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  1. Ya boy back with a bang
  2. Is this for real? Gee whiz!
  3. Legend x Legend x Legend (x Footsie)
  4. Plug for my mate's band and his first official video. Good tune, great visuals. Do recommend.
  5. Stormzy's rise from nothing just continues... Wins best grime act at the MOBOs, and a week later performs on Jools Holland. Only the second real grime performance on Jools after Dizzee in 03.
  6. Baresi

    TV Series

    Gotham is good so far.
  7. Riko >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  8. Childish Gambino just going over your heads. Please review: 1. Camp 2. Because of the Internet 3. STN MTN / Kauai Kendrick Lamar makes 1 project on this level conceptually and everyone is on his dick, CG does it 3 times and no love. Actually, no one has ever, or probably ever will, develop concepts as far as CG. FFS he made like a short film as a prelude to Before the Internet, and then a screenplay script. Which was all linewd to Camp. And it's all linked to STN MTN / Kauai. I like Childish, but he's nowhere as good as you make him out to be.
  9. Tesla is the all-time fangirl.
  10. Stormzy and Deadly shut this down
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