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  1. And to top off another personal milestone, Bos has been named in the PFA's team of the season and named captain: https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/pfa-tots-six-city-stars-recognised
  2. Not sure how much the us vs them schtik works these days. Specially since quite often the players have known each other through youth academies and the like. I feel that given that half the starting line up is about to depart they are better off by giving each other a farewell gift by winning the trophy.
  3. Adelaide are doing quite well actually given that Adelaide itself barely has 1M people. Defnitely bad for WU and Mac.
  4. Really? My GP and specialists do not charge me a thing for letting me know the results over the phone. In person they charge the minimum amount on Medicare.
  5. Err, IIRC it was Rado who started it on Friday night after the match where he said that AU were the better team or words to that effect.
  6. Two different things but I do get the point of repetition by the media. The Hawthorn allegations are meant to be under mediation conducted by a senior KC but it has stalled. This leads me to think that I should never submit myself to anything like that - either they call me to court or they go away. A court case has a beginning and an end. Let the dice roll. The Lerhmann case is more complicated and concerning. First the DPP was out of their depth; secondly the cops were biased. Third the juror that broke the law is not being punished (I am assuming that the ACT has laws covering juror behaviour). This has led me to change my mind on one fundamental aspect of the law - that cases involving high profile individuals or are of public significance should go straight to trial. After all the position of the DPP was created to ensure that there was a reasonable probability of obtaining a conviction thus reducing the loads on the courts and the police. So the DPP is a filter. The principle that everyone is to be treated the same by the law can be bent by saying that by fronting in the courts, the principle has not been violated. Why have I changed my mind? because this way there can be no political pressure on either the DPP or the police as it would go straight to court. It does not resolve biases or incompetence but I haven't figured a way to resolve that.
  7. And to capp it off the press conference https://melbournecityfc.com.au/videos/id/press-conference-jordan-bos-16-05-23/6327560704112
  8. Who would have thought that Glover was going to be the forum's player of the season way back in round 1.
  9. Well if Layouni is meant to replace Tilio I presume that means that Rafa won't be around next season or for that matter Caputo.
  10. They have different roles. But going to ground easily and getting up quick applies to all players - and how often does Tilio get a foul anyway? Then there is the counter attack that needs to be defended and there are plenty games when Tilio does this. I only used Bos as a comparison. Tunisia is in Africa. Surely we would top up with Asian players...
  11. Apart from being hot/cold, I think that Tilio has to work on his attitude. Watch the difference between Bos and Tilio: Bos rarely goes to ground and when he does he bounces straight back up, not so Tilio; then Bos is always running back to assist defence, Tilio is slow to get back to a position where he remains in the game.
  12. Are there any potential mid-fielders in the NPL?
  13. Sorry, I disagree. This is a voluntary association hence conflicts of interests are not the same as in a governmental/commercial role. Note that in private practice potential conflicts of interests happen all the time but it does not necessarily imply that there is anything nefarious happening. I work in an industry where basically just about everyone has worked with someone who is a competitor/associate/customer because there are a very small number of players. The fact that I sign conflict of interest forms, take judicious notes, etc. means that the industry is relatively clean (although it does not stop me from loathing some of teh individuals in it). So I think that everyone knows who CFG/Silver Lake people are. And the fact that this impacts the club's bottom line, I feel that it is only fair that CFG participate in the managing competition.
  14. I am currently in Japan, my first visit since the end of 2017. And I swear, that Tokyo has been rebuilt in that time. Many of my landmarks that I use to guide myself through the backstreets have disappeared and new buildings in their place. Heck they even built a new connecting road through one of the busiest commercial districts. It would take about 60 years in Australia to do teh same.
  15. Not necessarily. In the AFL North Melbourne, were incredily successful for a long period of time and yet their membership remained (and I thinks it still is) the smallest of the Victorian clubs. Hawthorn were in a similar vein but eventually they took off. I just don't think that the problem is at club level, it also has to be A-League wide. I don't know what the total membership is for all clubs but it would make interesting viewing comparing all clubs year on year.
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