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  1. 8 year deal coming up surely
  2. Wonder when they will finish the field where the grand stand is
  3. Was sacked, has had a health battle but disagreements with Kaz and the other director was the reason
  4. Agree lack of statement is crap but don't want the club to lie like Brisbane have
  5. Another day, another APL disaster
  6. And he's experienced so should know how to see out a match and score bangers
  7. International window, Australia playing Lebanon next week
  8. Same time why hasn't he signed a contract yet? City might be dangling the Europe pathway in front of him
  9. Yeah that would be my pick as well already been in the red bull system... See if can adapt to cfg system
  10. Even when he came on against Victory I thought he done well for someone who just arrived, was jetlagged and thrown into a derby unplanned but has gone from strength to strength hopefully keep him around for another year but guess depends on Aziz
  11. Wanted to give him time but nothing has changed.... Time to go
  12. Not relevant? He got sacked after 15 games with 2 wins(1 of those wasn't present), they have had 5 wins from 11 games since, massive improvement
  13. Got double the amount of wins then what he could achieve in 40 games
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