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  1. This moment was always going to come, there was plenty of smoke. He’s out of contract. With our ambitions, we can’t keep aging marquee players who arguably don’t improve the team. Can’t blame him though, good money and Auckland is a nice place to live.
  2. A painful read for the happy clappers among us. It’s the complacency I’ve mentioned a couple of times now. The only thing the article doesn’t address is that some of our players just aren’t top of league standard.
  3. This is not true of course, you are making the false assumption that all the other teams in recent weeks played exactly the same as Victory. They just didn’t, most left some midfield passing lanes open, let us pass around on the mid way line and forced the turn over much higher up field, resulting in a a quick break against our high line. Victory did not none of the above, had the midfield closed off and pressed a lot earlier. I’m convinced that if the space and time was there we would have played the exact same way as in recent weeks. The different players coming in, mainly Leckie with the early and forced quicker long balls as we adapted in the game just played in our hand a bit, that doesn’t mean we had system change. However I agree that his must be considered going forward. We do have the habit of falling into our old ways quickly. Another thing you’ve failed to explain if this was all dressing room premeditated, why only strategic changes against Victory? We’ve seen two similar games them.
  4. I like that, however we have seen Jakolis play his best football on the left as an inverted winger. Can we swap them around?
  5. Girls have lost the top spot now, healthy lead completely gone. Unfortunately with all the departures they haven’t won a game for a while.
  6. Do we think Arslan and Leckie can both play in midfield together?
  7. It’s not a different system though, if Victory would have left space in midfield we would have not used the long ball - you see that right? First you talk about a clear system and tactic change, only used for both Victory games. Now it’s just our perception - I’m confused. I’m afraid that nothing has changed on that front, these 2 games are no indicator that suddenly Vidmar has a different approach, despite us really wanting to see this. I agree with some players coming back in, with Leckie in midfield it does suit some players better.
  8. Victory played 1:1 in the midfield so there was no space there to play there anyway. Urga was often ignored but moreso Jeggo doesn't always put in the hard yards to give a passing option through midfield (next game watch Jeggo closely, he just cruises behind the opponents). This is where Leckie was at his best making in himself available to be played in, he even dropped to pick up the balls. I acknowledge the difference quick long ball approach but I still remain of the opinion that we were forced to do this rather this being a tactic or system change.
  9. Besides some different players coming in, I did not notice anything different in tactics or system. Due to the Victory pressure we struggled to put passes together and went often long, what I witnessed was a result of the opponents tactics not something we opposed ourselves. This why is both games looked so similar. Be keen to hear why you believe only against Victory, Vidmar opted for a different system or tactics, because I didn’t see it.
  10. Is this the longest drought period in his career? I think I’ve mentioned it before, JMAC is captain now (wrongfully so) and something is brewing behind the scenes in terms of relationships and contract - I think Vidmar doesn’t want to put anymore oil on the fire. Not scoring and not being able assist the forward line with ball on feet is costly when the game needs it. Most CBs have him easily covered nowadays, there was a time he was double guarded creating space elsewhere. We have other issues as well of course this is just one of them.
  11. A draw and Leckie coming off injury free would be our best outcome.
  12. Honestly can we just stop giving the ball to Talbot in the forward half.
  13. Not convinced about Jeggo yet, gets outmuscled a fair bit, second in most tackles and just wants the easy passes. On a technical level this is a downgrade to Sahki. Jeggo atm is too similar to Urka.
  14. Yeah good shot at the end, but really rusty like he doesn't expect the opponents to be so close to him and then being bit easy on the pass and ball, means most get turned over.
  15. If you mean JMAC, we would have a couple more looks on the break with a little better ball control.
  16. Tilio and Galloway way too many turnovers in these first 30 minutes. Jeggo is looks very light for this DM role. If it wasn't for Leckie we would have not left our own half. Victory are setting up very well, we struggle to put some meaningfull passes together.
  17. By bringing an attacking player in the midfield could certainly help with tidying up our midfield.
  18. That’s the onfield leadership we are talking about: being vocal and time the presses accordingly.
  19. 4 weeks for saying to the ref that it will be covered in the media that the referee isn’t doing his job.
  20. How do you see building a system around one player? Also screams that we missing good leadership on the field, perhaps with Jamo he was talking and coordination more infield.
  21. That’s only a yellow card offense IMO.
  22. Lam departure was publicized straight after the GF, almost in the same articles as VdV. Are you saying the CFG didn’t have time and then signed Soups? I don’t have the calendars in front of me but it seemed there was plenty of time there. Atkinson and Bos didn’t leave around the same time also they play on opposite wings, I’m failing to see the mitigation factor in the clubs favour here. However the signing of Behich was excellent I have no issues there.
  23. On the backline, nobody forced us to sign Young, Behich and Soup. Talbot has gone backwards. Perhaps committing to Reis was one season too many. This is just complacency and under estimating the speed and strength of this league.
  24. Perhaps this is related to facilities etc… For players I understand that we run on a strict budge as you say anything more might not be justified. We are not always being the top spender in the competition as we have an internal cap on marquee players. Often we don’t even know who our marquee players are as they are all of similar quality as the capped designated players. On the justification part, with a little more quality we could have easily earned some of the money back by progressing in the ACL.
  25. In the glimpses we’ve seen he looks more comfortable on the ball, bigger frame to hold up play and good in the air. Not a finished product of course but it’s something we miss up front when the space isn’t there at times. It’s an annoying and complex situation, your aging marquee captain not standing up when needed most and then out of contract. We do have history of not taking JMAC despite being on one leg.
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