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  1. Which makes the result, even though it was a draw, quite nice really.
  2. Getting in early on this one today.
  3. Probs 2-0 to victory tbh. Too hot for City to maintain that silly press. Happy to be proven wrong however.
  4. To be fair, it was a pretty good call. You're ok, don't stress too much about this stuff.
  5. 2-0 to Sydney. Arnold to prepare a blood sacrifice prior to kickoff to ensure compliance with The Plan.
  6. Its not as if the club has a history of playing pre season games in Melbourne anyway.
  7. Probably, but I didn't want to auto renew last year either, but forgot about it. Only got to about half the home games last year anyway.
  8. They're quite happy to take you off the auto renewal list, I just discovered. Like a band aid. Quick. No worries. I already feel lighter.
  9. Ando

    Finals Derby

    Took me five minutes to buy City category C tickets. What's wrong with you people!
  10. Huxtaburger too trendy imo, but still good. The real jewel on Smith St is the kebab joint on the corner of Smith n gertrude. The gozleme is outstanding
  11. The foodcourt curry was a highlight of Northland
  12. When will Cosmos be allowed in?
  13. New Brisbane team to start up next season.
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