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  1. Tillio MOM performance so far, nice goal as well.
  2. Tillio has been very good, put in a mountain of work, we've pretty much controlled the game but they have just parked the bus.
  3. Was SEN doing radio coverage, you could try that out?
  4. Tbh looking at a few highlights and that's not a lot to go by, the team needs a major overhaul, he could do worse than getting a couple more A League lads in, he was put into a tough place player wise. Though it seems his subs policy hasn't changed and he is as rigid as ever.
  5. That would be an amazing signing, doubtful he would come though, would probably want big money.
  6. https://www.thefa.com/football-rules-governance/lawsandrules/laws/football-11-11/law-14---the-penalty-kick
  7. Same with Nuno, clearly got the ball, but they have been given and it was all the sniff the ref needed. I've always seen it as a cup, AFC see's it as a cup as well.
  8. Jesus, no foul again, the ref is trying hard. Talbot has had him in his pocket all game.
  9. Yeah, ha ha. Tilio needs to get involved more and we were more dominant when we started to play those quick passes.
  10. Pretty good half away from home, could easily have 4 goals, though those Glover saves were brilliant and saved our collective asses.
  11. Talbot has been pretty good so far, Tilio pretty quiet.
  12. Wow, so close to having two more, unlucky.
  13. No idea, so far we have had the raw end of the stick with officiating.
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