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  1. I'm usually pretty optimistic at the start of the season. I'm not this time. Who knows I may be wildly wrong, but we looked poor towards the end of last season and we've looked poor in pre season. It's tactical, not our list, though I worry about VDV's injury run at the moment. We need to show we've worked out a better way of playing against WU in our first match, as our games against them so much summarised our problems last season.
  2. I've seen nothing to contradict my feelings about this season. We are going to be hammered, frequently, and we'll struggle to get anywhere near the finals.
  3. New kit is out and previewed in socials. Red and white looks decent.
  4. Hugely talented young prospect. Game changing pace and skills.
  5. There would be a tasty bench. O'Neill, Tilio, Berenguer, Bos... All of them players you could bring on to change the game if needed. As ever, it'll be about tactics, injuries, and whether our new signings get to play. At some point we're going to need to sign an Asian player, as we've got another ACL campaign this year.
  6. We can so wind up the filth with this one... Imagine if he scored against them...
  7. Berisha has already flown out, so that would be my bet.
  8. Really don't know this season at all. But I can see us struggling to make the six. Our list is, or will be, good enough, but our tactics are slow and predictable.
  9. You're one of the more optimistic amongst us BT, so when you come to that conclusion it has particular weight. We have got a decent squad and I'd be interested to see what they could do given different coaching.
  10. Think we'll struggle to make the six at this rate. We are poor and getting worse. It's not a lack of decent players, though we could do with a few ins. It's how they are being used and coached.
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