckie appeared injured or otherwise he is physically spent. Metcalfe was ball watching/flat footed and did not contribute much. Service to the forwards was appalling. And who thought that bombing the ball to Jmac who is about 1.7m next to Lecroix who towered over him was going to work. No plan B. No imagination. And that is down to PK. I hope that he gets an offer to coach in Europe so that the contract can be terminated and then for CFG to bring in a better coach. BTW my MOTM was Nuno Reis.
  2. Yes, wrong age for me but I would have him so that the club culture can grow. I wonder what his long term plans are?
  3. Most people I have spoken to express relief rather than warmth for Albanese or the ALP. And the relief is that the Morrison government were incompetent and that is something that Australian's are not used to. Can Albanese grow? I remain optimistic but as long as he shows that he is not incompetent then I will be satisfied.
  4. As I mentioned earlier, professional sports take generations to develop to the level we are accustomed to. Do you think that Pele would make it today? Perhaps but not a certainty. And this is because there are training regimes, dietary regimes and all the things that we come to expect from professionalism. Few women's sport have had that luxury - basketball, netball, tennis, ???? It is not only an issue driven by gender equality - I would like my nieces to be able to achieve whatever they want - but also it was a reaction to the Taliban and Islamic State. At their height, there was no pushback from conservatives against greater expenditure in women's sport. So I think that in another 15 to 20 years, women's sport will achieve the level of skill that will enable to stand up on it's own. At the moment we are working on the one percenters.
  5. TBH I don't think any professional women's sport is profitable and cross-subsidisation occurs in all sports. It will take a while for the standard of the women's games to lift (let's face it - you are looking at a century of professional male sports) but also some innovative marketing for it to be able to stand on it's own feet. As an aside way back in the late 90s there was a British pay tv operator (can't remember the name) that decided that second division men's football was also profitable and so they secured the rights to the second and third divisions of the big four leagues in Europe. They went bust within three years.
  6. Thanks for the link JW. The wording is quite broad and of course the question with people like that is where do you stop? Where are the limits? The problem with ideologues is that they are always after purity. And for those that don't have to live with the consequences purity overrides everything and there is always someone more pure.
  7. The Federation Party for starters - you needed to go to their website to see that all their policies were about stopping all public health initiatives. Then there were a few independents and the UAP.
  8. Personally I feel that the Clive Palmer advertising became intolerable and there was no way to shut it off. The text messages were intolerable.
  9. And thankfully this is is almost over. And I never want to hear from Craig Kelly again nor Clive Palmer but I suspect that only the Grim Reaper will save us from the latter.
  10. Almost a one off - Popovic brought with him Perth's core group that won the premiership back in 2019.
  11. If Rogic wishes to return to Oz should he be an option?
  12. Not sure what Jenkinson himself or the parent club would like him to stay in Melbourne or not. I think that he has been dependable and has height. I am not sure about Talbot as I don't recall watching him play. Hence my preference for CCM's Lewis Miller. It is always tricky as to when to tell a player that the team needs to refresh and they no longer are in the coaches plans. I wonder how Jammo feels like joining the club administration in some capacity.
  13. Not surprised at Corica's re-appointment because I think that they felt they had one more finals campaign in the old squad. Wasn't to be the case and neither Corica nor Sydney are the first to fall in that trap. What will be interesting is whether Corica can rebuild a side and how good their recruiting is likely to be.
  14. Jenkinson's loan is about to come to an end. So they need a replacement for him.
  15. I had eight candidates. I would doubt very much whether 6th, 7th or 8th placing would be of any use.
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