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  1. Absolutely huge from our star. What a legend!
  2. Waitinf for the moment you begin to wish PK was at the helm again for all his yelling on the sidelines
  3. I'll have another look but to me it would simply come down to if the offside player affects Glover in any way.
  4. Why was that second goal for Wellington allowed? It wasn't obstruction of Glovers vision?
  5. He seems much more relaxed doing the interview in front of a screen than with live reporters.
  6. Controlled. Whatever you want to call it. Without doubt they controlled the tempo. Easy to ignore now after coming through unscathed. The tone would be different had they scored, which they should have. Then there would be complaining how we let them back in the game. Overall wrapped with the win, always take a positive result especially against those scumbags.
  7. Serves them right for not giving us the entire south end. Can we now finally put them in a corner at the Christmas derby...
  8. We are a team that controls the game. To have victory dominate us with 10 men and watch us go in second gear the whole way in that second half is disgraceful. Feels like the worst derby win in our history.
  9. Shocking second half. No intensity. Farking shithouse.
  10. The south ends has about a thousand or so empty seats if you can manage to get in.
  11. As long as PK keeps winning he can play my mother in front of Tilio for all I care.
  12. ....The next game will tell us for sure
  13. Arzani in a recent interview: "It’s very important for him to take the next step in the correct direction,” Arzani said. “The people around him that are advising him, hopefully will help him do that – his manager, the coaching staff and that around him. My situation was a little bit different: I was already signed to Melbourne City [who are owned by Manchester City], I had a year left on my deal, and I was kind of forced to go ... not that I was forced, but I didn’t really have a choice.
  14. ttdim: Serena Williams losing in the US Open and retiring. Good riddance.
  15. Couldn't watch the game but I saw the snippet of Barbarouses goal. What a calamity of errors...could have been a scene in a comedy sitcom than a professional football club.
  16. And just like that... the connection with CFG becomes more distant.
  17. I have also heard from very reliable sources that signings will most likely be in human form with strong links to planet earth.
  18. Ah yes. Youtube. The ultimate player signing tool. I'm convinced.
  19. True Metcalfe hasn't played yet but as far as his playing career in the aleague is concerned he is an important part of the starting eleven, directly responsible for being part of a championship winning team for two seasons running, been capped for the socceroos. He's at a point where staying here probably won't accelerate his development without more challenging opposition. So for me how he goes is irrelevant to his decision to leave. Its 100% his time to give it a crack. Contrary to Arzani.
  20. My opinion is he would have been better to stay with us and perhaps play more than 30 minutes a game. He left with ability alone, not enough game time not enough resilience over 90 minutes. Not enough minutes in general. Basically, mirror the path Metcalfe and Atkinson have taken.
  21. Remayne causing mayhem for Peru, grabbing their keepers drink bottle with written tips on it about where our players are likely to shoot and tosses it away. All is forgiven now for his time with us
  22. I usually agree with you but I think you've been a bit quick to jump on the 'forum negativity' bandwagon here bt. The comments I've seen here have been generally of disappointment, nothing more. The few that are calling for PK to move on have been doing so anyway prior to this. He showed enough signs last season to be played more. His decline is a direct correlation to his game time/management. And damn right if he's putting in the club, or PK, should be aiming to do everything they can to nurture him further exactly for this reason. Whether he got the yips is extremely subjective. However even then game time is 99% of the solution.* Working within the sporting coaching scene i can guarantee you that. *this is specifically related to when you have barely played any competitive matches.
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