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  1. Crikey. Didn't think I was ever going to reach the end of your list. What on earth do some of those titles even mean AND where is there any evidence of product from them?
  2. Always has been. What the public see is a reflection of management.
  3. On this note - I would like to get in touch with whoever is running the current Active group as I cannot find any contact information. Could you please send me a PM.
  4. This echoes the hospital episode on Yes Minister.
  5. And with the support and backing of the club
  6. There has been "something wrong" with this club for quite a while and it is certainly a lot deeper than players and coaches. There is a total lack of passion, excitement and pride in every aspect of it. The team fails to give joy or a belief that they will perform each week. The club is a faceless corporation. The supporters are not made to feel a part of the club. It so appears to be a business focussed on the financials. One wonders where we would be without the loyal, rusted on soccer tragics. I know I am a miserable bugger but it frustrates me. So much that could be and isn't.
  7. I will be looking after this thread while JW1739 attends the Germano Rehabilitation Centre - could be a loooong recovery!! I am also just a little worried that his injury is a dirty, rotten plan to attract sympathetic help.(It is.) Anyway, here is the latest update: 3 April 2024 by jw1739 while mjake1234 takes an undeserved holiday and is clearly not up to the job anyway. Goal scorers: Australia Cup: 4: Tolgay ARSLAN (2 Pens.) 3: Jamie MACLAREN 1: Alessandro LOPANE : Curtis GOOD Asian Champions League 2: Tolgay ARSLAN 1: Aziz BEHICH : Max CAPUTO : Alessandro LOPANE : Jamie MACLAREN : Callum TALBOT : Marin JAKOLIS A-League 12: Tolgay ARSLAN (1 Pen.) 9: Jamie MACLAREN 6: Leo NATEL 5: Terry ANTONIS (1 Pen.) 3: Benjamin MAZZEO 2: Steven UGARKOVIC : Marin JAKOLIS 1: Matthew LECKIE : Max CAPUTO : Marco Tilio : Alessandro LOPANE : Curtis GOOD : Nuno REIS : Hamza SAKHI : Samuel Souprayen : o.g. (Perth) Home Attendances: Australia Cup: ("Home" matches played "away" at non-League clubs' grounds not included) 27/08/23: vs. Sydney: 2,267 Asian Champions League: 20/09/23: vs. Ventforet Kofu: 3,245 08/11/23: vs. Buriram United: 2,472 A-League 21/10/23: vs. Western United: 10,089 03/11/23: vs. Sydney FC: 5,303 12/11/23: vs Macarthur: 5,712 17/12 23 vs Central Coast 5,906 23/12/23 vs Melbourne Victory 25,884 28/12/2023 vs Brisbane Roar 6,322 25/01/2024 vs Adelaide 6,092 09/03/2024 vs Wellington 4,461 (Temp was 36C) 12/03/2024 vs Western Sydney 2,182 (a record low) 30/03/2024 vs Newcastle 5,534 14/04/2024 vs Perth Glory 4,580
  8. I actually don't think it's primarily the fans at fault. What we have is an entertainment product. I feel it all starts with the club. If they actively promoted themselves and delivered an entertaining atmosphere this would attract more spectators. More spectators gives more atmosphere and attracts more spectators - and here we go.
  9. "I think it's up to the clubs to control their own fans." And the best way to do this is to have genuine close cooperation with active.
  10. Interesting comment from Daniel Lévy on why he appointed Ange Postecoglou at Spurs "who understood our DNA, would play attacking football, that would give young players a chance, believe in the academy, would build a relationship with the fans and understand the resources that we have and don’t have as a club and be part of a team." Sounds exactly what we want from our coach, club and players
  11. Agreed. Would be a great way to acknowledge what the girls have done for women's football and football in general to have whoever is available from the Matildas squad do a circuit before the game in an open vehicle.
  12. And a lot of that atmosphere comes from having a strong active group. Something that MCFC needs to support and promote.
  13. Thank you JW. Knew nothing about the FSAA. I have now joined - it seems to be free?? This is just what was needed. Hopefully they will gain traction and become a strong supporter voice.
  14. Am I wrong or does this show that, despite who we have as a manager, the best we can expect is to win 50% of our games 😂😂
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