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  1. So am I. Strange to say but I hope it’s an injury. Could be that he’s going to start ahead of Leckie on Saturday.
  2. Pretty poor game management. We had a chance to go 3-0 up and crumbled badly. I thought those days were behind us. Between Glover and Bos there was far too much inexperience. Stupid, stupid pass followed by a risky blind turn. Didn’t even look like Glover said ‘man on’ or anything either. I wonder if there was any talk. When we signed Glover I thought it curious that we were essentially going with two young keepers. It’s not the done thing in football. Glover isn’t a bad keeper but he’s got a lot to learn even at 24.
  3. I think he backs in that Socceroo front three. They deserve another crack off a full week of rest. I’m confident they’ll be better this week.
  4. Given that we counter-press and base our defensive system on work rate, it’s no real surprise that we dropped off badly. Better fitness will be important. Attacking-wise that front three looked ordinary but in time it will be close to unstoppable. Leckie was gassed, Maclaren couldn’t get near it and Nabbout was too selfish and wasteful. The offside call actually looks clear-cut to me. Brisbane player is closer to goal. Anyway. Three points and shake off the rust.
  5. You know, if they didn’t serve it, my mate would never come to any games.
  6. Glover Galloway Reis Good Jamieson Berenguer O’Neill Metcalfe Atkinson Maclaren Nabbout Or something very close to that.
  7. We really do love making things hard for ourselves.
  8. My only concern for Atkinson is that he’s going to be behind Leckie or Nabbout and maybe even Tilio for a forward spot and Galloway at RB. I think Galloway has earnt that spot for the time being. Of course, injuries, suspensions and form drops will give him minutes but he’s too good to be sitting on the bench and I hope he doesn’t spend too much time there. Metcalfe is a lock though.
  9. It’s a cruel game sometimes. Right on the verge of a PL move too. Awful news.
  10. Look at the XI we had for two of the periods on Friday. Midfield three of Berenguer, O’Neill and Metcalfe is almost a certainty.
  11. I feel for the kid. It’s just been one bad thing after another since he left Australia years ago. The knee injury was bad but none of his moves have worked out. He’s at least been getting game time at Lommel but no goals or assists as a forward from 9 matches is telling. Nowhere near it. For a kid with all that natural ability with the ball at his feet, he just doesn’t seem to have the desire to improve on the other parts of his game. He’s still got time but will he ever become the rounded player he needs to be? Doesn’t look like it. Let’s hope Tilio has learnt from Arzani’s mistakes.
  12. https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/fixture-update-full-isuzu-ute-a-league-fixtures-revealed Christmas Derby back.
  13. This is a strange take. Doesn’t the fact that him being the first or second pro footballer in the entire world to come out as a gay during his career show that we haven’t quite come far enough or as far as you think? Especially not in soccer. Soccer and sport generally are decades behind with accepting gay people. Only a few months ago was there a homophobic chant at a PL match. You’re right in saying that it shouldn’t be a big deal, and maybe in another decade or two it won’t, but don’t be so naive as to think this isn’t a significant moment or not news-worthy. Some of the best players in the world, and the Twitter accounts of most of the biggest clubs in the world, have retweeted this story. It’s huge news. And that’s because this sport is lagging behind.
  14. By the sounds of things, Petrillo will be doing all he can to keep them here for another two seasons. I’m a broken record on this but it’s better for these guys to stay until around 23-24 before heading overseas. Get a 100+ senior appearances, become one of the best in the league in your position and then make the leap.
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