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  1. Yes, sorry for the confusion. What I meant was, "if we were to have a home kit like this, I would buy it".
  2. Love the thread, great idea @Jovan. Got a positive story to add. Got a call from Ryan on the Friday before the Wellington game. Said the club wanted to thank my partner and I for attending all home games this season and being long term members, and offered us an 'ultimate matchday experience'. We were chauffeured to and from AAMI, got free jerseys, had a stadium tour, and had seats behind Wellingtons bench (not the best view, but being pitch-side was cool). On the pitch up close for the trophy lifting too. Truly amazing. There's a video on social media if you want to watch us try, and fail, to act naturally with a camera following you the entire time.
  3. Centre-aligned badge & puma is a little weird for me. The red and white on the neck and cuffs however, perfection. Haven't liked a home kit since we became city, but would definitely buy this one if it were to be our jersey next season.
  4. I'm definitely not on the PK out train, but have some concerns if he continues past this season. Like others mentioned, there hasn't seemed to be any progression or development in the playing style, and we don't appear to have much tactical flexibility. You only need to look at Sydney this season to see how that goes in the long run. The reluctance to use subs is annoying and a bit of a vicious cycle. The fact PK persevered with Leckie after his shocking start makes this more confusing. PK doesn't think X will have an impact X doesn't get match fitness When X does get a chance, they aren't match fit and can't make an impact. Go back to 1. I'm a little disappointed that Pappas signed a new contract with the Jets today. When they're on, they have been my favourite to watch this season. With better cattle he could do very well imo.
  5. I've been watching Johor's games (partner's hometown team). Probably lucky to draw with Kawasaki, but 4/6 points so far from #1 in J- and K- leagues is amazing. Home advantage has certainly helped. Not sure if they can keep top spot, but it'd be awesome to come up against them if we end up second.
  6. Mat Leckie: 17 matches, 9 goals, 4 assists Craig NO ONE: 19 matches: 4 goals, 4 assists
  7. We will need to be smarter with pressing and substitutions with the weather and the short turnarounds. Interested to see if PK adjusts...
  8. Don't think we'll get another clean sheet, but if we keep this scoring form we should be alright. 3 points here is one hand on the plate I reckon.
  9. The post-match was truly embarrassing. You know something's wrong when Andy Harper is making the most sense. Ten/Paramount+ need to look beyond ex-players for pundits. Especially ones who can hardly string a sentence together.
  10. I've heard it asked once or twice in the pressers I've seen, but they've never pushed further for a longer explanation. Closest thing to an answer from PK was
  11. Couldn't agree more with @bt50 and @rass. It seemed to me that threads would often circle back to some certain negative points, no matter the relevance. I'm sure the underwhelming first season under APL and 10/Paramount+ has also played a part. Not sure if it's just me, but I've found that generally the internet and social media have been more negative over the past 2 years.
  12. Great result considering the outs. Going in I had no expectations, but was mostly keen to see the younger boys in the squad get a go.
  13. Been disappointing in his past few appearances. Missed some decent opportunities to assist or get a goal himself. Whether that's the cause or effect of the limited game-time I'm not sure. Hopefully he will turn it around.
  14. He'll surely start on Saturday with Nuno still isolating. Hopefully he can build some form going into ACL. We'll need more than Good and Nuno, and Griffiths is still injured.
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