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  1. Let’s get behind the npl lads
  2. Love this club the future is looking good like someone said above we’ll be a dynasty
  3. I think his best quality is taking blokes on so I don’t know handy he will be as a cam
  4. Yeah gonna be really hard to fit him in
  5. Wow didn’t realise the big wigs actually watch our matches
  6. Not many outstanding left backs in the competition and I thought noone probably wasn’t that amazing this season.
  7. https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/home-grand-final
  8. So fingers crossed tickets go on sale soon
  9. Now paramount need to market him as the ronaldo of the league. I hope he likes make up
  10. Happy I deleted social media the reaction will be crazy
  11. Bloody hell sorry for you mate I dunno why they moved it
  12. Greg O’Rourke said on Foxtel last night we’ll find out tomorrow where the match will be played. So I assume tickets will go on sale Wednesday but I made this thread so we can al keep each other in the loop
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