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  1. This brings me back to a comment that was made when CFG first took over. 'We want to turn this club into an Asian powerhouse' *or words to that effect. At the time I said to do that they will need to heavily invest in coaching. We have a capped leauge so we can't just buy a team of superstars. We need to create a team of superstars. There is no cap on coaching. Why not a marquee manager? Other than the appointment Mombaerts I have seen no evidence to suggest CFG are remotely serious about bringing us to a level where we can compete with bigger Asian clubs. Our managerial investment was shown for what its been last night. Outplayed by a low level J2 club. What a joke
  2. Absolutely agree. Out of all the things that need to happen for a city knights final, the one I think is yhe most likely to prevent it is us
  3. It wasn't a prediction. Just that it is a possibility. I am more worried about us not making it through to be honest
  4. We drew Sydney. Could be a knights city final!
  5. Knights vs brisbane City vs Sydney The idea of a knights city final is getting me excited
  6. Anyone else feeling super underwhelmed about the upcoming season, but simultaneously feeling as though we are all going to be pleasantly surprised. I'm so fuxking baked. Ignore me lol
  7. Is this the guy in the crowd on FIFA games?
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