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  1. I also think the football purest are just not into the Finals Series. Let's face it, we are champions. They've already given us a proper trophy recognised by FIFA and that gets us into the ACL. The blatant sting and cash grab for finals just doesn't sit well, especially given the cost of memberships, and like mentioned above the limited benefit you get for being a paid up member come finals. To me, if they did a proper Australian Cup, and timed it better throughout the season, that could be the final game of the year. It would be a lot more genuine, and I reckon worth paying for (rather than it being a dodgy pre-season fixture).
  2. I went to all home games this year, but not going to this one ... Very little reward for members (and I am a foundation one) ... Ive forked out decent money all year on the club ... really, should be better deals or tied into memberships ... for this game, for me to reserve my yearly seats for my family is $170 Feels like a hollow game, will be watching (and screaming at the TV ... i think its of Free to air) ... will be doing the lads a favour as they'll have a small crowd in Sydney if we make the GF Fuck Sydney. hope we pump them
  3. He was doomed to fail because he's not a good coach. Also, his style is not one suited to Europe ... maybe the English 3rd division
  4. There should be more value put on the Australian Cup, and that should be played in Sydney two weeks after the last game of the season (like the FA Cup at Wembley) They should also eventually have relegation / promotion playoffs at this time as well. That can be their festival of football. I cant get motivated about finals this year, without the hope of us playing at home in the finals cup final ... (as we are already league champions)
  5. As everyone starts to realise the current position of power that CFG hold. They have been patient in Melbourne, but now, our sustained success (like a juggernaut) will roll on. I've already had a Tard supporter whinge to me that the comp is now boring as we win too much 😝 You have to appreciate how they have created their position of power. Selfishly long may it continue for Melbourne City ...
  6. I need to watch the replay ... hearing that Harper was carrying on as per usual Its sort of funny that the tards had a bunch of ex City (Heart) guys running around for them and Bruno was probably their best When I look at our crowd and how many young kids are City supporters, I reckon in 10 years we will pass them in terms of support numbers (if we can continue being successful and producing Socceroos)
  7. Thank fuck for O'Neil. Also, Glover catching the ball at the end for that corner was sweet justice Really poor goal to concede at the end .... Jamo was too fired up and contributed to the turnover, but lazy defending to keep Kamau on side Bruno was fantastic for the Tards ... shame he's not ours any more ... Highlight for me was kicking some Tard supporters out of our seats after half time ... Venue security just shrugged their shoulders when I told them so I had to take matters into my own hands Man, I wish we'd stop shifting the ball sideways when we get in good attacking position ... channels open and are ignored ... seriously, run into the box and shoot you fools! Rebounds, deflections and scrambles can all make goals Also, Kamau should have been given a red card for his tackle ... it was probably the worst most blatant take down I've seen
  8. Heart soEd crowd. Not much active ... probably more Tard supporters ... boys looked sharp in warm-up ... Naboutt was really good with his shooting so 🤞🤞
  9. That article was incredibly dramatic. I do agree that the game should have been awarded to us. If the tards do happen to get something out of this one it will be a mighty injustice. I assume their active is still banned?
  10. The pressure is 100% on us for this one. How we go in this game is the true test as to whether Rado should be our coach. This includes the result. I say that as we've had games where we have dominated and not won. and he has been happy with the performance. Performance to a degree for this one is actually second to the result ... we simply have to win.
  11. Remember how dominant we were early on. Teams fully parked the bus and gave us complete attacking freedom and movement of ball in our defensive area. This allowed us to attack without fear and for the likes of Vandavere to have a free roll What's changed since the Victory loss is that teams press us much better, especially on throw ins. This means we have to work a lot harder all over the pitch, but this has also opened up more opportunities for opponents to score. To a degree this has been combated by playing two holding mids, but at the expense of attacking potential Early on in games we make chances still, but after about 15 or 20 minutes intensity levels even up and it becomes more of an arm wrestle For the first half of the season we had to do less defending, so we've probably been lax in training for defending set pieces All this coupled with injuries to key players means we've lost our air of invincibility ... other teams have caught up and are finishing stronger If like to see us be a bit more tactical at times and maybe try on occasion to set up for counter attacks I do think if JMac can find his touch again we'll finish top,but it's gonna be a close thing
  12. I see us playing our normal game and if we can score early (no doubt we'll make chances), we'll win no probs JMac is due
  13. Tough to watch. The ref was.shite. Very one sided affair Rado needed some changes earlier JMac.should have come off and Tillio or Naboutt to striker
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