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    We only sing when we fishing.........

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  1. Looking forward to some away trips.......
  2. Wont be there, working.....see you lot for Sydney away or Derby depending on results. If we dont win.....SEE YOU NEXT SEASON!
  3. Yes then......Aloisi in for 2.0. The bring back JVS for 3.0. followed by Valkanis for 2.0. once again and we come back too a full circle. Welcome too Melbourne City Football Club ladies and gentlemen where the Merry Go Round is always at play. *starts humming the merry go round tune in my head*
  4. Nope........definitely wasn't wearing that nor do I smoke. lol.
  5. TTDIM: This image below......definitely a good laugh from a neutral prospective watching Arsenal videos of this colourful person.
  6. maybe we should be doing this at our matches........or not.
  7. Perfect example too hold my tongue in for this purpose. I'll move on.
  8. neither was I going too give one, moving on.......
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