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  1. This. No away goals. Extra time and penalties.
  2. It's not proper until it's sub zero with windchill. I've done York City on an open terrace in January.
  3. Nah. The only player in that lot that I vaguely rate is Buhagiar, and we're not short of first change wingers in our squad.
  4. Now open to the general public. You've missed the members window.
  5. Yes, sausages would definitely rock.
  6. It doesn't surprise me. I've been a rusted on 10-11 home matches minimum for several seasons, and I bet I've only managed 5 or 6 this season. That's down to impossible scheduling. And there have been plenty who haven't attended at all because of covid. Let's get back to a more manageable schedule, get past covid, have something of a reset and then see where we are. Three things that get people going to matches are good atmosphere, entertaining football, and decent food/bevs. With small crowds we've been lacking atmosphere (but that's a longer run suppression of active terrace culture too), the football has been patchy (some of that is scheduling) and the food and bevs choice this year has been rank.
  7. I got the distinct impression that Metcalfe had won the 3-2-1 version. Had won it over Caceres (equal points) on countback having been man of the match three times, presumably compared to Caceres two or one. So effectively the commentators award.
  8. I suspect I may be getting lost between my Tobin's and Warren's.
  9. Delighted for him, but a bit rough on Florin, who surely was odds on until he got crocked.
  10. Suspect Griff is in his last season, certainly as a regular starter. Bringing either Bos or Tilio into either of those lines makes a big difference, and I suspect both with be first choice or regular starters next season.
  11. Interesting. Time for some more viable franchises. Tasmania, Canberra and Wollongong anyone?
  12. Definitely of the view that Gomulka is a genuine prospect, and his dead ball skills are key to that. If your crosses are in a place where the oppo defence can't deal with them, then how they end up in the net and off who is really immaterial.
  13. Is he an 8 or 10? Either might be useful...
  14. Yes, I fear we could easily go out in the semis. But then I thought that last year and we went to the 'neutral' venue close to Macarthur's home and got the job done. To all intents and purposes an away tie. Don't know whether the home and away format helps us or not.
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