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  1. I’m two sides about the metrics. One side I think it’s very lame to talk about figures like you need to justify it. But I want the a league to succeed and the ratings/attendance is terrible.
  2. It’s really sad it’s got to this stage where attendance is going to be talked about more then the match.
  3. Has anyone been to a match?
  4. I don’t know if cfg cares about the a league’s current situation. But I feel the club needs a minimum of 10k to games all clubs should be aiming for that next year.
  5. Awesome that explains it. Thanks
  6. Ok fair enough people usually complain about Sunday night games. I wanna complain now why do we have to pay for final tickets when we’re members?
  7. Afl play there games at 2:00. when do you want it 5:00? tbh I don’t think it makes a difference anymore the crowds are so low and western United stupid team are embarrassing the competition
  8. I wish all the matches were on the same time
  9. We need a proper international marquee as a number 10
  10. Hearing that having already lost Keanu Baccus, Phill Cancar and Thomas Aquilina, Western Sydney Wanderers risk losing young midfielder Alessandro Lopane (2004) to Melbourne City, who view the young attacking midfielder as a replacement for St Pauli-bound Connor Metcalfe.
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