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  1. No hysterics required. Outplayed and outcoached. Tonight all our team's and coach's shortcomings were brutally exposed. We were never in it. As easy as you like for WU who deserved to win.
  2. I'd start same line up as against Adelaide, with Griff in from Gomulka. Tillio comes on as an impact player. Flo may have 70 minutes max in his legs. Leckie can go to 10 when he comes off. Leckie is a big game player and seems to have hit form at the right time. Nabbout also is due a goal. I hope we can blow em out of the water in the first 30 If things go pear shaped, Bos needs to come on at the same time as Tillio. Also, if we need to lock down a lead, Gomulka then should get some minutes
  3. OK, I have my tickets (four in fact) and havent missed a home game all season. Firstly, the ticket prices are way too facken high! After you've forked out for a membership, and with living cost high, covid impacts, yadda yadda yadda, its not priced for the everyday punter. Secondly, I'm pissed to see the league now offering discounts to get more numbers .... what about the die hard true fans, shouldn't they get some reward? Third, I'm even more pissed that Maccas are doing free family passes to the GF (via their app) if you spend $15 or more on food ... WTF? If the league was smart (which they aint), they would have priced this to sell out. With tickets so expensive, and with it being on FTA TV, now they have made a rod for their own back. Its an embarrassment that you can get 80k theatre goers to watch Barcelona play a warm up game, and they cant work out how to sell out a GF. Piss Poor
  4. Also, the catering was better! I sat in GA (normally on the wing) and food choices were pretty good. I wonder if this is just for finals or whether we got the NRL caterers
  5. In between the hysterics, this forum offers intelligent criticisms and often lands on the truth. Far better than mainstream media or social media. For instance, the failings of PK and Glover this season have been rightly discussed. Also when things go well, like on the weekend when PK gets it right with tactics and subs, this is also reflected.
  6. Suck shit Tards 🤣🤣🤣
  7. With O'Neil and Flo out, we've completely lost the ability to play with any intent through the midfield. Most our goal chances are coming out wide. If Frenchie is unavailable for game 2, I think Leckie offer more than Tillio in behind the striker. Play Tillio out wide instead. Also, Bos maybe starts ahead of Jammo for his attacking ability ...
  8. They can warm up together on the sidelines
  9. Does anyone know his total minutes in the regular season games?
  10. I think our service to him hasnt been as good this year ... too many crazy attacks, not enough classy build up
  11. whatever happens, it will be a tense watch
  12. First half went too fast, 2nd half was a nightmare to watch. I had to leave my seat twice as I literally couldn't watch some nux free kicks ... my stress levels wouldn't allow for it ... and if we conceded, I'd probably have jumped the fence and decked Glover ... and got arrested Anyway, very happy to win the plate. It's a significant achievement and despite the pain of how we got there, we got the points and finished on top Ufuk coaches better than PK. His tactics almost worked ... sit back in the 1st half, try and absorb pressure and then attack in the 2nd half with fresh legs and an extra attacker up front. We only just won this against an undermanned Nux. Jamo was very relieved at the end, and I guarantee you, the tards in attendance did spook them a bit. He gestured towards the tards to basically say our supporters are better, when he celebrated with our Active But in all seriousness, our club makes dumb choices... the free tickets were always gonna get taken up by the scum ... yes, it made for some atmosphere, but it could have cost us ....and we'd have never lived that down But fuck them soulless turds ... at least they know they made a wasted effort, saw their dog team lose the plate, and also live with the fact that they were chanting "Phoenix!" I swear they were trying everything to put off the boys, including throwing food on the pitch for the Gulls Without Flo and O'Neil, and with PKs approach, we are unlikely to with the GF ... but ya never know. Premieres plate ultimately will over time be recognised as the better trophy, so once again, fuck you Vuktree scum
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