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  1. That would include membership seats already sold for a normal home game so in theory, other than a smattering of freebies and promotional tickets, the finals number should be pretty close to what has actually been bought this week.
  2. For me Tilio is far more effective off the bench and for that reason I'm starting Flo. Flo will also be better for the run, and might be a better weapon against a low WU block, which i expect they'll do from the start. The main selection dilemma for me is Griff v Gomulka. On form its Griff, but imo the slower, older Adelaide midfield was more suited to Griff's game, whereas a zippier counter attacking WU will be more up Gomulka's alley, in which case i'm opting for him.
  3. Most of them were anti-mandate rather than anti-vaxx, fwiw.
  4. Tbf i generally agree with you with respect to attendances etc, although i do think its of a bit more interest being a grand final and getting the atmosphere that game deserves. All signs points to getting very close to 20k and i think that will be an amazing result for these two clubs, and hopefully give the league a bit of momentum into next season. And tbh, part of me is looking forward to the crowd being notably bigger than MV's 'semi' on Saturday just to rub the point in for their constant attendance bullshit. No one actually cares but if you're going to insist on it being so important fuck oath im going to give it to you when you're outdrawn comfortably by the two minnows in town haha
  5. IMO ticket sales point to it being pretty close to the 20k mark at the moment, and if theres a late run on l2 tickets who know where it ends up. FWIW the official capacity of level 2 is 9,983, so by inference a sold out level 1 should get you pretty close to 20k with all the corporates full; which they will be for a GF. For context, our best non-derby attendance to date is 18,751 for the 2016 FFA Cup Final, and WU's is 6,888 (being their first game)
  6. I think anything over 20k will be an outstanding result to be honest, in the context of the crowds this season and across the board.
  7. I think add Jenko and Leckie to that as well. Both have spent long periods of time in the wilderness and will be hungry for that success.
  8. Top deck has just opened up. Looks like theres not heaps available from the North cornerflags back now.
  9. Id say so, ultimately in active it doesnt matter, buy wherever and sit where you like. Esp if you're in one of the side bays, you'll always find somewhere as everyone crams into the main bay
  10. There's 4 bays reserved to their 3 so, no. But they only open them up one at a time, presumably so they can convert them to Cat C later in the week if sales arent as expected. We had a sold out 14k last year with the cloud of covid hanging over, i reckon we should be good for at least that again. WU should attract around 4k for a gf i reckon so i def think 20k is on the table. If i was a betting man i'd suggest 18-19k.
  11. Certainly felt like the best crowd and atmosphere we'd had in a long time, last years GF not withstanding.
  12. I'd keep him at the right price, say sub 300k. But i doubt we'll have the opportunity to keep him at those numbers and i definitely wouldn't pay overs. Hes solid and serviceable and has the flexibility to play CB, but hes hardly setting the house on fire either.
  13. Agree and understandable they fell into the trap. I do think the writing was on the wall a bit when a young Melbourne City side ran absolute rings around them in that grand final last year and they couldnt keep up, esp in the front third.
  14. Id give him 20-30 off the bench tomorrow night with the view to start him on Sunday. You want minutes in his legs before the GF and we've seen in the past hes taken a few runs post injury to get going, but we also need to make sure we dont rush him either. Thats about the right balance imo.
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