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  1. Invisible in the first half besides that miss, 2nd half better
  2. I did a fantasy team and didn't put any city players in....only one I was tempted with is Berisha due to his history/quality but he hadn't been loaded in yet
  3. I used to be checked but this was 6+ years ago tho when I had one Maybe not allowed to ask these days......
  4. I've done that previously gave card to mate etc, no one checks your name or anything, as above if its a concession used by a adult might run into issues if you don't have a valid concession card
  5. Injured, bos came on for tillio ,
  6. That worked out well last time 🙃
  7. Supposedly triggered his extension but was was in Melbourne looking for a club.....
  8. I agree but would he even get on the field or just sit on the bench for the whole season......
  9. How long before the fraud is sacked? Knowing City will see out the year.....
  10. It's being played on the VFL oval... https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/australia-cup-city-to-play-at-casey-fields
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