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  1. Joey Barton is the last person I'd imagine starting a podcast.
  2. Towards the end of the season he started to get going but no way should we pay 2m Euros.... save that and put it towards wages outside of the cap! Even better sign a decent coach.
  3. Oskar Zawada is leaving Wellington. Would we take him?
  4. Don't think ol Davila will be playing anytime soon....
  5. I would have kept Antonis, and tbh, I wouldn't have said no to Natel considering he stepped up at the end of last year.
  6. I can see Nabbout, but Leckie I feel would just enjoy having a pint down at the pub.
  7. I'm guessing (hoping) that he has taken a substantial pay cut. If not front loaded.
  8. haz

    Sack Vidmar

    Petrillo's boy's club.
  9. haz

    Sack Vidmar

    Oh fuck off. Vidmar has been given a 2 Year contract. This club will forever live in mediocrity.
  10. I won't be renewing my membership if his contract is extended. No ambition from the club.
  11. Most mid mid I've ever seen. Not even ALM quality.
  12. Shit team. Shit coach. Shit penalties. We shouldn't have made the final. Piss-ant Club.
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