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  1. My take: - credit to Brisbane, they knew if they tried to outplay us they would cop it raw, so they focused on defending and did so really well. - overall we played alright, but damn we need to make sure we finish if we get even the slightest sniff on goal. We are great at getting the ball from defence to attack (frighteningly quickly sometimes), but we seem to over think when we're on the attack. We take one too many passes and/or wait wait for the perfect opening. Just pull the trigger! - The last two games have shown that if they park the bus, we won't score. I imagine we are going to be seeing lot more of that for the rest of the season. We need to work on more attacking options. -I was very drunk so I my perspective may not be the most accurate.
  2. Shame we're not as calm up front lol *edit- actually we are calm up front. Too calm
  3. This has been one of the most frustrating watches in a long time
  4. Don't you want to melbourne? Don't you want to scoooooooorrre?
  5. Piss weak. Can't believe they don't get docked points
  6. I was just saying that. We seem to only play one good half.
  7. I'm not there but, but sounds very dead on telly. Especially taking what's happening on yhe pitch into account
  8. Would have been a great evening to have the terrace pumping
  9. That was like when you put FIFA on easy This is going to be a massacre
  10. It's complete bullshit. Personally I felt this was CFGs opportunity to buy out the competition and fulfil their dream of having an entire leauge of teams all called city wearing the same kits.
  11. Hang on! Victory active can use their membership, but they have to sit in GA instead of standing in the active bays? Is that right?
  12. Tempted to buy tickets and attempt to scan in with my membership to see what happens. But fuck paying twice
  13. Did anyone with an active membership try to use it for the last home game? Is anyone checking? Or are they blocked or something?
  14. I know it doesn't really matter but that really annoys me
  15. Why are the nix wearing their away kit?
  16. Also how do they get those banned Horda fence banners in the ground? Do they just walk in with them every game, set them up and none of the club officials ever notice?
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