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  1. Can we award negative points for the Brisbane game?....
  2. Just watched the extended highlights. Antonis is a gun, why doesn't he get more game time? Talbot was absolute trash. He only ever passes back, and I doubt he has ever completed a successful forward pass or cross. The new Chilean LB is hardly NPL level too. For as many goals as JMAC scores, he really doesn't help our attack going forward.
  3. Alright, put the defence in the bin and play the #yoof.
  4. Vidmar Out Petrillo Out Change The Captaincy
  5. Wow our defence just left that cross. Jordan Hall ain't up for it.
  6. Honestly, the team is getting ridiculously strong (on paper at least).
  7. If Jakolis and Tilio can both get on the pitch for more than 20 minutes, we'll win easily.
  8. Petrillo was cooking. Excited to see this fella play. Chileans are never boring players.
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