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  1. The A-League needs a strong Western United , i really wish them the best , so much so that i even got a cheapie $15 supporter membership and am down as a foundation member , will do the same next year with MacArthur Bulls.
  2. I take that back Jovan . My mistake on Bruno.
  3. Didnt score in any of those countries Jovan , except his homeland.
  4. Does winning the cup see us get an Asian Champions League spot ?
  5. So was the crowd 6,088 or 6,888 ? For their first home game . In any case they are off to a worrying start off the field . Hopefully they at least average 7,000 this season.
  6. He is brilliant Craig Noone is , with a real football pedigree unlike Bruno. Evident Craig has played at the highest level.
  7. Love your work young polak , crucial work to add to the history of the club for future generations.
  8. I must admit Dean Bouzanis been solid so far this season , winning me over.
  9. Not happy with the crowd figure . A good performance though , i was there very much enjoyed the day.
  10. Exciting to see some Australian youngsters like Metcalf and Wales getting game time , cant stomach an overland of average foreign players.
  11. I like this lineup except for one thing , SURELY we cant have Bouzanis starting. That line up , No to Bouzanis though and Jmac replacing Luna when he comes back in.
  12. 7,388 so far , hopefully we break 10 thousand again.
  13. Will it be on radio ? cant go , dont have foxtel , please help ?
  14. Great to see youngsters like Metcalf getting a chance , i want to see potential future socceroos , Australian youth promoted ahead of overseas products but with a small amount of overseas players would keep me excited about the clubs future.
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