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  1. New home kit with white shorts looks really good in todays presentation of the league commencing.
  2. You are forgetting the back pockets of their CBS.
  3. That’s the same every year. Even some seasons back the club blamed a company in South Australia for the late arrivals. Is this the same with other clubs? Longest off-season in the world just saying…..
  4. Geez that is poor. I wonder what went wrong (again)…..
  5. So what he means is that the CFG pressured him to go early in order to make a transaction on the books and avoid walking transfer free a year later?
  6. Or aren’t following the club closely and haven’t watch us play by the end of last season and this pre-season? Every season with PK will be one small step back. Only the new recruits can save this team. The forward big three just don’t seem to understand each other at all , after all this time together - so they need to start clicking too. JMAC and Nabbout had the poorest field play season since joining for their high standards (and continued that in pre-season). Other clubs might still be shitter than us and we might still win something but we certainly haven’t build the dominant force we hoped to be, I hoped to be. Nothing toxic, nothing pessimistic just the expectations that come with a top club.
  7. I still don’t understand what was wrong with W-League.
  8. I guess consistency and traditions are highly valued by our club.
  9. 14 days to go until the league starts and VDV hasn’t played a single minute in the longest pre-season in the world. Was he this injury prone in Europe too?
  10. A few weeks until the season start and it’s super quiet from the membership team and league in general are they waiting for the footy to finish? Or they super active in the Eastern suburbs now?
  11. I remember this being the case with the previous friendly as well, we only wrap up and show our forward play and chances.
  12. Game highlight seems to be a 3rd minute Macca overhit cross labelled as a world class chip.
  13. Looking at the pre-season results it takes me back to the Heart days. It’s only pre-season some might say. Have we actually beaten anyone?
  14. The Dutch still has not played. PK persistent with Leckie in Midfield?
  15. Anyone watching the CCM match?
  16. Perhaps the club should put out supporters vote to make it mandatory to display the colour red in a small percentage on the home kit. Would be interesting to see the results? Or we create one on this forum to test the sentiment.
  17. Whilst I agree on the touch of red, in fairness they’ve bumped up the red to away kit and we hate to be a carbon copy of Manchester.
  18. Love it! Gone are the PJs
  19. Home shirt is my favourite this season, I reckon with white shorts it will look clean and class.
  20. Excellent! Anybody know if we get white shorts with the home kit?
  21. Lam not on the list?
  22. I’m excited about this signing, looks like there is a bit of attitude there we might need to regain control of our midfield. Let’s hope he doesn’t clash with PK. “Work hard, stick to the process, repeat and we will slowly ease him in”
  23. That’s it and perhaps several people would have left hence the little interaction from the club.
  24. I’m the last one to let the club of the hook of course….. but I’ve seen several office functions from commercial to designers being advertised with the club in recent months. Could it be that we’ve lost back office staff with the move from Bundoora to Casey?
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