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  1. We are absolutely bossing teams ... and the only strategy teams have against us at the moment is the old bus ... If Aiden O'Neil could shoot we'd have won the last 3, even with the errors against Adelaide. Set piece defending needs to be better, but Goodwin has a wicked kick on him, and that's hard for any team to defend ... This flat spot of draws will turn around soon and I am hoping for some big number wins in the coming weeks. Thinking back to the Heart days when we hoped for a result, its awesome to support a team that is the benchmark
  2. Absolutely dominant. Ridiculous number of chances... WSW are very lucky to take a point for that one
  3. Rado also talked in a recent presser about allowing the players more freedom and responsibility in terms of attacking. What we are starting to see is the potential of the best squad of players in the league with an astute coach ...
  4. Shirt punches won't work in France ... he needs to slap em on the face instead
  5. Need to get as many people to this as possible and smash em ... would be a horror show to draw or lose
  6. Was at the game. Crowd wasn't too bad, all things considered. Absolutely oppressively hot. Our boys wanted it more both attacking and defending... shame bout the penalty as I reckon the flood gates would have opened Bos is a freakn gun Good subs by Rado ... all helped us keep control of the game Nabbout is horribly out of form and could have cost us a goal with several poor decisions Big effort by the boys. Congratulations
  7. I feel for the Active Members who now miss, but Active fucked up royally by trying to disrupt the game with flares. I'm OK with the punishment. Active support is not bigger than the game. Maybe they'll learn from this and not act like a bunch of nongs in the future
  8. Simple solution is that Active groups should be bound to behave in accordance with a a code of conduct. If they breach these codes, penalties could range from removed privileges, to active being shut down, all the way through to actual team penalties (loss of points, and behind closed door mateches). Anyone who is an active member should have to agree to the code of conduct. Also, each Active should have leaders, recognised by the club and the league. As much as active members like to think they are independent from the club and matchday rules, they aren't. They are simply one part of the crowd. Their behaviour should be reflective of a family friendly atmosphere, not hostile chants and aggressive actions
  9. Police are chasing certain individuals https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/knocking-on-a-few-doors-soon-polices-warning-to-alleged-pitch-invaders-after-disgraceful-aleague-scenes/news-story/52f76bfd12c5018a8218be522f35fd31
  10. The league needs to take a good look at the rules around active The culture of active support has gone down the wrong path, mostly evident at the Tards, WSW, but also at City and Sydney ... I think the following 3 things should be set in place for active and it would resolve a heap ... 1. No covering faces 2. No swearing in chants 3. No middle finger solutes People will deride me for this, but these 3 things bring a lot of hostility and aggression to the experience, and also attract a certain fringe element who seek anarchy and violence. To me, as a lifetime attendee of a Heart/City games, these 3 things are so dumb and immature and they just add nothing Can active still support loudly and sing passionately without these 3 things? Yes of course they can. The people that need these things as part of their outlet are not really there for the game, they're there for the aggression. And when there is an undercurrent of aggression eventually it'll boil over, like the shameful events of last night's derby
  11. Victory Active are absolute scum and have just marked the worst day in aleague history with their stupidy. League needs to come down ferocious on them ...
  12. TV report is Glover is concussed and has received stitches ..
  13. Net damaged by a flare. Camera man injured by flare. Still no word on Glover. Looked like a fair whack to the head. Cameras caught it, and the victory thug who did it, who needs to be sent to prison Decision on game still being made. Victory should lose points for this and be forced to play to no fans for the next 5 home games
  14. Glover was bleeding from the head. Ref also assaulted ... game may be done
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