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  1. Agreed. Did I want to win, of course! Am I upset now, not at all - I’m completely fine with it as it tells the story of this team, no more paper over the cracks. I’ve been a lot more emotional during other games. Bring on next season without PK!
  2. Jenkinson was a big part of the dysfunctional forward play. However in fairness. Galloway has been injured.
  3. No, we have a coach who’s worse than JA. Just worked on Mombearts legacy, stuck to the process, couldn’t even recruit properly by himself. We’ve not beaten any top opposition this season. This is deserved and I can live with it. This team isn’t a cohesive unit and the dressing room has been gone for a while. At least they are using the salary cap as it should!
  4. Congratulations Western United! Thank you showing us that you can win by taking tactics, salary cap and recruitment serious! PK out.
  5. Big second half boys! Jenko off who’s played like a over aged giraffe.
  6. This almost needs to happen for people to realise that this is a team full of issues and even bigger coaching problems. You are playing a team who’s using their full salary cap and visa spots. Diamanti is injured still. I hope we can turn it around of course.
  7. This team has lost all drive, lacking ideas and the will to win.
  8. I don’t care what he’s won or if we still win the grand final, any coach can win titles with this club and resources. This guy has no clue how to coach against decent opposition. Enough of “stick to process”. He lives of individual quality to save his ass. This team isn’t playing for him, dressing room is gone. Completely wasted the recruitment this season as well. PK out, he must be go.
  9. Stick to the one dimensional slow process boys. We must be so easy to defend. In fairness this scoreline is deserved and completely in line with how we’ve been playing most of the season against good opposition.
  10. It will be slightly more than last years GF. I don’t see a reason why it would be near or over 20k. The appetite for the league is at an all time low.
  11. Can you update now please? At least then we know we get another signing tomorrow.
  12. Well he’s a Melbourne boy so won’t be surprised. We don’t need players like him, we have it covered as we have our Italian superstar Pucci!
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