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  1. I've never been more indifferent to a game of football in my life.
  2. Ramos is off contract from Sevilla. Petrillo loves an old, injury prone visa CB.
  3. I'd suspect these awards still go on, more likely they just didn't include them in this article.
  4. Just feels typical of the current state of the club: lazy, uninspired, comfortable with mediocrity.
  5. Give them a million euros on the promise that they'll keep him forever.
  6. Yeah we might be back* icl *we are absolutely not back
  7. The more the merrier. Packing our four half-bays should be the absolute minimum. Up the fucking City.
  8. Been indifferent all week but walking to the ground now starting to shit it. UTFC
  9. Hate derbies, not used to lines at the bar. Into em, City
  10. I’m at women’s game and not watching, how bad on a scale of 1 - Adelaide Away?
  11. Where have you gotten that? I got my ticket for this weekends game against Sydney and it says it's at Casey Fields.
  12. Dirty CFG bastards just broke the womens record transfer fee twice this week. If I'm not mistaken acorss the mens and womens teams we've broken record transfer fees four times in the past year? CFG OUT.
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