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  1. Start is a mare, bit of bad luck in both, but we're looking a bit impotent going forward.
  2. moops

    Tom Glover

    Maybe being kept out of the national youth side after being a perennial shoe in, has woken him up a bit. Credit where credit is due though.
  3. moops

    Tom Glover

    Two very good keepers who definitely make a huge difference, probably the top two in the league.
  4. At the start of the WSW v Nix game.
  5. Yeah and I think the referee's, but I could be wrong about that.
  6. Alex Tobin medal winner, surprised, but delighted for him.
  7. Nabout has been looking pretty angry the past 5 games or so, but tonight he looked furious for some reason.
  8. A bit nervous there at the end, that's it though, top!
  9. Tards won, so we're in second, two points behind with a game in hand. Adelaide 2-1 half time.
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