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  1. Quads are half the size of Colas too.
  2. Thanks mate. Your cheque is in the mail.
  3. Rumour: Kellond-Knight not returning for season 2019/20 (via Talking City show on SEN1116) https://stitcher.acast.com/livestitches/3aa9f285-8303-4f88-8e2a-00208f284054/a0d602001d2a3cea70c2f3a77a1a48e5.mp3?aid=3aa9f285-8303-4f88-8e2a-00208f284054&chid=d0daafda-8c88-49ee-8249-6bb053e3e060&ci=39205230-fa1b-4f34-a334-1c0823daf70d&pf=rss&uid=253d4325e442f6739c23d0865cc8c52c&Expires=1584011279&Signature=oHr9~cr-3wnYlW46TYzDgD9PabEukoC547n0qdkeHYzSCCl-LIsuUetgpCKGsdagwrAX3ikB~sGmFv2bPNEKeA6j6blcYz4F1qegDYV9fAl5~T7VvfhQGaVZrToM1BQTvxnFg6s27DH0E9vY17Kr1URUqrEq0WPvVSWwoZNSSyh4hiemV1iIwi61wNSuCC4Zrl6mKXSvKgAM7FUXxyActe0Zjs7V4rJvq1t5tr53BRoVqSKMAUHtRc0~ZkD7fVaK6P6U-9SGL6W20YA45u6MHPpQn4KOB1b1LSFXVWKueSMzzprrq5fNmDxeaYr63i2cLygpKHoL9y7guRDva7N8cw__&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJXAFARUOTJQ3BLOQ Starts at 40:00
  4. Besides Van Egmond being confirmed, two other updates. Rumour: Rhali Dobson to return to City in 2019/20 (via Clem Tito Twitter) + Rumour update: Ellie Carpenter confirmed to be leaving Canberra United. Posts goodbye photo with AAMI Park in the background (via Ellie's Twitter)
  5. Rumour: Emma Checker to Melbourne City. Via Joey Lynch, again.
  6. Rumour: Emily van Egmond to Melbourne City. https://www.goal.com/en/amp/news/the-covert-agent-kalac-close-to-sydney-united-manager-role/1a695jcgu9ot1kej3emn13c5n?__twitter_impression=true Hidden down the bottom of the article: "In other news, The Covert Agent can also reveal Matildas midfielder Emily van Egmond will join Melbourne City for the upcoming W-League season. City failed to make the finals last season as they finished fifth with van Egmond set to join their ranks having previously played for Newcastle Jets. While her immediate future now lies in Melbourne, the Australian is also in talks to join French club PSG when her W-League commitments come to an end." --- Rumour: Ellie Carpenter to Melbourne City. Via Joey Lynch on Twitter.
  7. Found on an email from the club.
  8. Says it all. If the GOAT agrees...
  9. This is not accurate. ACL is only required for pivoting movements. The reason why people struggle with walking afterwards isn't because their knee is ACL deficient, but because they get a haemarthrosis from the ligament rupture and quads inhibition from pain.
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