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  1. this club fucking sucks
  2. Has he been sacked yet?
  3. First Fornaroli, now Maclaren... We always hear that no player is bigger than the club, yet I'd argue both players are bigger than Joyce and Vidmar. Hard to maintain interest at the moment with all of the club's current instability.
  4. holy fuck, how is this possible?? I haven't been able to watch - what the fuck is happening???
  5. We've still got the best attacking third in the league, at least on paper. Hopefully with Leckie returning plus the addition of Tilio, we'll start firing again.
  6. Nate

    Aziz Behich

    True + Aziz gets to hang out with CR7 now
  7. Nate

    Aziz Behich

    Reeks of Aurelio
  8. Jeggo is a great signing and a like-for-like replacement for Sakhi. Hrustic is probably a little too similar to Arslan in that he's not really a 2-way midfielder, and given our defensive lapses this season I'd rather Jeggo anyway
  9. By my count, 8 current/ex City players featured for the national team last night: - Atkinson - Behich - McGree - Bos - Metcalfe - O'Neill - Tilio - Fornaroli Pretty crazy, especially when you consider Maclaren and Leckie aren't in the squad either.
  10. Lopane the club's biggest passenger this season, don't know how he starts consistently given how little he provides.
  11. sweet jesus that was the most legitimate goal that just shouldn't have been disallowed I've watched the replay a dozen times now and the contact from Maclaren is negligible by regular standard, let alone in a derby with the precedent of Faghani's leniency all god damn game
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