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  1. Seriously? Arslan has been the best player in the league. Blame everyone else but not him.
  2. Well that is that. Enjoy your time off. Over and out. Arrivederci.
  3. Your broadcast channel is blessing you.
  4. Well done Good. There was no card but yet he is willing to sacrificed himself for the team.
  5. Why are we still playing out from the back? Do they comprehend that we have an extra man on the pitch? I don't think players know how to move the ball quickly. FFS move the ball quickly!
  6. If we go into attack any wider the players might as well sit in the stands.
  7. This style of play is bewildering. We have one extra in the centre of our attack but yet we go out wide. Hopefully Jamie joins a club where the manager knows what he is doing or is not forced into a style of play. Nothing makes sense. One extra on the pitch and the team is not doing anything to exploit their advantage. Let's hope they don't equalise on the counter with 15 minutes to go.
  8. Just proves how either we forget how bad JVS, Valkanis and Joyce were or how tolerant we were of underperformance. Vidmar by no means a star performer and quite underwhelming but interestingly enough his metrics are on par with the above. Also what is interesting is that PK is the best manager of all time (by metrics alone) with significant games under his belt, out performing Ange, Muscat and Arnold. Go figure.
  9. I repeat. Fact is, the metrics show that Patty is the best manager we have ever had. Do I want Patty back? Not sure tbh.
  10. That is your opinion and are entitled to it. Mine differ from your conclusions. I didn't say that, you are saying it. I said that they had a squad to potentially win the league. I standby that. If you disagree that's fine. Fact is, the metrics show that Patty is the best manager we have ever had. He has done what Van shit, Valkanis and Joyce never did.
  11. Not saying the Patty is the solution to our problem but please don't forget the squads Van shit, Valkanis and Joyce had. Easy potential season winning squads if they were better managed and equal if not better than what Patty had.
  12. Summary of the game. We need Arslan on the pitch. Tilio did well. New LB looks classy. 1-1 is a good results given everything that has already been mentioned. Quick ball moving counter attacking play was nice to watch and the smurfs found it hard to deal with. Something that the manager and tactician should definitely take notice of. Ref is a nob as he should have yellow carded smurf players early in the game to stop their blatant fouls on our players during our attacking transition. Very bad game management. We move onto next week.
  13. Play for the win. The only way is to create chaos, get Sydney out of their preparation and have them throwing their playbook out. Gk YOUNG Def TALBOT REIS GOOD SOUPRAY FERNANDEZ HALL POLITIDIS Mid TILIO Fwd LECKIE MacLAREN
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