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  1. Great game from CCm v WSW, both of them look good and are catching up to us, our game is becoming a must win to keep the gap. Great game for the neutral though, I enjoyed watching that.
  2. Not great, we looked off from the start, a complacent showing from the boys. Nearly got it at the end there, as Aiden said, it was an off night.
  3. Yeah, it is more humid up there. Looking better so far this half.
  4. It was only 24c at the start of the game, not really hot.
  5. They are really protecting their wings, we have had good penetration going through the middle though. Our left is ineffectual, mostly because Jamieson is still playing the old way and is out of sinc with everyone, fair enough he's been out of the team for a while and has played CB recently, not really making a case for himself though. Glover made a good save, such a big turn around from last season. Our movement has been poor, we look complacent, Berisha is getting frustrated and it's effecting his ability. Rado needs to load the rockets up and change the mentality, get those 1-2's going again somehow.
  6. I don't even think they have a home training ground, let alone their promised stadium. Homeless isn't far from the truth.
  7. They have been pretty woeful, I can't see anything but a win.
  8. What a great game! The Nix were pretty good and so it was very entertaining to watch, some quality goals on display, enjoyable. Great to get a win when you play away to a team that takes it to you, really good stuff from the lads.
  9. Somethings not right with Nabout, last season he just looked angry all the time, this season he looks like he's just ineffectual, something must be going on behind the curtain.
  10. I think that overall the team is less predictable, as you say less hoofball. But there is less wing play as well, with runs being made in midfield with quite a bit more 1-2 passing. It's just more varied, there seems to be more/better off the ball movement as well, it's more a total football approach, where as Paddy was more rigid or controlling of the team. It does make us a little less effective defensively, but we seem a lot better in attack than before even in these early stages imho and I think it shows our reliance and trust in O'Neil more than ever, he is our linchpin and has more responsibility which is improving him and free's up players like Leckie and VDV. We have had a lot more open play chances and scored from them as well, most of our goals scored prior have been set pieces or penalties, where now we look dangerous in open play. It shows in the amount of good chances we create and playing through teams defences, last game was good in that players were shooting more readily, rather than looking to set up the perfect chance, to pass it into the net. Sure it was hot and movement wasn't as good because of it, but we seem more dangerous and unpredictable whilst still controlling the game and not losing a lot defensively, but that's more due to O'Niels roll and effectiveness. Do you see similar things? Edit: I also think that's part the reason why Nabout is struggling a bit, he has become a bit one dimensional and needs to play differently, he is capable and shown it in the past, so there's no reason why he can't.
  11. Kisnorbo has his first game tomorrow morning.
  12. Rough start, but he has shown improvements, I'm quite liking his adjustments in attack, I wouldn't mind him staying on and seeing what he can do?
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