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  1. Agree. Largely i think the performances have been pretty good under Rado, but the uptick in risk taking for a return in attack is obviously exposing us at the back and making it very clear how teams should play against us ie Park the bus, hope we are a bit off in attack and then slice us up on the counter/set pieces if the chance presents.
  2. Not taking three last night has opened the door ever so slightly for Adelaide, WSW aren't in the race. Realistically 8 points is still pretty likely to be enough, so we are def in the box seat, but it would sure be nice if WSW can do a job and basically kill off their run.
  3. Agree, tbh i actually think Roar on that day, and perhaps Adelaide last week have been the single best performances anyone has had against us all season.
  4. Almost certainly means they are getting a Roos call up.
  5. Good on him. Happy for him tbh. Has copped a fair bit of flack over the years for one tiny stint at Roar, and is one of the leagues genuine nice guys. Can't say we havent been playing some really good looking stuff attack wise over the last month or so either.
  6. I dont think its that likely Berenguer will pull up stumps just yet tbh. If he plays the season out i see no reason why he wouldnt go around again, esp at the right price. His family seem fairly settled here imo.
  7. He was the OG Lachie Wales. Hard worker, always in the right spots, but couldnt finish his breakfast.
  8. I suspect the break glass option if O'Neill goes down is that Lam moves up and Nuno slots back in at CB
  9. bt50


    I hope they do sack Popa, cos they won't be better off for it. They won't get a better coach than him without paying through the nose for it, and we all know that isnt overly likely. Think its far more a funk laying over their club than it is anything to do with the quality of gaffer they have there tbh.
  10. Sure, but if its just for a game or two then we can make do. If Jmac goes down with something more serious, then we can use the injury replacement rules to bring in a more credentialed striker for a more appropriate amount of money.
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