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  1. The whole thing is just fucked.
  2. So as you’d hope we got through that weak group we were in without a hitch. Next is the third round where there will be three groups of six each and the top 2 of each qualify for the World Cup (which has been expanded). Those that miss out still get another chance. anyway topping our group means we should get a good seed into that round. With 6 “better” teams in Asia right now this means we shouldn’t have to fight for a spot with one of those other 5, something we’ve struggled with in the last few years.
  3. Having heard him speak he’s a highly intelligent man so I’m not surprised. What is surprising is why such an intelligent guy was such a thug on the field
  4. This whole scandal is terrible but let’s see what comes out in the trial. They’ll need a lot more evidence than “you got a stupid yellow card”. Accusations are easy. Proof is hard.
  5. Unpopular opinion. League Finals don’t matter
  6. We won 3 titles in a row with Mclaren.
  7. Me too. But I still don’t love him enough to watch an All Stars exhibition game.
  8. How much does the league and clubs make out of spot betting? Is it worth the hassle?
  9. My feeling is that Terry was always considered to be not quite right body wise. Even when he was playing well he didn’t start and often in games when he seemed needed he either didn’t play or came on late. The low usage of him clearly wasn’t football related, as he played well when given the chance. It looked to me like we were nursing him through the season.
  10. Re-signed. I'm torn on this one. I’m stoked because I love him but I’m also worried about how available he’ll be.
  11. We must think the kids are awesome then, because our squad was mediocre central!
  12. Was flagged as likely. Look Ange was terrible in his first half a season at Roar when he had someone else’s squad. Can Aurelio be better with his own players?
  13. That was a brave email. I hope they’re ready.
  14. I’m not going to burn the stands down if they re-signed Aurelio. Personally I thought he had the impossible job- take over and turn around a weak squad with no cohesion in a high expectation environment. He did ok, say 6/10. Now personally I’d prefer say Paddy or another high quality coach and think 6/10 wasn’t good enough but I also don’t know what else he had to deal with.
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