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  1. Sorry, but you read my frustration all wrong. I have supported clubs in my life who have never been world beaters or top of their league. Indeed my local NPL club is in the bottom half of the table. However what all of them had was passion, playing for the jersey, some predictability and the ability to sometimes produce the unexpected flash of brilliance. I have been supporting this club since its beginnings and can say I got a lot more pleasure in the Heart days. What I am now being served is frustration, exasperation, and no feeling of the passion and connection I used to get. MCFC is still "my club" but I will wait until they show more of what I desire in a club before I fully engage again.
  2. Right there is the reason I have finally pulled the plug on this team. Cannot stand the frustration of the inconsistency. PK in particular was always a disaster waiting to happen and it has been unsurprising to see the gradual loss of competence in the team from what it was like when he took over. Will continue to follow my local NPL side. Much more passion.
  3. Why does this team continue to disappoint? No drive, no enthusiasm, no passion, nothing to pump up pride, always a feeling of "almost". How can you play 19 games and draw 7 of them?
  4. I think he is a poor manager. He is very lucky to have had the quality of players in the team to make him look good.
  5. And there I was thinking PK was making intelligent use of his subs 😁
  6. That's the number that attend. There are probably many more who are staying low and watching at home at the moment and who will/could attend in the future if they are attracted.
  7. I doubt that given what I see as PK's inability to analyse games.
  8. I can't find them either. Try Ultimate a-league
  9. Distance is the only downside. Not just from central Melbourne (46km) but also from the nearest train station (Berwick) which is 12km away. Wonder what the rationale of it is. And are they maintaining any relationship with Latrobe Uni?
  10. None taken but agree that the walk out song ie club song, is a very important part of the atmosphere, pride and sense of belonging. Unfortunately I don't get that with our present choice.
  11. Doesn't blue and red make purple?
  12. Wasn't this used as the NRL promo song?
  13. Is anyone going to a pub near Surrey Hills to watch the game? If so PM me.
  14. Is Foxtel being ditched or is that wishful thinking. A-league needs to be more freely available to attract the non committed. A subscription service does not do this.
  15. He can obviously still work so I don't understand why he can't sit on the bench and direct. He doesn't have to be running and jumping around.
  16. Their website is extremely difficult to navigate and find relevant information on. However they have just announced that all games will be streamed via YOUTUBE. Think it might only be NPL, NPL under 21 and NPLW. Not sure if it includes NPL3
  17. Please ban @JW1739 and @Hanz. This sensible, logical stuff has got to stop. Not that we haven't asked for all this before but it's obviously not what MCFC want to hear. Too much like hard work being "innovative"
  18. What CFG needs to do is treasure its fans but, more importantly, treasure the active. The atmosphere that they generate is what makes the game so good. It has certainly diminished and, whilst there are several factors, I would put some of the blame squarely with CFG and their top down approach. Active, like most of the fans now feel incidental. It doesn't take much effort but CFG just need to show some encouragement, support and inclusion.
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