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  1. I don't know who these people are that would say it was better without active. Lucky, in some way, the Sydney fans at least sung or else it would be a completely dead atmosphere.
  2. Imo if Talbot didn't get to the ball first and clear it they wouldn't reverse the decision.
  3. Rumour that Jack Clisby is a done deal. God please don't make it true.
  4. Melbourne City are set to snatch Tunisian international Amor Layouni from the clutches of Western Sydney Wanderers, and lure the winger south for the 2023-2024 A-League Men season.
  5. $66 dollars I believe. $55 for concession.
  6. Agree. Talbot makes the odd error here and there but he's incredibly proactive in moving the ball forward. It was his run up the wing that resulted in our second or third goal on Saturday, can't remember which one.
  7. Its a crap article. Why has he decided to make that point? "I felt underwhelmed so I'm going to write about how I felt underwhelmed"? No one cares. At least not Melbourne City supporters. He could have angled that article any way he wanted yet he chose this. Moronic journalism from a football journalist. But if it was for his fathers beloved Mariners it would be different.
  8. Im with cremorne, I think your off here bt. Many sentences dipped in negative context. Have the crown fall in their lap? Are we to ignore the season of dominance and opportunity to put an even bigger gap between us and Adelaide with two games left to play. Nah that is bullshit. Being one of the few journalists you would think when he gets to write a football article it would be to try to paint the best light on the game. Seriously, he had an opportunity to make it more positive. Why wouldn't you.
  9. Congrats to the club, players and staff. And congrats to all of you on this forum. We invest a lot of time and emotion in this club. Many here have dealt with the lowest of lows through our history and the ridicule of other supporters. From bottom of the table finishes, sub par training conditions, multiple training locations, wheelie bin ice baths, taking the scraps of other clubs players especially the tards... just to name a few things..... ...but now, we are premiers 3 years running with the tards stuck to the bottom, and they pick up our scraps of players we don't want, our players are being picked up for the Socceroos, our facilities are best. So I'd like to be gracious in victory but te be completely honest i say fuck you to all the haters and underminers out there. "We will be, and are, the greatest team, this city has seen"!!!!
  10. Jaime's last ditch effort brought me to my knees. How many chances could you hope for in one game.
  11. Reis mistake should have cost us a goal if it wasn't for Glover. He made a few blunders after he came on.
  12. I also don't like how easily Wellington played through our midfield. I'm glad we tightened this up in the second half.
  13. Bos had one of his worst games. Coughed up the ball many times.
  14. With the way Adelaide have caught up to us recently i don't feel comfortable being complacent with a draw. Ccm away. United away. Wsw home. Two of those teams are playing very well. Because if we can afford a draw against Wellington then which of those remaining games is our must win?
  15. Yes I'm sure he was going to take his son to a game after December that somehow ties in with this event. The timing is remarkable.
  16. Now is certainly not a time to be satisfied with performance without a win.
  17. I don't know if I could say that the club is too self satisfied. If anything could happen it could be that they lose that little edge/focus they had to win. But I have no doubt they all want more success. I just hope they have the desperation needed to get over the line.
  18. Its not just that or as simple as that imo. Its how we win. How we lose. Look at the goals conceded over the last 2 months. We win but need 3 or 4 goals to do so. And sometimes that isn't enough. I don't want to air my thoughts on the following season but I'm just praying we can scrape through and finish top. No team has ever gone 3 back to back top of the table titles before.
  19. Fair enough when you've got Nabbout who's barely standing and not making any impact at all but Tilio gets subbed. Id be pissed too.
  20. I missed the first 30 minutes but at least the corner florin assisted beat the first man and the keeper. Berisha never ticked any of those boxes on every delivery that I can remember.
  21. Rado unfortunately seems to me to not have the nerve to make big calls with certain players. Nabbout was injured. Jmac was a ghost. He should have brought on Galloway to play on the wing and Raphael in place of jmac. At least he could hold the ball up. Rado got out coached by himself.
  22. Am I wrong or was this a home game and we should get in with our membership passes?
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