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  1. Great lesson for Tillio against Ecuador. He was up against a world class defender who gave him ZERO time and space. He was still able to have a few touches. but because of the intense pressure, when his one or two good opportunities came to create something positive, he was too rushed, or missed the opportunities. At that level, you have to make your chances count
  2. He was immense for the Socceroos ... cannot see us being able to hold on to this guy ... he's ready for overseas.
  3. If we did away with our yips in front of goal we'd have won that game 3 times over ... especially if we scored first. They parked the bus, and welded up shop like in Mad Max 2. Our issue at the moment is not tactics. Its squad depth and player availability through injury, and like i said ... the yips in front of goals!! The big problem is that these problems could cost us the plate as Adelaide and WSW look to be on a hot streak ... the tards are also on the mend, so our catch up game against them could be difference (so it becomes the only thing they have to play for ... gonna be huge). Be great is we grabbed a proven striker on an injury loan ...
  4. We have seen Melbourne City play very differently under Rado ... more responsibility to the players, subs, player rotation, changed tactics and formations. much more attractive attacking football. To me the games have been highly entertaining, and even our losses and draws could have (should have) been wins. PK was one dimensional and we did well because of the players he had, and the resources at his disposal, despite his lack of tactical nous. He was a fackn horror show to watch at times during match day with his sideline antics, and his tactics and lack of subs killed me. Go back and watch his pressers, compared to Rados ... that tells you everything you need to know I've said it before, I think PK would make a great coach (not manager) ... he'd probably be a decent asset to the Socceroo setup In terms of his French experience, I hate to say it, but it was always doomed
  5. I thought it was a pretty decent game to watch tactically ... Brisbane played very well to their game plan of ultra defence. We were a little less risk taking with our attacks, but still created chances. Jamo was really good as our second holding mid ... having two holding mids seems to combat the press on throw ins. Brisbane were hard to break down, and really, if we had got our second goal earlier (and made it 2-0) the game would have been over a lot sooner. O'Neil was absolutely immense. Best game I've seen him play. Rado said after the match that JMac has a broken toe. He is only training once a week and is playing with injections. In all seriousness, he needs a spell to get the toe right. He definitely shouldn't have taken the penalty, there was no power in his shot and he looks pretty cooked. I agree, play Nabbout upfront ... or Raphael. We need more striker depth ..
  6. teams are pressing against us differently now. No longer do they sit back and park the buss and allow us to control the game, but instead they try and press us as we move the ball from defence, and especially on throw ins. This creates a lot more 50/50s and we are having to work harder to win possession, and as a team seem to be running out of puff by around the 60 minute mark. This style of game makes it easier for teams to counter against us. The way we turned it around against Adelaide was to go with two holding midfielders ... when Jammo came on it changed the game for us, but by that time the match was already lost. I dont think we can afford to play with Van Der Venne in a free role ... I would actually play with two holding mids, have Valon in front of them and VDV as our striker ... JMac needs a spell on the bench, he seems to be carrying a niggle. Also, I'd have Flo out wide, also coming in for attacks, with Tillio on the other side
  7. Tillio's goal was facken awesome. I gave it to Shitney after whistle and riled up their free kick goal scorer ...and got told off by the missus ... I think JMAC tweaked something... looked like a hammy, hopefully not too serious Sydney did what the tards did and pressed us on throws ... seems to be an issue for us at present, and just that approach alone is reducing our usual dominance in possession
  8. The derby debacle was the straw that broke the camels back ... It is a shame we dont have a functional active that has a good relationship with the officials. Back to my FRG days, there was always this wall between the two ... active wanted its independence thinking what it brought to the game created the atmosphere the game needed to be successful, and hence thinking it had leverage over the club.
  9. So City Terrace has folded but is going to occupy and fill Bay 12? what does this mean? After the Derby Debacle, clubs have pretty much decided they don't (need) want Active, and they will accept not having the Active atmosphere over the potential occasional trouble caused by an empowered Active group. Reputationally (nationally and internationally) the Derby Debacle was very very bad for the league. Squashing the risk of this happening again is the outcome. I hope active can rebuild, but that it becomes more of a whole of ground thing, with good songs that City Supporters can embrace (rather than the dumb Fuck Off chants). I go to all games, and there are heaps of kids that like to sing along to the decent chants ... this is hopefully the future.
  10. Been too angry to post for a few days, especially as I had to deal with some smug tard supporters at a social event the following day .... Firstly fuck Victory scum. 2ndly, fuck off Victory OK ... go back and watch Rado's presser before the game. He pretty much praised the fack out of the tards and almost predicted they'd win. Big minus on the mind games. He needs to be a little more shrewd with the press The boys looked tired. Dont discount how much the Perth game (and travel) took out of them. Also, Rado said that last week, ands also for the next few weeks they are training extra hard in prep for tapering off for finals. They did seem mentally fatigued. Now, we missed Good, but Nuno and Lam are def good enough to hold down the back. Talbot was poor, as was Tillio and JMAC .... reckon JMAC is carrying a niggle. We really need a 2nd striker option so he can freshen up. We defs should have scored at least 3. The tards 1st goal was arguably offside. Their 3rd goal was off the back of a ref decision that created confusion and we were set up for attack thinking we had the whistle, so got caught in defence. Sometime you have these nights. The other team gets the luck, and we get the shite ... but for the love of god, anyone but Victory ... we shouldnt lose to these thugs ever. EVERYONE needs to get to the 60 minutes that is left of the other derby game and we need to flog the hell out of them ...PS, how ironic that two of their goals came from ex City?
  11. Terrible pitch ... slow and bumpy and Perth havd set up to catch out teams trying to adjust Bos and Leck's goals were world class. Fuck you Lowe and Zadvospac
  12. Yes, especially if there is interest from Dutch league teams
  13. An article about the possible implications on how this may affect New York City FC ... https://www.hudsonriverblue.com/2023/2/6/23587612/manchester-city-charged-with-financial-violations-nycfc States that the impact on other clubs owned by CFG is unknown, but suggests that it potentially could impact funding down the line if sanctions were imposed on Manchester City ... "Right now it’s unclear what these charges will mean for New York City FC. Last week, Forbes valued NYCFC at $800 million, making it the fourth-most-valuable club in MLS. But the club had an operating loss of an estimated $12 million in 2022 according to Forbes, and rely on CFG for financial support. Any punishment levied against Manchester City could send shockwaves through CFG, and choke off the funds NYCFC need to compete in MLS." City Group made the following statement: "Club Statement Manchester City FC is surprised by the issuing of these alleged breaches of the Premier League Rules, particularly given the extensive engagement and vast amount of detailed materials that the EPL has been provided with. The Club welcomes the review of this matter by an independent Commission, to impartially consider the comprehensive body of irrefutable evidence that exists in support of its position. As such we look forward to this matter being put to rest once and for all." I know on this forum over many years, members have often joked about the obvious nature of the CFG model, to benefit Man City and how financially a lot of things didnt make much sense in terms of their investments outside of Manchester My view is that if even if sanctioned, the running of the clubs other than Manchester City in terms of dollars is chicken feed for CFG (compared to Manchester), and they wont throw away the investments made in these clubs recklessly, as they all operate to a degree as their own thing ... they also bring multiple benefits to CFG in terms of talent development (from a business perspective). Ultimately, they will adjust their processes to avoid future breaches, and they will continue to operate at the top of the food chain in world football. I do feel they value Melbourne City FC highly, especially with our future potential in the AFC. Given the shifting of football power across the globe, as evidenced at the World Cup where European countries were not as dominant, and with promotion relegation on the horizon, Melbourne City FC's potential is continuing to grow.
  14. We are absolutely bossing teams ... and the only strategy teams have against us at the moment is the old bus ... If Aiden O'Neil could shoot we'd have won the last 3, even with the errors against Adelaide. Set piece defending needs to be better, but Goodwin has a wicked kick on him, and that's hard for any team to defend ... This flat spot of draws will turn around soon and I am hoping for some big number wins in the coming weeks. Thinking back to the Heart days when we hoped for a result, its awesome to support a team that is the benchmark
  15. Absolutely dominant. Ridiculous number of chances... WSW are very lucky to take a point for that one
  16. Rado also talked in a recent presser about allowing the players more freedom and responsibility in terms of attacking. What we are starting to see is the potential of the best squad of players in the league with an astute coach ...
  17. Shirt punches won't work in France ... he needs to slap em on the face instead
  18. Need to get as many people to this as possible and smash em ... would be a horror show to draw or lose
  19. Was at the game. Crowd wasn't too bad, all things considered. Absolutely oppressively hot. Our boys wanted it more both attacking and defending... shame bout the penalty as I reckon the flood gates would have opened Bos is a freakn gun Good subs by Rado ... all helped us keep control of the game Nabbout is horribly out of form and could have cost us a goal with several poor decisions Big effort by the boys. Congratulations
  20. I feel for the Active Members who now miss, but Active fucked up royally by trying to disrupt the game with flares. I'm OK with the punishment. Active support is not bigger than the game. Maybe they'll learn from this and not act like a bunch of nongs in the future
  21. Simple solution is that Active groups should be bound to behave in accordance with a a code of conduct. If they breach these codes, penalties could range from removed privileges, to active being shut down, all the way through to actual team penalties (loss of points, and behind closed door mateches). Anyone who is an active member should have to agree to the code of conduct. Also, each Active should have leaders, recognised by the club and the league. As much as active members like to think they are independent from the club and matchday rules, they aren't. They are simply one part of the crowd. Their behaviour should be reflective of a family friendly atmosphere, not hostile chants and aggressive actions
  22. Police are chasing certain individuals https://www.news.com.au/sport/football/knocking-on-a-few-doors-soon-polices-warning-to-alleged-pitch-invaders-after-disgraceful-aleague-scenes/news-story/52f76bfd12c5018a8218be522f35fd31
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