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  1. This might well be the easiest ACL group an A-League team has ever drawn. No excuses - anything less than progress into the knockout stage is a failure.
  2. Not even mad about that one tbh, Adelaide away is always rough and we were pretty good until the red. Clear best games of the season for Leckie, Berenguer and Glover as far as I'm concerned (the Blackwood goal wasn't Glover's fault imo).
  3. If I were him, I'd be considering moving clubs within the A-League. Way too good a player to only play 3 minutes this season.
  4. This isn't so much a criticism of his performance as I thought he was okay in some patches today, but does anybody else get the impression that Leckie 100% hates playing for us? He seems so disinterested and lethargic, and his matchday body language has been awful every game he's played for us since day one. I hope he's alright and I acknowledge it could be something external that's affecting him, but this definitely isn't the Mat Leckie we're accustomed to seeing nor is he the Mat Leckie we presumed we were going to get. I understand it to an extent - going from playing in the Bundesliga to now playing in the A-League during times like these must be depressing. But you just have to look at some of the older guys like Jamo, Maclaren, Reis, Good etc who embrace the level they're at and give their absolute all, every single game. I don't see that from Leckie, not even glimpses - and his performances only serve to reflect it.
  5. That was a clear handball against Rosty lol, we're lucky to snatch a point in the end. Entertaining game though! Idk, it's too hard to judge where we're at after such a zany game like that, no less given the disruptions that have happened. Obviously we missed Good and evidently, our fitness levels were well and truly trashed by the 80th. On to the next game
  6. It's incredible to think our last A-League match was the scintillating 2-2 derby draw which captivated the league's fans as a whole and yet now, we're going into this match with about as much momentum as a half-baked Corolla. Idk if I can be arsed either, personally. Crazy, crazy shit times.
  7. going to be interesting to see how much of our squad is available
  8. Nice, he definitely deserves it. Shouldn't disrupt the squad too much either which is a good outcome for all.
  9. Up front or in the Luna role I wonder?
  10. Important to keep in mind that he also had to quarantine for 2 weeks, which has proven to be quite the hefty setback based on what athletes around the world have been saying. He's 30 and he'll be playing in a team that presses with crazy intensity in heat I doubt he's used to. Cut him a bloody break, he'll get onto the pitch when he's ready.
  11. Feels like a loss given the manner they equalised, but I would have taken a draw at the beginning of the game if you'd have asked me based on Victory's strong momentum to start this season. I have no problem with Maclaren's game as he's never been a player who's overly involved in general play, nor does he need to be - he got his poacher's goal last night, and that's all we need from him. Nabbout was excellent and really started dominating Broxham in that second half, and I obviously loved Atkinson's game. Ultimately, we were just let down by crappy defensive lapses again but otherwise, we were great. Said it before and will say it again, we need competition/a replacement for Glover as his errors just aren't good enough. He also had has ass absolutely saved by our defenders clearing off the line numerous times in that last 10 minutes. And of course, a dishonourable mention to the Victory fuckwits who attended last night. Honestly surprised half of them remembered how to get to the stadium after disappearing from the terraces for a year but holy fuck, if I needed any reminding just how much I hate them - last night delivered it in spades. Hools jumping the active, more hools swinging bollards around post-game and just being general aggressive fuckhead types looking for fights, not to mention their self-righteous anti-CFG banner as though their club is the second coming of Christ. Absolute stains. - Must have been a great game for the neutral though - I woke up with no voice this morning ahhaha
  12. It's definitely been an unfavourable situation for the NPL teams given that it's well into their post-season, but the cup is going to garner a lot more support and merit if it's played during the A-League season. I know I'm more pumped for this than I would have been if it were a pre-season game that's inevitably going to be treated as a friendly.
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