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  1. PheonixBall is so boring wow We're terrible but at least it's entertaining to watch city games as a neutral or casual
  2. My water bottle smells so bad I gave it to the security guard to put out the fire from the flare🤣
  3. And they wonder why people call city fans plastic.🤦‍♂️
  4. Hopefully it means the city terrace /melburnians will be back next year
  5. Surely we see the reappearance of the trumpet
  6. 'Hmmmm, if 60% of the victory and city fanbase have sport commitments on a Sunday, let's make the game at 3pm so then 5k people can go, that's an awesome idea!😄👍'
  7. 3pm Sunday Derby elimination final Absolutely disgraceful
  8. It was introduced in 21/22. Remember in 2022 we played Adelaide away it was 0-0 then we played Adelaide at home and it was 2-1
  9. Unless we make the Semis, which is 2 legs
  10. I'd be very disappointed if it's less than 8k today
  11. Yeah good one Victory 🤦‍♂️
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