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  1. I get what you're saying, but thats not really the point. We are supposed to have the might of CFG behind us and we don't even have someone that can out think Aloisi
  2. Outcoached by aloisi. Fuck me. Problematic is an understatement to say the least
  3. I wonder: does Bon Jovi ever think about this club?
  4. Good lord!! This is the most us kind of game I have seen in ages
  5. Head to the city Facebook page. There are so many Thai football fans having a sook because Griffiths was making fun of one of their players for being short. Whixh they (for some reason) took as racist. The posts are so funny. It reminds me of when Australia beat Syria and their fans were spamming the socceroos page
  6. Has anyone been keeping up to date with the shit storm on social media because of the "racist" incident?
  7. This is true. We actually had some very wealthy owners at heart, they just didn't give a shit about the club. They were just interested in return on their investment... hey kinda like CFG!
  8. Lol. Well you weren't wrong, but my first thought was if anyone can fuck this up its us
  9. I kinda feel as though our ACL opponents badge needs some admiration
  10. Man just reading this guys name absolutely boils my blood
  11. Not involved in active in any way these days, but derbies have always brought out the worst in our fans. Its like hearing cats
  12. Meh. If they win, they win
  13. So now its working on the telly. Just in time to watch an obscene amount of ads
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