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  1. Going to give this one a miss since members need to still pay for tickets. Even with the discount, looking at $75+ (incl parking), which tbh I would rather save for my weekly grocery shop.
  2. What I noticed was that their chants were really simple, doesn't need to be some articulate lyrics. We could hum the happy birthday tune and it would still sound great with enough energy and drums.
  3. The way we play just reminds me of how I view Rado. Dull and boring. Also, we only made 2 subs. The latter only occurring in the final minute.
  4. We're missing O'Neill so much. Also Nuno is past it. Aslan will be a baller.
  5. Midweek football at 8pm. Stay in the office till 7pm, head to the game, then after the game travel for over an hour home. Love it.
  6. Connor Metcalfe showing disgusting disrespect to the match-ball...
  7. No way we're knocking off Sydney. Our defence has been atrocious!
  8. RIP Red and White Stripes
  9. I hate Phil Moss as a commentator. Surely they can find someone a little bit more interested!
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