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  1. 😕 JVS says otherwise
  2. Omg. We are so fucking lucky
  3. Did you see how far we were in the box when the pen was taken? 100% our fault
  4. That was a legit retake. We got what we deserved
  5. I am super nervous about this half. Obviously because I am worried about us blowing our lead, but is anyone else feeling like there is an extra layer to be nervous about because I also don't want Sydney to have the chance to be in the grand final. It's a lot of pressure
  6. Glover man of the match already
  7. Lots of empty seats and jeez thay pitch looks shabby as fuck
  8. Trying not to have an empty bay
  9. Fucking hell. Between this and the women's. I need to have a nap. Absolute rollercoaster
  10. Why do we hate shooting so much?! *at the right time
  11. Why do we always have to make life so stressful for ourselves?!
  12. Random question: why does Tilio always cut the back of his socks?
  13. Did notice shit ton of cops as I was walking back to the station. I assume the cove guys that got kicked out were waiting after the game.
  14. Fuck me. What is the deal with our finishing? It's like everyone has been told not to shoot unless under some specific circumstance that happens once every like 5 games
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