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  1. Maybe he must start when fit? Even other coaches kept playing when clearly running on one leg.
  2. That’s why I was curious to see how JVS stacked up against the others if you only look at City games played, and not take any heart games into account.
  3. The win ratio seems to be being brought down by the Heart days if you look Australia. Not fully clear in such an overview.
  4. How many of the 144 games did JVS coach under heart?
  5. The fact that you keep referring to JVS as Van Shit is telling.
  6. JVS, Valkanis and Joyce didn’t play in a weakened league. By us being the only club who kept the full strength squad together during the PK & covid years just makes it very difficult to compare the times. JVS and Valkanis are now both at Ajax because they have no idea right?
  7. Many similarities reading this article out of the US, with interesting remarks from Marwood. Article is some months old. https://hudsonriverblue.com/city-football-group-brian-marwood-comments-on-taty-castellanos-nycfc-ex/
  8. With some exceptions (Arlan/Leckie) the bulk of the players are simply not good enough for the current top of the A-league, some never were others are passed it. Whilst this a team sport and with better cohesion we can certainly improve to get comfortably in the top 6. However overal this group isn’t top two material, you can see that on individual player levels purely by looking at strength, speed, technical ability and decision making. Being stuck in the past and going on about how good our player list is not realistic but that’s the complacency which brought us here. Management and us fans are perhaps constantly under estimating the speed and physicality of the league. Signing Jeggo long term is another example, looked interesting on paper but the reality is very different.
  9. What makes you think there is nobody else available? People calling for PK have completely forgotten or are ignoring under what circumstances the succes was achieved. Besides there is some concerning proof on the table now about his capabilities. No PK would not do better with this squad.
  10. It's a poor cameo so far, several letharghic looking turn overs. Yeah that turnover at own box in the 95th minutes just when are about to break was telling. I'll take a point, lucky Sydney can't score.
  11. He's only had a couple of games but is more like a passenger, opposition mostly comes out on top in the challenges. Going forward nothing significant has been noted. As others have noted, we have too many of those players already.
  12. Do you find Jeggo looking very light as well? Easily dispossed and often second at the ball.
  13. Marquee money is for the best 24 footballers in the league. Do we trust the club on this?
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