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  1. In some ways surprised but you and I last season stated that it could have been the GK coach. And I reckon that it has come to pass.
  2. Glover and O'Neil should be fine to resign unless they get an offer from overseas clubs. I don't know where Gomulka sits but I don't have any issues with him being offered a new contract. The rest I feel will look for better opportunities in other clubs.
  3. My local bunnings and officeworks take batteries. Officeworks also take mobile phones, computers and ink toners. But I agree that our recycling is way too hard. In Japan one symbol meant that all the packaging could be recycled.
  4. Just had a look at the results for WP this season and I think that they are doing just as well away as they are at home.
  5. Not really gloating. The field results is what Popovic will get judged on and what attracts fans. Last year was a good year for them but the previous season was abysmal. That indicates deep problems as they have gone back to abysmal. Ultimately, what happens on the field is Popovic's responsibility.
  6. Well if the Jets get up then that means that the bottom three teams are WU, SFC and MVC. I will be happy.
  7. I do agree with most of the comments. One thing to note is that Tilio was easily manhandled by Chapman. It may have been better to start with Nabbout as he is physically strong. A taller mobile defender on JMac tends to nullify JMac's output and this is where we change the delivery to JMac or we get a bigger player. Definitely missed Bos.
  8. Dead last now. What can Popovic do?
  9. Well I thought that the team, and specially Leckie, did not give BR enough respect. BR, to their credit, pressed hard, were physical and lasted the distance. The lack of synergy between Jamo and Berisha is concerning - they could barely string two passes together. Poor team work and poor passing in the final third gave us a 0-0 draw.
  10. I don't have that problem. I get sent to the home page every time and have to navigate to the sports then A-League and then the current match.
  11. Was he concussed in the game against WSW?
  12. If it's during the game we can make do. If JMac is not available I would rather have Leckie out wide or as a #10. I also noticed that no one else is talking about Nabbout or Tilio as a makeshift #9. Which tells me that no one thinks that is a realistic position for them.
  13. I s Rafa a #9? I don't have an issue with playing Nabbout or Leckie as a #9 if there is an injury to JMac but they are not out and out #9s.
  14. Regarding the "old days", my Melbourne Heart therapist is trying to make peace with the past and move on. Things are different now and I don't need to compare today to an ear that lies in the past. I am trying but this forum is not helping...
  15. When I saw that they were having 5 at the back I did not expect to win. It is difficult to break the bus down and they were obviously practising for this game - physical, crowd the space and hit on the counter. One thing about the centre backs is that they are not the fastest on the pitch. Satisfied to have a point. Rado's job is now to improve the attack in order to actually score and see what can be done for the defense.
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