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  1. MacArthur have a massive midfield problem, and it showed against a team that can hold and move the ball. Hollman is ok but he can't do it all by himself, MBomwa or whatever his name is could be in the league worst 11 and they get no defensive help from their attacking 3. They are the one team that every time we play them I will be confident we can smack them, and it showed yesterday
  2. Is this going to be a back 3, or are we shifting someone out to RB. Seems bloody odd when we have 2 RB on the bench of its the normal back 4 formation
  3. HBF Park getting redeveloped so that it can host women's world cup games
  4. Well that was 90 minutes I won't get back. The only thing that I learnt tonight is that Bos and Talbot combo is miles better than Jamo and Galloway
  5. Jordy Bos out with concussion, gives Jamo his spot back
  6. Strange game to break down after all that, absolutely dominated the game but only get a point. Easy to be frustrated with the end result, but the performance was there and we will play much worse and take 3 points this season. Also the extremely strong start to season gives us the breathing space to have a small slip up. If they are the 3rd best team in the comp, then we will be completely fine for the league. They came to the game knowing they probably can't beat us. They will be happy with a point
  7. Wsw have gone to a back 5, the only other time they have done this was 2nd half against CCM and they got destroyed. Expect to have alot of the ball, just need to be able to break them down in final third
  8. If the game is continued, does it mean that same teams have to be used. Eg does Victory have to make a sub straight away for Nani?
  9. This is the one guy that I think will go to Troyes at end of season with PK. I think he has always been underrated by our fans, but he is criminally underated by the league. He is the best #6 in the comp, and it's not really close
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