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  1. Yep he has Covid, will be without Reis, Griffiths, Good, Jamieson
  2. Yep AFC announced the change at Group stage draw
  3. Post on the IG page has been deleted now so was false You can have unlimited foreigners now in ACL but only 3+1 on the field at once
  4. Yep but wasn’t the main coach Neil Young was but left the club
  5. Same source as the German 🇩🇪 player we were getting ?
  6. Yep 7 players going ahead of him and him not taking 1 is extremely alarm bells
  7. https://melbournecityfc.com.au/news/city-sign-luke-oresti-on-two-year-scholarship-deal Luke Oresti signs 2 year scholarship deal
  8. Cost us peanuts said he would play for minimum wage on record. Would be a 0 risk signing and provide depth after Atkinson left on the wings. Got the 2 spare visa spots not being used
  9. Is he only 29, supposed to be in his prime...
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