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  1. Ref has already organised it. Someone has money on him getting sent off.
  2. Some Perth wombat has pulled the plug in disgust. They'd bought the ref and they still ended up behind.
  3. Seriously? No chance for me then. Not going to hang around that late after work, and I've got to get back to Lara after the match and be up to deliver a presentation the following morning.
  4. Good piece from Joey Lynch here. https://jdlmedia.news/2023/12/08/vidmar-hoping-hard-truths-and-honest-conversations-in-japan-spur-city-improvements/
  5. Too much aggression from Victory fans for me to want to attend derbies any more. Just don't enjoy the experience like I do other matches.
  6. Just had that confirmed on the TV commentary. Short tram ride or longish walk from the city. Could be feasible for those of us working in town that day.
  7. Is the venue Ikon Park, the oval in Carlton?
  8. Jakolis looks up for this. He may blow hot and cold, but today definitely warmer....
  9. Galloway sick apparently. Natel injured. Mazzeo one of our youngsters, came on last match. TBH if we're struggling let's give the kids a go. Give them some experience.
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