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  1. Sad, but the right decision for players and staff
  2. From Graham Arnold: " some challenges with COVID, as well as some injuries and personal circumstances, have meant some players were ruled out of the final reckoning " Looks like he's back in the UK, according to his instagram. Maybe gave it a miss to spend time with wife/kids, who haven't seen him since he left for China last September. (again going by his insta) Edit: Somewhat confirmed
  3. Looks like only 2 out 8 or 9 sections still available in the away GA section. Hopefully that means a good showing from our fans.
  4. According to ftbl article " Reis, 29, and his family are currently in hotel quarantine. " https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/intelligence-controlled-aggression-and-skill---city-sign-portuguese-star-559870
  5. Didn't register to attend, but sent in a question to PK about the clubs disciplinary record and whether anything is being done to address it. We collected the most cards last season (63Y, 4R), and seem to be continuing along the same path. PK himself has a yellow each game too.
  6. Found this on ftbl forum https://www.aleagueapart.com/match-analysis/aleague-andrew-nabbout-melbourne-city
  7. Unfortunately, due to our owners "unimaginable wealth" (if I had a dollar for every time I read this line or similar in an article about us, even if it's irrelevant...) we will always be easy targets for click-bait artists who have no idea how the club is actually run and make no effort to find out. The coverage from TWG on the CBA negotiations has been ridiculously one-sided, with constant mud-slinging at the clubs and FFA.
  8. Highlights: Best ever league finish and ACL Contested everything - FFA cup, league and finals The late winner from Jmac against Western in rd 3 2-3 away win in Perth 2-0 win vs Sydney post-covid Bouncing back from losses quickly - Didn't lose 2 in a row all season Playing style (most of the time) Mombaerts Red & white for the GF - Not a "rEd AnD wHiTe Or Im OuT" fan, but it was clear how much it still means to our fans. Sky blue has little to no meaning. Social media presence from the club, especially during lockdown. Felt really touched by that video of the player's families before the GF. Lowlights: Some losses that really hurt because of our rubbish performance or blowing a lead FFA cup final 4-3 loss to Brisbane early in the season 0-3 loss at home to Perth also early in the season 2-1 loss to 10-man Sydney
  9. I was much more nervous about last game tbh. It was the trademark city 'stumbling block'. I'm more excited to see the team make its first grand final off the back of our best ever season. Hope the boys push til the very end, win or lose.
  10. We are clear favourites and that's why I'm so nervous.
  11. A few clubs have picked up some NPL players for the rest of the season. With some cap space and a spare visa spot, I wonder if we'll do the same.
  12. Yep. Revised deal done with Fox for this season and next.
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