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  1. NZ journo who when it was announced, said that Sail was off to Perth, Lewis to Macarthur and Ugarkovic to City. The first 2 have been announced as correct, so every chance Ugarkovic one is true as well
  2. Strong rumours he is heading to KVC Westerlo in Belgium. They are currently in a Europa Conference League Spot and their current LB is on loan from Club Brugge. Looks like a very good move if it eventuates, goes to a reasonable league to a team playing European football with a real good chance of getting starting minutes
  3. My immediate thought is meh he is bloody old, but the more I think about it if he is a 12-24 month stop gap until the kid starting with N is ready than maybe it will be fine. He is still one of the better keepers
  4. Id try and be smart with team selection this week, and go back to full strength for the wsw game. I'd go something like. Glover - Galloway Reis Hall Bos - Best youth CDM Berisha Berenguer - Tilio Raph Nabbout I think that's still strong enough for a good performance, but gives some key players a week off
  5. Fantastic week, 6 points and 2 pretty good performances. Attack looked in sync today, best game Nabbout has played for a while. Can't really complain about too much from today
  6. I wouldn't if I was you. After the 5 minute sermon about how Victory can still make finals, they went on for ages about how if the game was decided on xG that Victory would be in front. This was all while we were 2-0 up
  7. I thought it was a very professional performance until the 89th minute. 3 points is what we needed, that's what we got and it was the best performance we have had in weeks. Apart from the shittu conceded goal at the end, can't complain too much about tonight
  8. So the question is, is the one match the derby on Wednesday or will it be the Wellington game? It probably should be the Wellington game as Wednesday isn't a full game, but knowing this league it could be anything
  9. Here we go again with the random position selections. Reis is at RB again, replacing Talbot who had his best game for club last week. Our back 4 has looked strongest with Talbot, Lam, Good, Bos but again we tinker with it for no apparent reason
  10. Seems like it is next Wednesday night, if you have a mobile ticket from the game the date on it has been changed to April 5. So maybe we will be able to go if you had a ticket to the original game
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