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  1. Good to see a lot of the players posting the pre game info. Hopefully a good turnout at the pub tomorrow. Up the City Boys
  2. How was that goal by Mcnamara! A much improved second half from the goals after an even first 45 - in the end, deserved winners!
  3. Watching City on a Wednesday night - how good! Keen to get down for this game and see a good runout from a squad that I will assume be somewhat rotated. Players I'd love to see given a sniff: Gomulka in mid and Lesiotis. Think they are good young talents who deserve more minutes, they just have a mountain to climb to get near our starting XI. I also assume we'll see Nate start considering Galloway was subbed off.
  4. Now with Souttar out for a year, Good going to be getting the nod a lot more.
  5. Reds away always makes me nervous. Car full of mates are making the trip down, anyone else on the forum getting across?
  6. Great interview. A lot of really interesting insights.
  7. The A League Men are back! How we all feeling? My main curiosity is how we line up for this game with our Socceroos absent. Assuming Nabbout is right and raring to play, I'm of the opinion that our team is stronger with him in it. Both Galloway and Nate seem undroppable after their respective performances against South so that lends the question, do we leave the team as is? Do we drop Cola to the bench and start Nabbout as a number 9? Hoping to see our Italian Stallion at least make the bench. Also hoping for a solid crowd to see the boys out - somewhere around the 8k mark feels about right.
  8. Based on absolutely no inside information, I would be shocked if the game actually gets played at Broadmeadows. Frequent that ground a lot to watch the womens team, as well as I was there for Hume vs Port Melbourne in the Cup just last Wednesday - with a crowd of 450(ish?) it felt very full, the solitary grandstand was packed. Given (rightly or wrongly) the FA's desire to sell the most amount of tickets possible for this game, feel like they'll move it to a bigger location, especially if we're still working with reduced venue capacities. But where they move it to i'm not sure. Going back to Lakeside might be a good shout or they may opt for just moving it to AAMI Park. I'd love it to be at a local NPL ground but only time will tell.
  9. If you're in the neighbourhood before the game, City fans will be at the Limerick Arms (just off Clarendon St) before the game. Heading to the ground at 6:30
  10. A testament to the current club culture.
  11. https://www.melbournecityfc.com.au/news/a-league-women-squad-locked Probably a stronger squad than last season - feels good to have our first out and out striker in a hot minute. Keen to see what the A League Womens team can do this year.
  12. Just ✨ Australian Football Tings ✨
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