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  1. I dont see the point of bringing someone new in before the season ends unless it gets totally beyond reproach, but id be very, very surprised if CFG were dumb enough to reappoint him at the same time. Get the wheels in motion now for a captains pick gaffer signing and hit the pre-season early and with momentum.
  2. Possibly on a transfer fee, but imo its more likely the option to male permanent was more about taking on the balance of a contract Auxerre wanted to offload. I cant see that he was so good wed have paid anything exorbitant as a transfer fee. A mutual termination renders the ongoing contract useless.
  3. i think its kind of irrelevant to a degree. In an environment where clubs are losing money hand over fist each owner has an imperative to try to balance the books. Its all well and good to say look who owns us but at the end of the day if we are an investment then ownership are prob not going to throw good money after bad.
  4. lol the criticism of this is a bit ridiculous imo. thats massive $$$, both for the player and the club, and tbh the drop from behich to galloway on the exposed form of this season is not all that far apart. total no brainer imo
  5. I think realistically 12 points guarantees us getting out of the group, but yes a win tonight gives us the benefit of needing to win just one of our last two to go through in first.
  6. Lately? 3 - Ugarkovic 2 - Reis 1 - Jakolis Don't think anyone was poor particularly, a lot of solid 7/10 performances.
  7. https://open.spotify.com/episode/1aTIgbroT9LeJsJ9yDfPnJ?si=82lKyzpuQLOu_TmdlmGjGQ
  8. I think we'll be largely sticking to the womens game or his career tbh.
  9. IMO good performance overall and even better result. We're still a fair way off but theres starting to be sprouts in terms of players showing a bit and gelling.
  10. Dario coming on to Talking City tonight and we are fielding some questions from the fans if any one has any?
  11. Dario coming on to Talking City tonight and we are fielding some questions from the fans if any one has any?
  12. We have one representative on it that is reporting back to the group.
  13. FWIW i dont even necessarily think we need to change our style of play per se, not in the entirety. But we need to have another string to our bow to throw in every five minutes or so, so that we're not so bloody predictable. Its way too easy to defend when you know what the opposition are going to do every single time.
  14. Whilst i'm as down in the dumps about last night and some of the cup games as anyone, youve overlooked a relatively impressive win over Welly in the middle there. IMO we need to get out of this arrogant mentality that we can just 'be patient' and eventually the goal will open up for us. Its boring, and very easy for opposition teams to defend when we don't keep them guessing. No one wants to see Aloisi style long ball as a new game plan, but we need to pump a few through behind the lines just to keep opposition guessing a bit.
  15. I reckon ive been to over 150+ City/Heart games, and that one was definitely up there with the worst. Boring, stagnant football where we insisted on trying to walk the ball into the net, to not even get anywhere close i might add. You wouldn't find Harry Potter at AAMI Park last night, because Callum Talbot the Dementor sucked the life and enjoyment out of everything he touched and the tempo that came from the mids and wingers was utterly non-existent. Jamie Young literally the only player that can remotely hold himself high after that, and i would hope that there's serious alarm bells ringing internally. They were no good whatsoever imo, we made them look half decent with an almost impressively lazy performance at this level.
  16. London Tavern is good for something a bit different.
  17. Eh i think this is a perfectly reasonable punt type signing to take. I dont think we'd have a wealth of cap space left, so a loanee makes sense, and at very least at one point in the last 5 years he was highly rated enough by Corinthians to put him on exorbitant wages. Will either flop and cost us very little, in a place that we have decent depth in already, or he'll fire and be a gun. Can't lose on this one imo.
  18. Rightfully imo, i think most of our fan base is more focused on the ACL next week. Not to mention this isnt a fixture we should lose in a month of Sundays.
  19. If we draw this game we prob don't deserve to get out of the group tbh. Easiest of the six fixtures, and a must win first up.
  20. I don't particularly agree tbh, or at least not in such a black and white terms. The capped nature of the A League means that its particularly difficult for A League teams to keep their best players the following season and actually have a go at the champions league. Generally, the teams that go to champions league from Australia tumble down the table in that season they play in that comp, from a combination of travel, small squads and that their best players have just departed after winning a trophy. I do agree that the A League does get humbled a little bit in the ACL and shows where we sit relative, but i also think the A League is a deeper and more competitive league than most of the other Asian leagues, it just doesnt have the money-bags clubs that can spend to keep/obtain the very best players in the region, which are obviously what the rest of the teams in that comp are.
  21. About right. I think we'll be still hoping to sign another mid, an 8 type to push Antonis and Lopane to the bench, and another CB or RB depending on what the view Souprayen as. The CB situation might be fairly fluid though, depending on whether good is staying or reis is being considered as a starter.
  22. Thats the pot not the group.
  23. I back us to turn Antonis around. Nabbout 2.0, mark my words.
  24. Blank Space was off the album 1989, which was the year Souprayen was born...
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