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  1. As always we don’t know what influence there is on the recruitment. Perhaps we have just recruited wrong (early impression). Some players appear too light / not ready. We haven’t addressed the aging backline and we keep ignoring that we aren’t up to ACL standards in the CF spots. Rado’s style is perhaps a little lazy with giving players more freedom and some players struggle with that. He’s also seems to have a personal issue with Galloway, I can figure out why he’s not getting any minutes. Injuries don’t help and Natel is an unknown.
  2. I could clearly hear what they were signing; ”where are your flares, we travelled for the flares”
  3. I’ve said this many times before but you almost play with 10 man at times if you can’t involve your CF in combination and hold up play.
  4. Well we know issues at the back already, the rest just doesn’t seem have any idea how to attack.
  5. There is no fire in this team, everybody plays a little meh.
  6. Concerning how his tall slowish striker just runs a away from him.
  7. How fortunate that we get to play lower league teams in the UCL. Bar Young, every player has had horrible touches.
  8. Urka has been very poor. We struggle with their quick close in speed.
  9. We have no idea nor a real idea in these first 15 minutes. Technically the Japanese players are better.
  10. Why not go straight back into work after the game? Much more efficient that way.
  11. Excellent. I hope that they announce it that way. Red away is here to stay!
  12. yes https://www.australiacup.com.au/news/australia-cup-2023-semi-final-fixtures-drawn
  13. Yeah nah that’s just odd that the game isn’t on a Sunday. The conspirator in me says this helps Sydney but what can be the reason?
  14. We might have learned from it but you can’t change the fact that we have very little pace and closing speed at the back 5. Then in typical City playing style; possession game in the opponent’s half with some of our full backs moved up, we will get caught out a lot.
  15. He reminds of an exotic Peter Crouch with ice skates, he looked uncomfortable last night.
  16. Isn’t he injured and comes with one leg?
  17. That rule still stands! Haha Victory brought Fornaroli in to replace Spiranovic last season I believe.
  18. So Natel is not the injury replacement for Nabbout?
  19. It’s fairly obvious what happened right. Metrostars lost their cool after that last minute penalty and clearly opened the social media debate themselves - if anyone is unprofessional its them. Nothing wrong with how Petrillo responded.
  20. So he’s an injury replacement? If not, we might sign another player.
  21. So because Mumbai and Melbourne are in west and east regions it’s okay? I think CFG owns only a small stake in Yokohama.
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