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  1. Congrats to JMac on a one half hatrick for the Socceroos. Yes, it's against Bangladesh ... but geez he sits so much better in a 4-4-2
  2. Was at the game and dont think our current squad suits the formation we play. We try to dominate possession and then are totally predictable with side to side passing, and then wide attacks that go nowhere, except backwards or side to side. Talbot kills 98% of attacks he is involved in .... i think Galloway should be given a go. Jakolis is improving, has a sublime touch, but still struggles with his finishing pass, and has no chemistry yet with JMAC, or Aziz. And our system does not work for JMAC. Its so easy for anyone to defend against us , let us have the ball and overload out wide and compress the middle ... our wide players hardly ever try and get in behind (only Aziz on occasion). And eventually we cough one up on the counter. And our current style means we get very few counter attacking chances. And when we do, JMAC has no pace or touch to take advantage (as he is a tap in goal scorer) Maybe we should have had a couple of goals last night, but also out stale play makes me think we didn't deserve to win. With the players we have, I think Vidmar must tweak our formation. I want to see a traditional 4-4-2 and this would be my starting 11 ... Young (GK) Galloway Nuno Good Aziz Sakhi Ugarkovic Arslan Jakolis JMAC Natel I think this would work heaps better. Easy for Leckie to slot back in as well...
  3. Can anyone advise on how to add one's membership to a Google Wallet on an Android? Also, did anyone get a members code for discounted tickets for the regular season? I've got a few people that want to come to a few select games ...
  4. Good, Nuno, Talbot and JMac are the only ones from last year's team on the pitch... pretty much completely new ball game. Def gonna tale time for us to gel. Jokalis hasn't got a final ball in him ... has been the way in every preseason game as well Overall team balance seems a bit off. We've got quality in the squad. Just not clicking. Will take some time. I think a bit of player rotation may help as well. If we are always going wide on attacks, at least try to get in behind ... this will suit Jmac. The Brazillian seems he has a few nice tricks. He should start over Jokalis
  5. Thanks for letting me know guys - it pains me greatly to give Paramount my money - it is a horrible streaming service
  6. Does anyone know if there is a Paramount discount in this year's membership deals?
  7. ... will Murphy1 also return?
  8. I have unbridled hate towards this service ... its literally the worst ... EVER!!! From the crappy interface and streaming functionality for live sports, to the inability of the TV app to remember watch history, to the delays in getting access to replays. Its a disgrace to have to give them any money ... but how else can you watch away games, etc. Fack em ...
  9. FIFA recognises us as Premiers / Champions ... fuck the Finals cup. Terrible, terrible concept ... just look at the history of really shite one sided games ... it just doesn't work to produce a true champion The sooner they piss it off the better. Last game of the season should be the Australia cup. Least that has some legitimacy. Harper and Beath are genuine cunts
  10. I also think the football purest are just not into the Finals Series. Let's face it, we are champions. They've already given us a proper trophy recognised by FIFA and that gets us into the ACL. The blatant sting and cash grab for finals just doesn't sit well, especially given the cost of memberships, and like mentioned above the limited benefit you get for being a paid up member come finals. To me, if they did a proper Australian Cup, and timed it better throughout the season, that could be the final game of the year. It would be a lot more genuine, and I reckon worth paying for (rather than it being a dodgy pre-season fixture).
  11. I went to all home games this year, but not going to this one ... Very little reward for members (and I am a foundation one) ... Ive forked out decent money all year on the club ... really, should be better deals or tied into memberships ... for this game, for me to reserve my yearly seats for my family is $170 Feels like a hollow game, will be watching (and screaming at the TV ... i think its of Free to air) ... will be doing the lads a favour as they'll have a small crowd in Sydney if we make the GF Fuck Sydney. hope we pump them
  12. He was doomed to fail because he's not a good coach. Also, his style is not one suited to Europe ... maybe the English 3rd division
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