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  1. Didn't realise this was on tonight! Hoping the boys don't ruin my weekend before it starts.
  2. When you realise we're the feeder club to Mumbai 🤯
  3. Maybe I'm remembering it wrong but I swear the adults tickets for the first two ACL home games were closer to 30?
  4. 43 bucks for a ticket is a joke. I think the club is trying to cash in on the strong contingent of away fans each ACL team has brought over. What makes it worse, is that the only Melbourne City supporters who would be buying tickets for this are ones without memberships, so when you get a chance to potentially re-engage them with the club, theres every chance they (fairly) sod it off due to the cost. Do better City.
  5. Give me a spell. He's fine, and that is the most generous description I could give him. He's long past his best, and I think you could make an argue for the last three seasons his decline has been pretty rapid. Like I've said on his forum before, while the club is going through a squad transition, I'd rather be putting this games into a young promising keeper i.e. Beach. Jamie Young might have been okay for a stop gap if we were in the hunt for trophies, but that clearly isn't the case. So my argument is really what's to be gained from playing him? He isn't saving us enough points to win anything, and when his contract is up, what then? Invest in young Australian goalkeepers - this club has done pretty well in the last half decade backing young Australian players and that for me was a point of pride.
  6. Mate, I was just joshing. I simply want Jamie Young out of my club, is that too much to ask? 😭
  7. From where I'm sitting, Youngs challenge has grounds for a contract termination.
  8. We look shit. Jets look shit. On for a pearler of a game.
  9. Maybe a hot take? But I think Glover was largely pretty decent for us. To me, goalkeeprs fall into trap more so than any other position that they can do ten good things in a game, one bad and people tend to only remember the bad. He started almost every game for the Austrlian U 23 teams, and when he was at City and playing regularly he was making Socceroos squads. Theres a reason he earnt himself a move to a decently sized championship club. And even if he wasn't perfect, there was obvious upside of him being a promising young australian keeper. With Jamie, hes obviously well past it, so whats to be gained from playing him? Might not be for everyone, but I'd personally rather start Beach every game and work through the teething pains - especially when we as a club are in a transitioning period.
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