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  1. And let's add for posterity how many games you think that should be?
  2. Their centre back is another man mountain with speed and nous. This will be a test for PK and his team.
  3. I think that Leckie has thrown last season's team game into disarray. He is out of form and just not connecting with the rest of the team. Unless the club was stupid enough to sign a contract that dictates that Leckie must start every game then he needs to be benched at least. Maybe it is time for him to have a few games at NPL level. And I prefer Atkinson to Galloway. Atkinson and Nabbout have a better understanding of each other.
  4. Leckie is there on reputation only. Noone > Leckie
  5. I'm also in the belief that supporters have every right to demand more from the team. Big clubs have that in-built expectation and we should develop it. I can handle a draw/loss to a team on the day where everyone contributed but on this occasion we have identified that the GK situation is not as good as we like, that Atkinson has built expectations (and by and large delivered on them) and that Bos is at best not ready. And that the draw was built by the coaching team.
  6. My only caveat is that Leckie should be coming off the bench rather than starting. The rest of teh team is pretty much settled.
  7. Too angry to respond last night. primary fault - PK and the coaching staff. No Atkinson and they bring in Bos. Well, I saw enough of Bos last night to say I don't want to see him play another senior game again. The goal was not his only screw up. Glover - he is regressing and losing confidence. Enough has already been written on his performance over the last season and the two games this season. Time for the club to scout another GK - maybe Vukovic can be enticed back to Oz. For the game against Hume let's try Sutton. Fade out - two weeks running the team seems to run out of energy and will. The subs are coming in late and are not having an impact. Back to PK and the coaching team.
  8. Also note from the freeze frame where the linesman is and he didn't hesitate to call it offside.
  9. Me thinks that in the second half the players did not give enough respect to Brisbane and when they made changes they were unable to click together. Nabbout? not much there but when Atkinson replaced him things did not improve. Galloway hot and cold for me.
  10. Let's face it, the Socceroos are like the Melbourne Heart of old.
  11. By and large Atkinson and Galloway play at the back and their forward forays are always great. If they played up front, I wonder whether they would have the same end-product as Nabbout.
  12. Don't get this at all. First, there should be one governing body regarding the rules - don't see the upside of having two and lots of downside. Secondly, they have outsourced the complaint to an independent body so whether two organisations exist and they have complaints then they will always send it to an independent organisation. Having one organisation saves cost. I also noticed that all other sports have one organisation with two wings.
  13. I'm not too fussed about having a national response. What is good for Melbourne is not necessarily good for Brisbane or remote aboriginal communities. It is quite possible (probably realistic) that the political class was not aware of anything other than tax cuts and base politicking. As far as I can tell not many of them have any interest in too many useful things. Be interested to know how many had picked up a science magazine in 2018.
  14. Oh, absolutely. For me the RC would have three components: one where we look at peoples behaviour (toilet roll fights, lack of higyene, etc); secondly infrastructure and corresponding standards (should hotels be built with pandemic ventilation systems, quarantine levels and standards, isolation of regions/states,etc); third government responses and legislation (who has the power to call a pandemic, oversight, single points of failure, medical procurement, etc.). And you are right, it will never happen because we don't have MPs with integrity.
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