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  1. Totally agree. I think its bullshit that they are only here because they promised a state of the art 30k stadium or whatever it was. But having an actual home ground, even if it is on par with an NPL ground would still be such a great day out
  2. Even if we do win the gf I don't want him. I'm not going through this shit every season!
  3. Yeah I picked up on that too. Interesting
  4. How can we have equaled the highest winning margin in leauge history multiple times, then break the record and still not be sure if we're even going to make the top 6?! Ffs this club!
  5. Says all you need to know about this season really
  6. Because we only seem to turn it on against struggling teams that aren't a huge draw card
  7. HAHAHAHA same!!! I am on the train home after a very long day at work. I know I am knackered but I had to read it back about 5 times before I worked out what was going on lol
  8. There's no cap on management. Splash some fucking cash and get a manager who can get us to a level where we can compete with Asia's best
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