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  1. Not unhappy with Jeggo if we can get him in under the cap. I see this as the club keeping a visa spot open to replace Maclaren with a visa striker either this season or next.
  2. https://x.com/10newsfirstmelb/status/1750052493319434358?s=46 His wife had already left and he wanted to be with her and new baby. So did we pay a transfer fee? If we did, that’s a big waste of money.
  3. It’s in the transfers thread
  4. For predicting this in September
  5. An unexpectedly good performance. I was feeling so Melbourne Heart about this season but now I’m feeling better. (maybe because I’ve finished writing my reports and been on the afternoon wines. Who knows.)
  6. I didn’t say I wished him to come back edit: maybe I would add that he did well for us by motivating an already solid group of players. But to say that he just had to show up and get a winner’s medal is just as inaccurate.
  7. After reading that, I feel a bit like you guys treated him really horribly. Who knows, maybe that created an environment where he couldn’t thrive. He did pretty well for us, just sayin’
  8. Galloway not even on the bench. Surely he has a January move lined up…why would he stay?!
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