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  1. I never bothered clicking the email. What were the two options? Much of a price difference?
  2. APL is simply trying to drum up enough visibility for fans who are more likely to travel to, and attend, the GF.
  3. Signed up for another season 👍 Cmon City 💙
  4. Still boycotting. Will be following the game on Fotmob.
  5. Nabbout has had only 3 good games this season. David Williams regen.
  6. I won't be surprised if everything is checked by VAR (at the minimum).
  7. What are his social media numbers? 🤔
  8. That's so petty it's hilarious! 😂
  9. It's a morph of Jmac, Tilio, Leckie 😂
  10. +1 here watching from home. Hate to do it, but the message from supporters needs to be clear. Don't forget City are heavily involved with the APL.
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