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  1. Hopefully our away recorded isn't the same as when we last wore the sash!
  2. Sash third kit. Green line this
  3. Does Pucciarelli have German heritage??? @kingofhearts
  4. On the plus side thank goodness for some concrete transfer rumours! We've been deprived for so long.
  5. Intriguing. Can't really see the need for him tbh does he have the legs for our style of football? If we are playing a three in midfield with Pucciarelli at 10 and this mysterious German midfielder alongside either O'Neil or Metcalfe. Interesting indeed.
  6. https://twitter.com/Hakz7/status/1407169778549018624?s=19 Moved to Sunday - 4pm AAMI Park
  7. Cheers, I missed that email. Saved me a few $
  8. FYI just looked on the club website you can now pre-order the warm up top. https://premier.sportsubs.com.au/aleague/melbournecity/products/productdetails?productid=22548
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