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  1. I was just about to add the same comment. To that I'd add Lacroix going down in a one on one challenge with Macca in the first half as a tactical move, which the ref fell for, the 'serious injury' when barely touched in the box just before half time, which broke the momentum of our attacking at the time, and a couple of really dangerous tackles in the second half which went largely unpunished when a yellow at least was warranted. This to add to Diamanti's "antics" and numerous other poor decisions. We still didn't play well, but this didn't help.
  2. Hmm. Not looking forward to the proper derby with any confidence right now. We're not clicking all over the field, and whilst we had the majority of the play and the chances last night, we were out thought. They had worked out how to defend against our structure, and whilst they didn't have as many chances, they pulled our defence out of shape enough to trouble us. Berenguer had one of his poor games, O'Neill struggled and Metcalf didn't have an outstanding game either. Leckie, as many have said (including me concerning previous games) isn't playing like an international or a marquee. What he should be doing was illustrated by Nabbout on the other wing, who is playing at his best and was a beast. Most of our best moves came from his work. We're off all over the pitch and we need to shuffle the pack. The obvious options are to bench Leckie and bring on Akka behind Nabbout (tough on Galloway but needs must). We need to hope Pucciarelli is ready soon, because Berenguer is inconsistent (last night got into lots of good positions then did nothing with the ball). Last season the key change appeared to be Nabbout's return to the squad, so hopefully this year Pucciarelli might have the same effect.
  3. Well it says WIN Stadium on the stands, and it is Wolves' home ground... But I'm happy to be corrected. It's why I was confused...
  4. Looking at a big stand, and I can't see the sea, so I guess that's the case...
  5. Obscure question. Watching the Wollongong match during half time. Have they got the cameras on the other side of the stadium from when Welly play there in the league?
  6. This is not going to be easy. Hume look better than South, and our line up isn't as strong. And to be fair the club Twitter came out with the news after the speculation had started...
  7. If Galloway is injured he's more likely playing right back on Saturday. But even soo I'm worried he's not even on the bench tonight. I hope this isn't another player frozen out.
  8. Victory are going to be insufferable this season. They are bad enough when they are being stuffed every week, but their overwhelming arrogance will be far worse now they feel they are back.
  9. Bos seems to be highly regarded, but what I've seen hasn't reassured me. His first action when he came on at South Melbourne was to miskick the ball into touch with no opposing players anywhere near him. I'm beginning to think, having seen two of our youth central defenders look very shaky last season, that we have a real problem developing young defenders. Akka is the success story, but I suspect his non appearance last night indicates some underlying issues there. As it is with Galloway now injured he is back in at left back. And I don't rate Glover, or our ability to identify and retain goalkeeping talent. There are at least three first pick keepers now playing in the A League that we have ditched. All I suspect better than Glover. He nearly got caught out in the first half last night, and certainly did for the second goal. Good saves elsewhere don't, for a keeper, compensate for regular brain farts. I want to focus on how brilliant Nabbout was last night, but too much else went wrong (and in the second half fade out against Brisbane) for me to feel at all comfortable.
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