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  1. Not really, I can start an unsubstantiated rumour about a player that I heard from the waiter at my local tepanyaki restaurant though
  2. Very solid performance, it wasn't spectacular but it was what we needed with the team we had. They hardly had a chance and we controlled the game. Hopefully we get some defenders back next week, as we lose most of our attack
  3. Everyone to transfermarkt to find Japanese free agents
  4. Can we move the ball out to the right to Nabbout at some stage. He is one on one with a kid. Farrell looks good but he is still an 18 year old kid who will probably panic when Nabbout is running straight at him. Everytime we come down Leckie side for some reason
  5. Made his Hearts debut in the cup overnight, had an assist and by all accounts went pretty well
  6. Does anyone know what happened to Griffiths? Joey Lynch said he was out also. If he is and Good isn't back our defense is very thin. Jenkinson starts hopefully, possibly as a CB with Hall or O'Neill. Bos stars in left, Galloway on right
  7. Arrives today, as long as he has flown across ok and hasn't developed a runny nose he should be able to play Sunday
  8. Perfect signing, versatile so can be used in a few roles especially when fixtures get congested. It's rare that we sign a visa player now that doesn't create excitement and this is no different
  9. Where can I sign a petition that we never play in Adelaide again? Every time its just so disappointing, more points dropped from what should been a comfortable win. Major positive is that Leckie actually turned up tonight, by far his best game. Negative is that if Curtis misses again we are going to have a very interesting back 4 next game
  10. The starting 11 is strong enough, should be taking 3 points. Adelaide are average, take out Goodwin and I'd say they are shit. Ball has to go to Nabbout every time we attack, let him go one on one with Kitto
  11. Cmon mate, that would mean the club would have to communicate something with their members and fans.
  12. I don't know if we were lucky to get a point or we should have got all 3. JMac misses 2 chances from 1 metre out, but Griffiths probably gives a penalty that wasn't given. Bloody weird game
  13. I have no fear of going cause of covid, I'm going to catch it eventually. I'm not going cause it's 6.45 on a Sunday night. Fuck me there is no other games on today and it's 24 degrees, surely they could have moved the women forward to 2pm and the men to 4.30
  14. My major takeaway and question from the game is who the hell is our back up penalty taker. If Maclaren is missing or away on socceroos duty, where do we turn? Tilio has missed his 2 I've seen him have, Jamo showed he isnt reliable, Florin has taken 1 and missed, Leckie thought there was 7 better options than him, Nabbout I've never seen take a penalty. The only one who stepped up with confidence last night was O'Neill Seems like a little thing, but a missed penalty could cost us points which we definitely need
  15. Michael O'Halloran? Is that the guy?
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