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  1. They've been flogging the idea of members re-signing to ensure their name is on the warm-up top.
  2. That is very bad news. If he signs for another a-league club he deserves a boo.
  3. Loan extended for another season. Excellent news. He needs a good preseason and run of games to get back to the level he was.
  4. Gone to Auckland. Hope he gets regular football there as I reckon we did him dirty.
  5. Jamie Young will be 39 when the season starts.
  6. I was told that Arthur Pappas asked about interviewing for the job when Vidosic left but Petrillo wasn’t interested.
  7. We’re just waiting for Diamanti to be head coach
  8. Have to win due to wins>goal difference according to the commentator tonight so a draw wouldn’t be enough.
  9. Yes, I remember the email. There’s bound to be posts on here about it somewhere.
  10. 4! Phwoar. What a start! Let’s not do a Melbourne Heart in the second half please.
  11. The optimism of the first three posts is scary. Surely this game will truly show us where we’re at..
  12. if you’re disrespected by that you need to take a chill pill.
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