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  1. Looks like we have gone back to signing players based on theor YouTube highlights package
  2. Were literally booing macca after scoring his hatty. Special lot
  3. Wish they would do the same thing at AFL. So annoying having to play dodge ball outside the ground
  4. Gret to see us roll up our sleeves and fight it out until the end. Shouldn't have had to, but good to see us showing that fight again
  5. Pretty good shout after tonight
  6. Fuck same here. They were taking a corner then suddenly they're slotting a pen. What the fuck
  7. Pretty happy with that. A few little things we still need to work on, but considering vids has only had a few days to work with the players I can't really expect a huge transformation at this stage
  8. 😕 So the players were ignoring his instructions to pass quickly and attack and instead chose to slowly pass the ball sideways and backwards without any urgency? Lol
  9. Vidmar is already at training. This must have been lined up for a while now and was going to happen even if we didn't lose to adelaide
  10. Even with a full strength squad I can't see us winning anything
  11. This is such a small thing but very telling IMO. Was watching old eps of access all areas. When paddy was I. Charge his message to the players as they were heading onto the pitch was "unleash hell". A few eps later when Rado is in charge he says to players as they are going on tbe field "good luck" To me it really highlights the change in mentality. We went through this period where we seemed to embrace that inner cunt that's we have been missing for so many years and was exciting to see us heading in that "anyone. Anywhere, any time" direction. Now it's "good luck" and really feels like we have gone back to that "if we win, we win" mentality
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