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  1. Scotty has announced his retirement. The grand final will be his last match as a player. He will continue with the club in a coaching role next season. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/jamo-calls-it-a-day-city-skipper-to-retire-following-alm-grand-final?fbclid=IwAR2PKE8AClRHqC9QQr6nLCXsUG_oeFRfWxMsiWz3zgadzcU7NyuKM8hrZgk A true club hero for his attitude and leadership. Let's win it for Scotty!
  2. Well kind of. I was writing about facebook posts. That’s why I wrote: “posts by the A-Leagues facebook page” I imagine they probably post the same things across each platform though. On a side note, since my post there have been: 1 post promoting the grand final 1 post about Melbourne City 4 posts about Central Coast
  3. The point I was making was that CCM are getting all the hype and media attention. In a way it's good for us as it piles the pressure and expectation on them, but at the same time it does feel like another example of how we're not getting treated fairly by the league.
  4. So the current breakdown of posts by the A-Leagues facebook page looks like this: (started counting posts after each team's 2nd semi finished, so we've had 24 hours extra) Both (posts promoting the grand final match) - 4 City - 19 CCM - 44
  5. Discuss. My commitment to the boycott lasted about 20 minutes after we beat Sydney on Friday. ✈️
  6. Feeling a bit worried that O’Neill might still not be right. Photos of him training on socials this week have not had any other players in them. My feeling is he may not be training with the main group.
  7. How much is Grant allowed to yell at the ref? Jamo would’ve copped a yellow for that.
  8. Is this where they’re planning to hold the grand final? Fuck me the pitch is a disgrace.
  9. Great to see two clubs with supporters boycotting finals are playing each other. The APL will be pissed.
  10. Gotta be time for Raphael on and Nabbout off. He’s cooked
  11. How does this guy manage to look like he’s on his wrong side no matter where he gets the ball?
  12. Dean Bouzanis is on the bench for Reading against Man U in the FA Cup this morning.
  13. I’ve recently bought a Chromecast because there’s no P+ app on my tv. I’ve had no problems streaming A-League on it. I think we’re losing tonight. Really missing Bos.
  14. Not having a designated away bay is a strange one. It means they’re more likely to all buy GA and force other patrons to move, and this could result in violence in the stands. At least if they’re in a bay together they can only piss themselves off.
  15. I remember seeing the club respond to someone’s comment on Facebook saying any active barcode will not work. No idea if it was a bluff or not
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