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  1. Agree, and i think its also a reason the Asian teams are doing a bit better than usual. Most other teams don't get to play in conditions like these that often, albeit its in conditions of the year that are far cooler than what you cop throughout April to September, and the asian teams are much more used to it.
  2. Well barring a Tunisian win over France, a draw against the Danes sees us through to the Round of 16. I think the game in Australia will get a significant shot in the arm from the Tunisian win anyway, but geez theres some real potential to lay some significant foundations if we can progress here.
  3. Pretty good signing as an injury replacement imo
  4. Dub signing for sure, probably Maria Rojas
  5. I dont think we have a single player on our list that could be considered that tbh.
  6. I think the terms 'best player' and 'most important player' are not necessarily the same things and as Jovan alluded too, sometimes the glue isnt the most obvious part in a machine, but its what holds the rest together. In that sense i think Jamie is definitely underrated on here by some, and whilst he's not the sort of player you look at frequently in terms of votes, he's without a shadow of a doubt one of our most important players in the team.
  7. Confident of a win, but a bit wary. Newy away are a far different proposition to Newy at home. Very big game in terms of setting up a commanding lead going into the WC break
  8. I think the argument is prob that its almost certain that neither will start at any stage, so you almost want a body of work thats off the bench as a reference point. And on that point i think kuol is the winner
  9. If youd asked me at 7pm id have said yes, but i think following Kuol's cameo he will go instead.
  10. To me it didnt really feel like anyone stood out on the weekend tbh, not sure what others thought.
  11. I still think its a clear and obvious error either way as the player slides into jmac and makes absolutely no contact with the ball. Jmac also gets a touch just prior to the contact, but either way i feel like its a moot point once Wootten leaves the ground and cleans a player up. No amount of whinging will change it now i guess, but i feel like that one was more a case of ref not wanting to admit he got it wrong than any objective view of it tbh.
  12. Im entirely fine with their goal. Shouldnt be lost to the fact that was quite a sweetly hit goal ha. There's no way that player is actually affecting the keeper. If anything it just adds salt to the wound to the fact we were denied a toilet seat on the back of a shithouse decision. My major gripe is that penalty that wasn't paid. The commentators on the replay made it out as though Jmac having control was a factor; fucking horseshit it is. You can't slide tackle a player in the box and make no contact with the ball period. Stonewall pen imo and ultimately cost us three points.
  13. Genuinely pumped for today. Bringing the full tribe down and hoping we'll get a good performance and result to go along with it.
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