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  1. They have 2 outstanding players in Germain and Davila, I expect us to completely blanket them while we let Charles Mmbomwa or Lachie Rose to score a Hattrick. It's the city way this season to let pretty average players have the game of their life against us
  2. Thought he did well, Lolley is as good as any winger in the league and he kept him relatively under control for most of the night
  3. Young - good, would be 3 or 4 behind without him Fernandez - promising Leckie and Tilio - look like they are at least trying to do something The rest - shit
  4. Talbot also needed to come out and put pressure on Courtney Perkins, not every full back shoots and puts it into row Q like he does
  5. Thought he was fine, don't think we have unearthed Alphonse Davies but also don't think we're back to having Iain Ramsay as LB. May as well play him now and see what level he is to see if he worth persisting with after the 6 months contract is up
  6. 3 matches it is, so he misses tomorrow and then the Sydney game. Back for Macarthur on March 1
  7. This is ridiculous, so now we get to find out on a week to week basis if our best and most important player is available. The club should be making a stand that you tell us the findings and the sanction are immediately.
  8. Mass changes to the starting 11 for this week, I'd put Talbot (if fit), Souprayen, Fernandez, Tilio, Leckie, Antonis and Jakolis all in the 11 for Galloway, Hall, Politides, Ugarkovic, Lopane, Nabbout and Natel. Actually make a statement that last week wasn't good enough. Instead of the standard 1 or 2 changes and nothing fucking changes cause no one is worried about their spot in the 11. Very winnable game, so go and fucking win it
  9. For this season, Italiano is clearly number 1, Jackson and Sterjovski not far behind. I'd have Aloisi and Rado/Vidmar in the bottom 2. Everyone else is sort of in the middle, you can chop and change the order pretty much every week it's so even
  10. On the Young recruitment, I can actually understand it. We thought we were still very much a contender and we needed a good keeper, preferably Australian. There wasn't too many options, the only keepers that moved teams in the offseason was Hewerd-Belle, Sail, Jack Duncan and Ryan Scott. None of them really excite me, so we would have had to go down the find a keeper to mutually terminate their contract, bring an Aussie home where I don't think there are that many at the age or level to come back or get a visa keeper. Jamie Young was sort of just the one that fitted for what we needed for 12 months. I would be concerned if he is still out keeper next year as there seem to be some better Aussie keepers available if we still don't judge that Beach is ready for number 1.
  11. Stopped watching at 5, how did Tilio, Leckie and Jakolis go? Good enough to start next week?
  12. He has been here long enough and there has been absolutely no change to playing style, if anything it's become worse and slower. I think it's honestly time to bring someone in for 8 weeks to take no bullshit and no prisoners, someone who deeply cares about the club and has had previous success here. If only there was someone like that available
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