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  1. Syd Fc cutting 12 players https://www.ftbl.com.au/news/sydney-fc-take-axe-to-a-league-squad-580235 Anyone else we would want?
  2. Think they would since Simon Pearce is one of the APL directors and lead the charge to oust the Lowy's
  3. You get a 2nd chance to turn it around in your home leg as previous format could have easily had 5th vs 6th in the final
  4. Wasn't a packed stadium with opposition fans tho
  5. Still have nightmares with his miss against Perth which 20 seconds later Perth hit the back of the net
  6. Yep also he's the only one on 3 total and soon to be 4, Berisha and Smeltz on 2 each, Smeltz had 2 in a row
  7. Won't be as much as his salary gets a discount in the salary cap as he came up through the youth set up same as atkinson i'm pretty sure
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