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  1. Can’t watch but sounds more that we can’t score anymore. Leckie saved our asses way too often.
  2. It’s very Australian to defend PK as we did here, results help of course.
  3. 100% Was never going to end well, bully and shirt fronting coaches don’t work in more sophisticated leagues especially if you are lacking tactics. That’s not to say good coaches can’t get angry. PK, great player and club captain, I’m grateful he’s continued the good work for us but ultimately the cracks started to appear to longer he was on his own. It was always very difficult for PK to communicate and articulate properly, I feel for him being in a foreign country where a big majority doesn’t speak English. Very odd that indeed there’s nobody local among the support staff.
  4. What about finishing the easy chances we create?
  5. Bench him and if it’s really required come on.
  6. We can blame Rado but no team can cope and replace an Injured Jmac and Leckie. Raphael is gone too so we are suddenly very thin going forward. What was up with VDV?
  7. Yes something wasn’t right we just struggle when he doesn’t finish.
  8. Did we have anything more exiting on the bench? I understand why Reis came on, to close shop.
  9. Hogan and Peios on the bench, what do we know about them? VDV injured.
  10. Very impressive with 10 man for 90 minutes and with WSW knocking on the door most of the game.
  11. Yes sorry, I meant not surprised he’s on the radar in Europe again.
  12. Well the others are always able to contribute in other ways, be part of the play, or create chances. Other player aren’t specialised in goal scoring, as that’s what he is there for. If JMAC doesn’t finish we just struggle that’s a fact. There was a time he also finished those more difficult chances. At the moment we win or loose with JMAC. Looking at most recent losses, he’s missed a few who turned to out to be game defining.
  13. He did win the double with an inherent squad!!!
  14. I don’t feel that we ever dominate possession against Sydney that’s my point, that just makes me uncomfortable to watch. Against Adelaide we just always make mistakes.
  15. I have the same feeling. I've come to the conclusion that is because most games and most most parts of the games despite the score line they play better than us. We don't like that as we are more comfi when we have the ball in our possession. Players like Loly, Burgess and even Caceras on the ball, dangerous without an end. product.
  16. Seems more the opposite in this clip? Not happy in the first but more in control in the second. https://m.facebook.com/aleagues/videos/905575217306891/?extid=NS-UNK-UNK-UNK-IOS_GK0T-GK1C&mibextid=2Rb1fB&refsrc=deprecated&ref=sharing&_rdr
  17. Sorry disagree, the initial shot landed well truly in the keepers reach and he would have had a hand on it, and you can clearly see that in his movements. Replay from behind the goal is very telling it just changed direction. A slight deflection so close to the shot taker pushes the ball out even further away from the keeper. As it was so close to him it’s hard to notice. Impressive run but that deflection caused it not to be in my top 10 of best goals for Heart/City. Sorry. He scored a better similar goal earlier in the season IMO.
  18. Do we want to go back to long balls to JMAC? I’m glad we try to play out and play to our strengths. When we have a CF who can hold up play and can control a ball under pressure we can reconsider. Our wingers drop deep to help out in defence. You’ve mentioned last night that when we broke out quick, through JMAC more often than not we turned it over due to some poor passes. There was a patch in where we failed 2 or 3 times in a space of 5 minutes and we stopped doing it eventually to maintain possession or only when there was more time or space.
  19. I’ve seen a few saying that but nobody noticed that it took a significant deflection big enough to put Redders on the wrong foot? Credit for the run for sure.
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