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  1. Briefly liked Central Coast until I saw some of the comments from their fans today. No solidarity at all over this APL decision. I really hope we smash the bastards.
  2. Mariners fans will turn out in numbers to save APL's face. Only outcome really is to bias GF strongly towards a NSW team and disadvantage City.
  3. I think it is to allow us all to make our travel plans...
  4. Yes, it looked to be that sort of size.
  5. Amongst my group I'm seeing a lot of occasionals and once a year attendees choosing to come to this one. Suspect we'll have lost some hard core regulars for this one, but there will be a fair number of more casual adherents instead.
  6. It seems pretty much in line with pricing for finals matches in previous years. And a one off City Blue ticket is well into the mid $30s. So it's not that much of a mark up from regular season matches.
  7. I always was. This part of the finals is unchanged so I see no reason to boycott. I accept others think differently.
  8. What the hell did Glover have for breakfast?
  9. Glover is having one of those matches where he is alternately awful and brilliant. Watching from behind the sofa...
  10. No idea why that was pulled up. What a waste. Should have the VAR crew for bringing the game into disrepute.
  11. Can't believe there's no thread. Anyway, O'Neill is out. Leckie starts. Berenguer, VdV and Berisha in midfield.
  12. I'd heard somewhere that Rafa had already signed somewhere else for next season. But we don't know who else is staying or leaving so a fair bit of this is going to be premature I guess. Tilio I suspect is gone, don't know about Nabbout, for example. We're going to get a few curveballs, but hopefully we'll have a while to wait yet because we have a final to play...
  13. No away goals. Don't know whether there's extra time before penalties.
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