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  1. Ah well we'll get Asian Champions League either way.
  2. Just go with a NordVPN trial and cancel after the match.
  3. Still a fair few seats on the WU end,while the City end is almost sold out. 3rd level is filling up fast too. Also I remember from a few seasons back, I found that the final attendance generally was about 20-30% below the PAX. So I reckon we'll see an attendance of 18k.
  4. Looks like our our end of the stadium is pretty much sold out, but still heaps of seats on WU's end (assuming Ticketek is an accurate representation).
  5. Not feeling too confident about the game. WU has been the better team in all 3 of our matches. If they score first it's game over.
  6. Credit to PK for once. Took off Garmoulka and Floppyburger to change the game.
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