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  1. I hope we all realize that have we missed out on significant prize money not getting out of the ACL group stages?
  2. Cup final also not important to you?
  3. Oh boy, we are willing to pay 2 million Euros?
  4. It’s an interesting comparison. Of course the FA cup counts, captain back then as well from memory. JMAC has set goal scoring records but also some less desirable ones such as being captain of the side clogging the biggest losses in the clubs history. All the grand finals (3x?) he’s played including the 2019 FA cup final we’ve lost.
  5. Maclaren has never won a final with us.
  6. There shouldn’t be an excuse for us, there is a minimum cap spend anyway. We pride ourselves in investment in facilities and academy runnings. We can just outspend the league again just like during the COVID days, we can become the benchmark and Petrilo is our hero again!
  7. It does look shambles at face value doesn’t it. Vidmar praised for the massive improvements he brought to the club and becomes permanent head coach. Nabbout and Leckie who barely were on the pitch last season, both at age, get 2 year extended contracts. Meanwhile underperformers Jeggo, Urga and Talbot are still under contract. With the big announcement of releases yesterday, can we expect that players Reis and Young who are also out of contract that they are likely staying. Presumably still being under negotiations.
  8. Embarrassing and out of touch.
  9. Every year they seem to go on this long well deserved vacation and nothing gets published but yeah you have a point.
  10. 2 year Leckie marquee deal hasn’t been confirmed by the club?
  11. What do we think of this? Coaches award is for best coach? Perhaps it’s a little too early for some players.
  12. I’m fine with that considering JMAC was the benchmark marquee.
  13. This is correct, and people easily forgot that this was an important pillar of our succes. No magical recruitment and signings by Petrillo, no ground breaking coaching by PK - we just kept a good squad together because we could afford to do so. Nabbout and Atkinson actually signed with Perth at one stage and for various Covid reason including financials we managed to keep and or sign them. We actually let Atkinson go…..
  14. Minimal squad turnover with over a dozen players out of contract? Are we signing them all back up? Trust the process…
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